This is how you can get the first 100 likes on your FB page


Facebook is one of the most popular socializing platforms around. And of course, if you are not technically crippled, you might have used it personally too. But less people in today’s world understand how powerful a socializing tool this petty little website could be, not only personally but for your business too. There are all sorts of digital campaigns and social media marketing stuff going around, but one of the most rudimentary steps towards building a better audience for your business is creating a FB page and getting those first 100 likes. To climb this mountain, you need to brush your shoulders and take the first step. And more often than not, that first step is the hardest. But don’t sweat it; with all the tips we are going to provide you, your first step towards the FB-glory would be as light as a feather. Just follow these useful little tips and you’ll have absolutely no problem finding your first 100 likes.


  1. First things first, complete your profile

It is important that you supply all the required information beforehand. If someone lands on your FB page and it lacks the necessary information or shows that you are lousy with posts and updates, they would not have a very good impression. Just write the necessary description, provide a link to your webpage and post things. You are good to go.


  1. Select the right pictures

An important part of getting the right response and starting off nicely is putting up the best suited photos. Facebook has fixed up a specific size for all the usable photos- 180 pixel square profile photo and 850 pixel wide, 315 pixel tall cover photo. You can use any photo editing tool to suit the format but make sure they give the right message to the audience and essentially convey your business ideas.


  1. Send out invites

The first thing you could do to get more people to your FB page is sending out invitations to your friends. Ideally, you should send the invite to those who would be interested but you never know who would turn out to be a better promoter. Also, everyone involved in the project must send out FB page invites to their respective friend-lists. That is the very first step towards building a good audience-base for your FB page.


  1. Keep your post updated

You need to be regular with your updates and posts, especially in the beginning. No one would be interested in a page that is not active. It is a lot of hard work to maintain on an active page, but there are ways around it. You could pin an announcement post. Run a contest, interact with your people.  The basic idea is to be updated and keeping your audience or viewers updated. Keep it running!



  1. Use an FB page widget on your website

It is important to link both your website’s traffic and your Facebook traffic by inserting a like-box in your website itself. This would definitely help people know your business better. Getting the first 100 likes and maintaining the succeeding 100 would become easier with this technique. When a person visits your website, he or she would immediately see the profile pictures of friends of theirs mixed in. That would curate them to like your page too.

  1. Share your FB page on other networks

Okay, this would seem a little odd but it is not a bad idea altogether. If you have a good presence on other social networking platform, like Twitter and others, you could make your followers there to like your Facebook page. This way, you are building credibility as well as getting popularity. Tweet about the page, share it on Google+, use LinkedIn, pin the images on pinterest. We are pretty sure you would get more likes than you expected.


  1. Curate related content

Curating content means sharing those things which are not necessarily written by you but are very much related and right for your user base. Why we think this is an ideal way to experiment on your topics is because you could spend lesser energy and time on the write-up, share the content with your audience and understand if they like it or not. If it is well-liked, you could write similar stuff. If it not, well, it was not your content that failed. Either way, you get to analyze what the crowd likes better.


  1. Mention your FB page in your Newsletter

Your newsletter subscribers are already people who are interested in your content. They want to stay in the loop. That is why they are more likely to hit the thumbs-up button for your page. All you need to do is mention in your Newsletter that you are maintaining an active FB page and provide a link. You have to put it in a way that doesn’t make it look desperate. Clever marketing can give you long lasting results.


  1. Lure them with a contest

Running a FB contest could be the next big idea. It is only employable if you stick to the FB competition rules. Keep it very specific. Don’t hunt for an audience. You only need people who actually are interested. And so, keep a desirable price but not so desirable that it would bring anyone and everyone to your page. You need to build a niche. Also, remember to fix a deadline. No one wants to be a part of a never-ending race. Your participants should know there is something to look forward to.


By using these handy ideas, you would surely reach the first level of success in a fairly short time. That being said, remember, the road ahead is not going to be a walk in the park. You should keep up the quality. Maintaining your own set standards would be an unforeseen struggle. But if you keep it all maintained, you’ll not have any trouble. Best of luck.