How can You Own a Business Page on Facebook


Facebook is by far the most important social media portal you can use to boost your business. Although people have been using personal profiles to run their businesses but it seems quite unprofessional. On the other hand you are missing out some really great features of having a business page on Facebook. it doesn’t take time for content to go viral on Facebook especially if it’s in the form of attractive images or videos. You can use them for your benefit. There are some terms and conditions that you have to follow when you are planning to make a page for your business. Facebook’s policies are quite strict and you will get a red flag on first violation and might get banned if you continue to do so.

you might already have a personal profile but adding a business page on Facebook is quite vital for your brand. You can turn your page into an online hub for the advertisement of your products and services. There are paid advertisements that you can run for your page. You can also add the link to your website or blog and link your page to Instagram account and other social media accounts that will help broaden the horizons for your business.

 There may be a number of different aspects of having Facebook pages of your business without being aware of the fact. Some of these reasons may include:

You might have had a Place created when having a physical location which was combined into a page afterwards.It might have been created by some employee or worker and not been used.

The page might have been setup by someone. In these similar cases, you will be left with two options. Firstly, if the page exists, you should take its ownership, otherwise you should create a new page.

In both the above situations, creating a new page would rather be a good option then to opt for the ownership of the existing page because if you would own an existing page it would have scarce content and limited followers. You might have to cut up some content and redesign it accordingly as per your business needs. By creating a new page, you are able to start from the beginning and then combine the older page into the new one without losing the contacts.

If the current page has a fair amount information and followers for example, if you were using the website in the past but was not able to supervise it due to some reason so in this case repossession of the ownership and acquisition would be the a good option.


Take Possession of an Existing Page


Once you have created a business Page it can be easily tracked by a geographical locator by entering your physical location that you had entered while creating it. In case you do not have an existing page, that user can create their own page by inserting some of the basic information and own it. Previously, it was a Place, but now those Places have been replaced by Pages by simply merging them.

It is a good sign that these existing pages are not owned by someone and can be easily acquired in the following steps:

  • Visit The Page: Open the required page and then on the this page you will have to click the gear icon for management and settings. Next, click the entry titled as “Is this your business?”
  • You will be asked to type information regarding your business: Type the basic information related to your business as required to create your profile. After entering the information Press Enter to submit it for verification.
  • Verify your Ownership: Next comes the Verification step. There are two ways of doing it that is by email or by documentation. If you going to verify through the simple step that is Email, then firstly you will have to create a Facebook account that must be registered to an Email address of your business use. For example, [email protected] would be accepted but [email protected] would not. On the other hand if you are not using the email verification then you will have to scan your business documents including utility bills, business licenses or Tax related documents and upload them. These documents must have your business name and address on them.


After you are done with the verification process, you will be given the status of Admin of the Page in question. Now you will be able to create your profile and post information in order to attract the users. Any previous follower who had visited your page will be shifted to your new page which would help in starting up with the foundation users.


How to Recover Ownership of an Existing Page?


Most of the time you cannot take over an existing page due to some reasons which are as follows:

Firstly, it may be possible that some other person claimed acquisition already. It is also a fact that someone else may have acquired a page having a similar name as of your business. In this case it will not be possible for you to takeover this page and you should not do this.


  • Ask the previous Social Manager: It is a possibility that they might not remember that only they knew the username and password. A possible legal action can also be taken against them in case they decline to coordinate and provide you the control. In most situations, taking a legal option is not available. In these circumstances you should avail the Facebook administration method.


  • Visit the page and click the gear icon to see settings and options: Go to settings and options menu, and then click “report page”. You will now see the report reasons on screen. Under this, mark “Is this your intellectual property?” Now fill up a report violation form that appears. You will now have to give a short description of actual situation with a less use of emotional language. This is because you are informing about the factuality to Facebook and not trying to sway a subjective judge.


  • If you have not heard back within a week, encourage other users to do the same thing: There is a possibility that Facebook security team might not have received adequate reports to catch up their consideration regarding the issue. As soon as they notice you will be able to reset you password.

You must change the password and possibly username and admin accounts so that you may not face such issues again. This will help to prevent the main account from encroachment. From this point onwards, you should not give management control to anyone and even restrict the content creator. This will prevent them to take over your account. You should take strict preventive measures so that no one is able to get control of your account again


How to Create a New Page ?

There are some really attractive features that you can use for your benefit if you make a business page these features are not available on personal profiles. It doesn’t seem very professional that you are using your personal profile to promote your products and services. your customers housed know where to find you in case they need t contact you.

To create a new Page, you can follow an easy and well documented procedure. If you do not have an available page that you previously used or was not able to acquire control over it, in these cases you will need to create a new page. After creating your new page you will have the command to combine your current page with the new one. In order to do this you can follow the following steps:


  • On your new Page- the Page you want to keep- click on gear settings and then click Merge Pages-> Go to Merge Duplicate Pages option. By doing this, a list of duplicates for your current page will apper naming Pages Facebook Identifies.
  • By Clicking on the Check box next to any page would help you to merge the existing page with your current one.
  • Now Click the Merge Pages icon to start the merger.


This procedure will only combine the users/ followers and check-ins of each page. But any information like images, posts, comments and also the acquiring user name of both the merged pages will be removed. Only the connections will be saved.

In order to save any information or text, you should save them before starting the merger process. Third party will be helpful in downloading and saving your previous work. You will have to keep in mind that once you start the merger process you will not be able to reverse it, so you should be aware of this point before making the decision.

In some situations, if you do not find the page you want to combine in the list, it regrettably means that you will not be able to merge the required pages and will need to take other possible steps for Page recovery.