Can You Get Suspended For Buying YouTube Views?

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Buying YouTube views, Instagram likes, and Facebook fans have become a common practice nowadays. Many online marketers are considering investing money in getting more likes and fans from online companies that specialize in selling views and likes to interested marketers out there. Many techniques are used in this regard that range from unethical ones to real techniques that improve your videos views, or your posts like on Facebook. Well, according to some people, this is an unethical practice and some are of another opinion but the thing that matters here is that this trend is rising, and people are investing more and more money to get more likes and views.

However, every online business has its reasons but the most common reasons include more fans, popularity and to beat the rivals. These are the reasons now the trend of buying fans and views is rising, and more people are getting influenced by this change in marketing trends. Why work hard to get more views when you can just buy for a great value of money? This is a typical way of thinking  now, and nobody can deny that buying views can help you boost your YouTube channel and beat your fellow brands and companies. As people now watch videos with more views and consider these videos as credible ones, the online marketers try to capture the attention of online viewers by alluring them in watching their videos with million views. You must have noticed why any music video gets million likes within a day of its upload on YouTube! Well, that’s the blessing of bought YouTube views, and you can also get the benefit from this method by investing a little money.

Well, the next thing that comes in mind is that whether buying YouTube likes and views is worth your money or not? Alternatively, is it ethical to buy views from fake viewers or bots? Let’s find the answer here;

According to internet marketers, anything that can help you improve your online popularity and visibility is basically a part of your internet marketing strategy. So it can be a right way for some people but wrong for others; but it does not mean that there is a limit of right or wrong; as it just depends on how you perceive it! This strategy is risky, but it works, so it is up to you whether it worthy to take the risk or not?

Can buying views get you banned from YouTube?

This is the most debatable question nowadays that will YouTube detect that you have bought views from any online company or not! Alternatively, is it right or wrong? Alternatively, will it benefit you in real terms? These questions might be lingering in your mind if you are one of those YouTube channel owners who want to get popularity overnight and beat the rivals with your tremendous number of videos views.

Well, if you are a partner, then buying views from any third party or using techniques of third parties that can help you improve the views of your vids is strictly not allowed. This is under the YouTube policies that using manual methods to increase the views is not right and doing this is a violation of terms of services of YouTube. So if YouTube captures you while doing this, you will get banned.

It is a risk that you can take if you want to become popular on YouTube but everything comes at a price, and if you are ready to pay the price, you can consider it. YouTube will ban any channel from YouTube database that violates the terms and buys views using black hat techniques.

However, the important thing is that if you are not a partner, and you do not make money from YouTube, then buying views might not be a violation of terms of services of YouTube. Although it is not allowed to increase views by any method that is not real and organic but still, you have a chance that your account will not get banned. All you need to do is to find a real online marketing company that provides white hat techniques to increase the views if you are not a YouTube partner. Many scams happen every day so you must make sure you do not fall to any of these. Research for trustworthy companies and ask for referrals. Check for online reputation and then think of investing in buying views.

Another thing that is important for you in order to stop your account from getting banned is the quality of views that you buy from any online company. If the company is using real views from unused accounts or inactive YouTube people, it can be a right way and YouTube will not detect that you have bought the views. However, if they are using view bots to increase the number of your YouTube views, you can be at a risk of getting banned from YouTube.

Well, this is obvious that if your views rise from thousands to millions in just one day, that will be a result of buying views. YouTube can detect this, and you can check online that many people get the answer from experts that when it is obvious, you can get banned. So it is best to invest in small packages like buying few hundred and thousand views from time to time. If you are careful, you can manage the risk of getting terminated but not 100% as risk is always there!

The most crucial thing to think upon is that whether buying views works in real meanings or not. So, the answer to this would be that it works but you also need to do much hard work at your end. You cannot expect people to like your videos just because they have million views. You need to offer your viewers quality content so that they can trust your video views credibility. In this modern world of social media networks, people are aware of what’s happening, and they can discover what games you are playing with them.

The best thing to focus on is your viewer’s engagement on your YouTube channel. If you have active viewers on your channel, you can get maximum views without spending any money and even if you consider buying views, it will simply add up to your previous views that were results of your efforts.

YouTube does not always terminate the account when any suspicious activity is detected by its servers regarding any video uploaded to its website. It can make the “views” number to zero and reset it. However, this happens when view bots are used as the views that are bought from bots are not organic and real.

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