Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

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Social media is the most talked about topic nowadays. From advertising of your commercial products to personal usage, social media websites have become a common trend now. Everyone is using these for one reason or another, and the users are continuously growing. Among all these social media websites, Twitter is a platform that is quite different. It is considered to be the sweetest and quickest social media site with a character limit of 140 per post. Well, this is not the only best thing about this social media website and a lot more features are there to amaze you and to help you carry out a successful social media marketing campaign on Twitter.

It does not matter whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn for your social media advertising campaign as if you are taking it seriously, it will not help you in any way! You need to apply right strategies at right times and to the right audience out there in order to emerge as a successful brand or a powerful personality in front of your rivals and public from all over the globe. If, in this current era, any business or organization is not taking advantage of Twitter for promoting their services and to deal with clients – they are missing something huge! Twitter is considered to be most commonly used website for customer care and services. Due to its quick responses, use of HashTags, tweets and not to mention the power of re-tweets is so influencing that companies prefer using this website for dealing with new; as well as with their old customers.

Having more followers on any social media platform is the priority of any business or individual who wants to become popular and strengthen the brand voice. Many methods are there which can help you get more followers ion Twitter and all of these methods work if you try hard and be consistent. Another trend is hitting the market nowadays; that is to buy twitter follower for your account or any specific tweet that you posted recently. Well, to be honest, this is not right and ethically wrong but when it comes to internet marketing, nothing is right or wrong just as it’s said that everything is fine when you are in love; so when you are trying to market your products, every technique is right!

If you are among those people who think that buying Twitter followers is a right choice, that is your opinion but let’s see what the reality of buying followers is?

Many online companies deal with selling of followers, YouTube views, Facebook fans and shares to online marketers who want to improve their online presence and to strengthen the brand or business. Well, not to mention that many companies use black hat techniques and bots to increase the likes or followers for your Twitter account. This is extremely beneficial is you are new on Twitter, and you want to build a brand or business profile. Your followers are your strength on Twitter so if you buy more followers, this will attract real users of Twitter to your account, and they will follow you as on social media, everyone follows the crowd!

Other advantages of buying Twitter followers include credibility of your brand and increased trust of your customers. This is a common mindset of social media users that if any brand has millions of followers on Twitter or Facebook, that must be a credible one! So people like to join others in this race. You can improve your online visibility in this matter by buying followers at different prices from many online websites that deal with selling fans and followers. If you think that celebrities and top companies are not doing this, you are wrong as this is a trend that everyone is following. So you can also walk in this jungle with others and follow the trend!

Well, with benefits, don’t forget to check out the drawbacks of buying fake followers for your Twitter account. The first and foremost thing is that you should not call them your followers as they might not even know who are you? So they are not your followers or your well-wishers, and these fake accounts are built and generated by bots or by using inactive accounts of people who do not use Twitter anymore. It’s juts a mere number and nothing else!

You cannot expect to have interaction with your newly bought followers. They will not check on your tweets and will not like your posts as the companies who sell you followers use bots for increasing the number of your Twitter account. There is a concept of target audience or in fact any audience as your real audience is not there. Your real followers are those people who follow you back on your tweets and share your content. These followers are your potential customers, and they follow you on your other social media channels too! So buying followers means you are just buying a number for your Twitter account. Well, to beat your rivals, that is a great idea but it cannot help you more than that.

Is it safe to buy Twitter followers?

If you want to buy Twitter followers, you must make sure, not to pay via your credit card as spammers are out there; ready to grab desperate Twitter users. Other risks might involve the chances of phishing and hacking of your account so at no cost, share your password with any company that is selling you followers. This can damage your already built reputation, and you can lose your existing followers.

Most important of all, public humiliation, if you get caught, is worse than anything else that can happen to you on social media channels. So beware of buying followers from different online sources as it can hurt your online reputation, and it is never easy to fix that. Brand attacks take too long to recover!

Bottom line

It cannot be said that buying Twitter followers has no benefits; as it has but not at the cost of losing your real followers and risking your online credibility. You can increase your followers by posting right tweets, using right HashTags and engaging your audience in legal ways.  You can network your social media websites with each other and enhance youth Twitter following by optimizing your blogs and tweets. It might take you few months or a year to build your brand and online strength, but it is worth it!

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