How Buying fake Facebook likes can destroy your page


Facebook is among the top social media websites with more than 1.3 billion active users per month. More than 10 billion users send messages to each other using Facebook. With such strong statistics, Facebook is no doubt the king of social media marketing. A lot of online marketers, businessmen, bloggers and advertisers use Facebook for marketing their online brands and blogs. The chances of getting more exposure and better online visibility are higher when you are on Facebook. No online marketing strategy is complete without having Facebook in the list of social media networks. So if you are overlooking the fact that Facebook can do wonders for your online promotion, you lack an essential spice for your recipe of marketing.

When it comes to using Facebook for promotion of your online business, having a fan page with millions of fans or at least thousands of fans is vital. Experts will tell you that more fans and likes mean more visibility and better results. Well, they will tell you many strategies and ways to get more and more likes and much relevant information too, which is no doubt not easy to handle! So what can you do to get more fans and how can you make people click on that button on the top of your Facebook page?

Your friends and family will be supporting you by commenting and liking but is that enough for running a successful online business? No! So you will try to by pseudo fans and likes for your Facebook page and invest in packages that can get millions likes in few hours. So should you buy these likes from people who actually didn’t like your page or don’t even bother if you have a Facebook page? Let’s explore it!

It is right that nowadays a lot of companies are using Facebook for their online marketing of products and services and instead of striving hard to get more likes and fans, they are investing in getting likes which are provided by third parties using legal or illegal means. Their motto might be something like this: Why spend energy in getting one fan when you can pay for thousands!

However, after you buy these Facebook likes for your page, you destroyed your page and trust in the eyes of your followers. Now you must be thinking of how did this happen? Let’s dig deeper! You had an active page of people who were your actual fans and supported your brand in real terms. These were the people who visit your blog and website and check out latest collection of products that you promote. You had an engaged audience prior to buying fans but now you have thousands of people who do not even recognize you or your brand. They did not even know when they became one of your fans.

So if you think you did a great thin by buying Facebook likes, actually you didn’t! The Facebook algorithm works with different metrics and complex calculations which are called EdgeRank. This technique EdgeRank carefully observes the relevancy of your posts, comments on your Facebook fan page posts and the number of people who share these to their walls, all of this information. So if you think you can skip this intelligent way of Facebook to detect real and fake fans, you are wrong.

Here are following reasons you should never buy Facebook likes for your promotional page.

Facebook can detect fake fans and likes

Just discussed above, the EdgeRank will identify those quick fans that joined your page, even though you bought them and deleted the fake accounts. So your investment will go a waste as when these fake accounts will get deleted, your likes will become lower eventually. The Facebook authorities will take action against this, and they can remove these fake accounts permanently. Facebook utilizes many spam systems in determining whether the likes are real or not and which is the place of their origin. If they are not from actual sources, Facebook will automatically detect it. There is a risk that your page will be deleted too!

Your online marketing strategy will get no benefits

You can buy likes for your Facebook page and become popular on Facebook but what about your social media marketing strategy? Will these fake account holders help you grow? Not! Only real fans can like your posts and share them on their walls or visit your blog and website. So in reality, you cannot expect that there will be any boost to your marketing strategy. It will be at the same level of success as it was before buying the Facebook likes.

Your real followers will not trust you anymore

One day your fans were watching your page at a level of 2000 likes and the very next day, the likes boost up to 10,000! Wao that is great but how did this happen? Do you think your Facebook followers are stupid, and they do not know what’s going on? If so then you are living a life of illusion? Your fans are more intelligent that you are, and they search the internet more than you!

So you can never try to hide the reality from your fans. Your real fans will start doubting you and your brand image will be destroyed.

No more customer interaction

If you are buying Facebook likes by fake users, don’t expect these unreal people to come to your page and interact with you. Your comments, shares, and likes will not improve. Having a Facebook fan page of thousand people who actually communicate with each other and share content is better than having a page with million likes where the last post was 5 months ago and nobody even commented on that!

So buying likes may sound awesome and cheaper and for a quick boost, it may seem essential too, but the thing that matters is you do not get any benefits from doing that immoral activity. The overall cost, that you will pay will be in the form of losing your brand equity and getting banned from Facebook. In addition, that is much higher than the money you spent in buying the likes. You will not be able to recover that damage! If you think your online visibility will improve, you are wrong!

Your brand, your reputation, your customer trust and online presence, hence everything that you need for a stronger social media marketing strategy will not improve by buying more likes for your Facebook page. This is not a strategy, but cheating and you can never win the race for long term in this way.