Can You Benefit From Having Multiple Facebook Pages?

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Facebook is among those social media websites which just came and influenced the market with their trends and charm. Well, everyone who is a user of Facebook will agree that this website changes its policies and setting so often that now people are so used to those changes! Now Facebook doesn’t look like it used to look few years back. Well another thing about Facebook that has created a lot of confusion is to have multiple Facebook pages. For some people, pages are used for personal purposes like blog posting or sharing your thoughts with other Facebook users whereas some think that pages are meant for business purposes and promotions on Facebook. So there is diversity in opinion of the people regarding this matter.

Before you jump to the conclusion, here is a guide to make it clear that why you must have more than one Facebook pages and what are the benefits. But first have a look at the risks that are associated with having multiple Facebook pages.

  1. Multiple Facebook personal profiles are restricted

That’s right! Multiple personal profiles are banned and one person can have only one profile on Facebook. So if you are creating a profile with the name of your dog, your kids or some character, Facebook will ban it. Facebook automatically analyses the data you enter while making a new profile and if it’s suspicious to the website, it gets banned.

  1. Don’t make the mistake to register on Facebook using any other email

If you need a new email address to make a new profile or group, don’t do it as Facebook tracks everything that is going on the website. Basically you need an email address to make any profile or page but when you use Facebook, you can make a new group or page using your personal profile email for Facebook. It will work and you will not need to verify your email address second time.

  1. Numerous Websites Dilute search

If you have more than one site even if you are not on Facebook, that can be a bad idea as among many options of your websites on the search engines, users can get confused about choosing the right one. There is no guarantee that your followers will land on the right page or what’s right for them. So keeping everything at a single place with the help of just using one page on Facebook, you can make it easier for your users to find you.

Another risk is related with the spam profiles and it originated when Facebook merged their places system with many business Facebook pages. As a result, many business pages got a duplicate page which was not maintained by them. In other cases, your competitors can make a new page with the business of your name and try to harm your reputation by abusing the customers or Facebook users.

Another risk is to face search engine optimization penalties from the search engines which are really bad for your brand reputation. They can potentially destroy a brand for good.

  1. Issues of managing the multiple Facebook pages

Running more than one Facebook page means more need to manage them altogether. This will take more time and energy as every page needs proper time and dedication. There is a need to hire an admin for every page you manage as definitely it’s not possible for you to take care of everything. You must consider the questions that do you have enough time to manage your multiple Facebook pages and can you become admin of all those pages? The answer is a big no! If you apply short-cuts by posting similar content to different Facebook pages, it will not work as it is a nightmare to offer same content to your audience every time they visit your pages.

So are you still of the opinion to make multiple Facebook pages or you want to make just one Facebook page for your business? Decide on your own and have a look at the following advantages of having multiple Facebook pages so that you can compare the pros and cons easily.

  1. Segregating your audience

One of the biggest benefits of making multiple Facebook pages is that you can segment your audience. You can categorize them according to their interests and deal with them effectively. You may have seen that large brands have segments for children clothing, women clothing, infant clothing and men clothing. This is called segmentation where audience is divided on the basis of different factors. So to avoid dilution of your message for your audience, making multiple Facebook pages can target the right audience with right content. If you have a clothing brand, you can make multiple Facebook pages for children clothing as those people who want to view children products can view the related products and they don’t have to find from a pile of all products.

But this option is only helpful when there is no need to segregate your audience on basis of location. The new feature of Facebook; which allows you to limit your posts to specific people on Facebook is very helpful. The post targeting filter will allow your online clothing line to create and post the content about men clothing and only men will see it in their news feed. So targeting your audience with full potential is an advantage of making multiple Facebook pages.

  1. Local Advertising

Nowadays the trend of making multiple Facebook pages has forced the stores to enter in the rat race to attract more people. Most of the stores pages are managed by the store employees and they post interesting updates about new packages and offers which are going on in the stores. Using multiple pages for multiple branches of the stores can be helpful in local search engine optimization sense.

Well the single Facebook pages are beneficial only when the whole chain of any store or restaurant has individuality among the services and products. Take Target store for example; as it works on individuality and it prides itself on having identical stores.

Another thing to keep in mind while making multiple Facebook pages for different franchises or stores of any chain is that you need to manage every page separately! There is a need to update your audience with related news for every page. You will need to hire individual admins for all those Facebook pages.

  1. National campaign

If you picture your Facebook page from global perspective of the brand, you will get to know that if any brand like Coca-Cola creates individual pages for every single store where this soft drink is sold, it would need to have millions of Facebook pages to cover the stores. But the larger brands like Coca-Cola gets benefits from just one American or Asian or African Facebook page that is global and other multiple Facebook pages for cities or countries.

  1. Product lines for multiple products

If any global brand has multiple products that are popular among people, having multiple Facebook pages will benefit the brand because it has millions of followers. Even after segregation of audience, every single page will still have thousands of followers. For example Coke has products like Diet Coke and Coke zero which have a lot of Facebook followers and every region has its own local Facebook page.

  1. Commercial versus Retail segregation

If you want to segregate your commercial activities from your retail activities, you need to have multiple Facebook pages for that purpose. For example, you can create a Facebook page for dealing with your investors and suppliers and another page for your customers. So you can handle them better this way! You can dedicate best customer care services to your customer related page and can afford avoiding the page which is made to deal with suppliers because the customer care can never be negotiated.

So these were the benefits and risks of having multiple Facebook pages. If you think you need multiple pages, go ahead but just don’t follow the trend and overwhelm yourself.