How Can You Change the Name of Your Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps


You can easily change your name on Facebook by following these steps. People who are more familiar with internet and computer have absolutely no difficulty in changing a name on Facebook. You will have to follow directions and wait to get approval from Facebook staff.Before discussing further about how to change your Facebook name  Okay let’s find out why would someone want to change their name on Facebook and the benefits of it.


Reasons Behind Change in Facebook Name


The answer will depend upon whether the Facebook page is a personal or business page. A personal name change may be as a result of a marriage, divorce, or simply to allow both professional acquaintances and family to find you by the names they use.

If you are a writer, you might want others to know are you by your pseudonym.  Celebrities usually change their name after the divorce and actors according to their screen names.

Usually people understand why a person wants to change their name but one of the reasons behind a business changing its name on Facebook is mainly re-branding.

Every business should be aware of what its name is appearing on Facebook Page to get their page promoted in the right direction. For example, if a company internally changed its name didn’t on Facebook people would still be searching them on internet by their old name and it isn’t good for business.

Another reason is collaboration with another company for a certain product or just new partnership. Broken collaborations also require a Facebook Page name change.  You want your audience to know you are no longer associated with a certain company or individual.

Facebook is willing to change any person’s name but it will take 24 hours to process. You should submit the request before you start losing customers and potential friendships. By changing it in time you can gain more friends and more customers how are searching you by your new name. It is beneficial for both your personal life and professional life.


Change Your Name on Personal Profile in These Steps

If you need to alter your name on your personal profile on Facebook these are the steps you should follow.

 Go to your Personal Profile Page and select Account.

Personal profile is the place where all of your information exists. When anyone wants to change their name, they should go the account setting and select ‘Account’. This can be found in the top right hand corner. It doesn’t matter if you are using a mobile device or a desktop PC.

Now select ‘Account Setting’ under ‘Account’ heading. A drop down menu will appear. Go to the category named ‘General’.

Under ‘General’ click on the ‘Name’ it is the first item in the list. On it’s right there will be an option named ‘Change’.  When it’s selected, you will have to enter the name you want to appear as your name on your profile. Put your name in and go to the next step.

Choose if you want to Display your Alternate Name or Display Name

You will be presented options to get your full name or alternate name displayed. You can do both. Choose the box of ‘Alternate Name’ if you require a pseudonym to appear with your full name. it will be displayed between first and last names.

After the full name is written by you with the alternate name, you will require at least 24 hours before the approval of name from Facebook. If Facebook receives a lot of requests that day, then it might take longer than that.

Always keep in mind that your name should only include letters,

You cannot keep numbers, symbols, punctuation marks or any out of the blue capitalization.

Some users might want to use characters in any other language to write their alternate name, this can be effective as well.


Steps to Alter your Name on a Business Page


There are three steps you can take to change your business page’s name on Facebook. You should know before going into details that a page has to have less than 100 connections in order to be allowed to change their Page Name.

The best thing you can do to your business is to thoughtfully decide a name for your brand before making a page.To change your name, go to your Facebook Page and Choose Edit, now go to ‘Edit Page’ which will be under your profile picture and review the available options and go to next step. From the options, choose ‘Basic Information’ and go the next step.

In the first section choose ‘Name’ option and enter the name of your own choice.What you should always keep in mind is Facebook really wants businesses to use their original names and there is a limited number of times you will be able to change your brand name. so always think properly and choose wisely.  Also impersonating someone on Facebook will get your profile deleted or blocked. So be sure to enter proper information to prove that you are who you are claiming to be.

Facebook is an effective social media platform that helps individuals and business owners to communicate with other users and friends throughout the world. You Facebook Page name tell the world who you are and what is your business, ever wondered why big companies really concentrate on keeping really thoughtful names for their company and products. Same thing goes for a personal profile. A good and appropriate profile name will get you a lot of friends and your potential audience. Facebook understand that any user might require a name change and the reason may be divorce, marriage, rebranding or new partnership. you have to make an effort and make this change then get it approved from Facebook. You can’t have another brand name on your products, some other name on your Facebook Page and another name on your bank details. These all details should match to increase your credibility amongst your customers.