Building your Twitter Profile in 25 ways


Everybody these days uses Twitter but building an audience on this platform requires a lot of time and devotion. By the passage of time many techniques have been derived to increase your audience. Out of these techniques I am going to state 25.


  1. Follow the Tweeters


It is very important to follow users on Twitter. The right way to do so is to find people of your industry there is no use following people completely unrelated to you or your brand.


  1. Make a Fabulous Profile


Your profile should be unique it shouldn’t fade into the immense sea of profiles on Twitter. You should select an appealing profile picture.


  1. Active Engagement


You should stay in touch with your industry and people working in it to participate in conversations. It’s very important to stay in touch with your audience and keep them updated about your brand. This can be done by constantly Tweeting and engaging with your audience.


  1. Appropriate Hashtags


You need to use hashtags and you need to use them properly. Using proper hashtags will help you to gain a larger audience. More people will retweet your tweets this way.


  1. Follows Captains of Industry


Find the trendsetters of your industry and follow them, this will give you a lot to learn and you can communicate with people who already have tons of followers.


  1. Network with Followers


Social media is a hub for interaction. It makes them feel appreciated and acknowledged. You can ignore them if you want to but if done properly interaction can bring a lot of followers.


  1. Tweet and Retweet


You can also use retweeting as a tool to gain a lot of followers. Follow the leaders of your industry and retweet their most famous tweets, they can be inspirational quotes or just a joke. Usually industry specific information is beneficial for boost of your business.


  1. Use Constructive Criticism


Social media is great platform to become a critic and nobody wants to miss a chance of become one. You can gain industry knowledge and gimmicks by criticizing. The key is to be informed before doing so, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in public. Stay civil and respect other peoples’ opinions.


  1. Keep Calm and Tweet


Never start a feud on Twitter, you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of a whirlpool of negative tweets. This type of marketing might work in the short run but is disastrous for your overall reputation. It’s ok to disagree with someone but it’s better to stay respectful. There’s something about the comfort of sitting behind sitting a screen and become Twitter warriors.


  1. Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is extremely underrated but it’s one of the most beneficial way to get exposure for your Twitter profile. You can also appeal to specific Twitter users which makes it an awesome tool for marketing as well.


  1. Live Tweets


You might see celebrities tweeting between The Oscar’s which gets them maximum engagement rate. People on Twitter react faster when tweets are posted during an event. It is the perfect way to attract more followers.


  1. Important Content Should be Linked Back


Important content should be linked back to your recent Tweets since all the users would want to get information regarding your brand.


  1. Encourage Retweets


The easiest way to get more exposure is by asking your followers to retweet. Usually followers do retweet when asked, this is the good aspect of Twitter. This is really helpful if you’re launching a new product or a new website.


  1. Content should be Valuable


When on internet we don’t read twice the useless text provided to us, but if there’s something helpful and interesting we do read, usually over and over again. If followers are provided with good information, they will like and retweet for their other followers to see.


  1. Use Images in Your Tweets


Social media runs on images; you cannot deny the fact that any platform runs on images. Without them just a textual Tweet will not get as many retweets as a tweet with photos.


  1. Observe Top Tweeters


You have to see what most popular tweeters are doing to gain so many followers. Observe their strategies and use them to your best use. It’s no doubt a great way to experiment and see what works best for your business.


  1. Promoting Online


You can promote your Twitter profile by Social media outlets, newsletters and blogs. It is one of the most effective way to bring your profile in the limelight.


  1. Promoting Offline


You can promote your profile off internet by mostly word of mouth. you can inform your classmates, ex-classmates, co-workers, your clients about your Twitter account. This way you can get a lot more followers.


  1. Don’t Tweet too Frequently


Posting too much will really affect your reputation, posting 2-3 times a day is more than enough to get the attention of your audience.


  1. Have a Big Heart


You can post links and retweeting without any expectations. Becoming selfish really is not beneficial for your brand.


  1. Engage in Public Posts


You also can reply to public posts; it will give you the exposure you really require. If you reply publicly it’s self-advertising, it shows you really care about your followers.


  1. Retweet Popular Tweets


See if you have some old Tweets that have been successful, if they drew attention towards your profile they can do it again. Post them to get the same effect.


  1. Links Without Description: A No No !


Never post a random click, I never go and click random clicks, so why would anybody else. Let them know what’s that click all about.


  1. Auto-Responders Suck!


If you want to gain larger audience Auto-responders are not your cup of tea. You want to be active and interact with your audience and organically connect with them.


  1. Avoid Monotonous Tweets

It’s very hard to stay crisp on Twitter, but it’s really worth trying.We all hate boring social media posts. I know I do, I never read the posts about Crocs or the invention of knives. You have to come up with Tweets that have current information.

It is very much possible to gain a large Twitter audience. By keeping these points in mind you can achieve your goal, not over-night but gradually.