Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

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Using social media for marketing  your products and to hardboil your strengths is a common practice nowadays. It is an art that can be used to utilize the internet for getting the best out of your social media campaign if you use it right! A lot of social media channels are available, and you just need to make the right choice according to your needs and requirements. If you think Facebook fulfills your needs, you should use it for marketing of your online business products. If you think Twitter is great, you can utilize it for promotional purposes, hence the choices are infinite, and it is up to you how you use these!

Many online marketers say that blending all of these available social media networks can be the best marketing strategy for any online business. That is right in most of the cases as your audience and customers are spread among all networks and if you want to target them effectively, you need to have a strong online presence at all of these networks. Although it is not an easy task, and it needs, time as well as many efforts from your side but nothing is impossible if you intend to achieve anything! So you can build your fan base on Facebook by getting more and more fans for your business page.

Now that you have selected Facebook to carry out your business operations and to deal with your customers, the further step is to start campaigns to target your audience and customers in right ways. Facebook is very effective in providing benefits to business owners in giving suggestions for targeted audience. This means that it is helpful in giving you audience that is related to your brand or fan page. If you have clothing brand that operates online, your Facebook fan page will be relevant to that website of yours, and Facebook will work according to relevance by suggesting your page to other people with common interests and common location. If you are a Canada based website, Facebook will suggest you to Canadian people, so this is extremely helpful in targeting the right audience online. Well, after getting the right audience, the next step should be to increase the number of your audience and facebook followers. You will need more likes for your fan page on Facebook, and you can do many efforts for getting best results. If you want to skip that hard-working part of your Facebook marketing strategy, you can invest in buying fans for your Facebook page! Yes, you heard that right; you can buy fans for your page. Let’s see how!

Many online websites are now operating online as the market is  crowded with this trend of buying likes for Facebook, views for YouTube videos, followers for Instagram and people are using this method to improve their online presence as well as to beat up their rivals. You can also buy Facebook fans for your page from any of these websites. Fake methods originate These likes. Some methods use bots for improving the number of likes on Facebook because some professionals use inactive accounts of Facebook people for liking your Facebook page. Sometimes, fake accounts are created by bots in order to increase the number of fans. So these methods are used, and you can get thousand or million fans just by paying money to these websites.

Buying likes can be great if you are going to kick-start your Facebook marketing campaign, but a bad idea if you think it can help you improve your sales for long term! You can say that these likes can help you boost your strategies but will not be the only way to get you along for more than a year or so! The main reason is that the origin of these fake likes is not right. Even if real accounts are used for improving your Facebook page likes, these people won’t know that they have liked your page, and they will not become your engaged group of audience. Your real audience is those people who know you and your brand, and they buy products from you from your website. These people are your real strength; not those people who do not even know what your fan page is about!

Buying Facebook likes not a great idea for many reasons. You can buy likes but it will hurt your reputation as your real fans will doubt your credibility after watching a quick increase in your fan page likes. Do you think your audience is stupid enough to trust you on that? Well, don’t take them wrong in this matter and keep in mind that after you will buy likes, your user engagement; means your EdgeRank will become lower and you will lose trust in the eyes of your real customers. So decide before you invest in buying likes whether this investment is worth all these risks or not!

Alternatives to buying Facebook likes for your page

There are many ways that will help you if you want to increase the number of likes for your Facebook page. You can boost your audience engagement by posting contests and rewards. Online users are crazy about contests and by using this trick; you can get real fans with real intentions to like your page. People will take part in your contests to win prizes like coupons for your products or discounts for your services. You can also reward them by making them a winner and promoting their pages or other social media channels. Just interacting with your Facebook fans in right ways can help you get more fans as a word of mouth is the greatest way of advertising. A happy customer will get you more fans than any other strategy so keep your fans happy. You can start campaigns like status of the day, profile picture of the day, fan of the day or a lot more like this which can encourage your Facebook fans to visit your page and talk to you.

You can boost your likes by responding to your customer’s feedback and concerns. If your fans are happy, you will become popular as they will follow you on other social media channels and you can convert them into your potential customers easily whereas after buying fans, you cannot expect these fake Facebook profiles to become your customers! Buying Facebook fans is a good idea if you want just to buy few hundred of them for improving your fan figure but keep in mind that it will not improve your overall growth. Always weigh the risks with rewards and then decide whether you should be considering this option or not!

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Rantic has a large network of traffic of major magazines, blogs and websites (we know our way around) Rantic promotes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts by picking a daily winner. Just Tweet “I’m in @Rantic”  and win up to 25000 followers/likes/views every day.