Buying targeted Facebook likes can actually grow your brand.

A lot of Journalists have questioned the ethics of buying Facebook likes and simply said its a waste of money. Here at Ratic we would have to disagree. When you buy worldwide Facebook likes, It can benefit your image, But it won’t do much good for your page. After having countless of tests and experience working with our clients, We can honestly say buying country targeted fans is a better long term choice.

We have witnessed tiny pages with little to no progress that barely hit the 100 likes milestone gain momentum and increase in comments,likes & other juicy social interactions after purchasing country targeted likes.

Yes, you can boost likes through social exchange sites or buy some cheaper ones but will they result in any REAL growth? No.

The way our system works is completely different, We have network of sites that ORGANICALLY skyrockets your page, Because we believe the natural way, Is the only way to go.


We currently provide the following targeted likes which we consider are highest of quality:

Portuguese & Spanish Facebook Likes – mix


UK ONLY Facebook Likes

USA ONLY Facebook Likes

Middle East Facebook Likes