How Can Google+ Bring Out the Best in You

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In this current online age, every social media website is competing with other websites to get more followers and more user engagement. Google is not left behind in this race, and it introduced its Google + for loyal Google users. It is now among the commonly used social media channel by millions of online users out there. Online brands and businesses have been using social media to improve their customer experience and to boost their sales. Having an existence on social media websites is a crucial thing for today’s businesses but is having a Google + presence equally important or not? This is an important thing to consider before you want to become successful in your online marketing strategy.

Google + is meant to focus on becoming a best networking option for online marketers and organizations. Many internet experts are saying that in coming few years, Google + will surpass Facebook in terms of followers and user engagement. Well, that could happen as more than 1.5 billion users are actively using Google + right now, and 359 million of them are monthly active. According to recent analytics, the number of Google + followers is increasing by 33% annually which is a best example of growth for any social media website. No doubt, Google+ is growing speedily, and it will surpass all of the other websites soon enough.

The effectiveness of using Google+ for marketing purposes is also worth considering. Now businesses are considering becoming active on their Google+ profiles as to get more followers using the categories of Google circles. You can add multiple contacts and people to your circles according to your connection with them. Google + is the most organized social media website that allows its users to segment the followers and customers according to their nature of the connection with the organization.

Now, internet experts are comparing Google + with Facebook; that is among the largest online social media portals. Google + is emerging as a best user interface and user-friendly platform. Other than these benefits, online marketers could also get benefits from Google + in terms of marketing their services and products. Check out how you can make the best use of your Google + channel for your online marketing strategies;

Improved search engine optimization

Everyone knows that Google has a market monopoly and currently, there is no such rival of Google who is that much stronger to compete with this social media giant. YouTube videos are ranked higher on search engine results and those posts that are shared via Google + button are also ranked higher; so you can conclude that if you use Google + for your business marketing, you could improve your chances of getting ranked higher than other websites that are also working online.

You can understand this benefit of using Google + in this way that if you have an active fan following on Google +, you will get better ranking on Google search engine results when people search for your brand or relevant keywords. So this can boost your SEO strategy. Using Google + can be a great way to help you become successful in your SEO campaigns. The SEO importance of using Google+ is just amazing as it gets you on top without doing any efforts.

Instant connection with your customers and followers using Hangouts

The chat feature of Google was recently updated to a better version; Hangouts, which is quick, fast and reliable. You can share video, content, texts, images and links using this chat option. It allows you to chat with everyone who is added in your Google circles. You can add people to your hangouts contacts and talk to them conveniently. You can add up to 10 people in one chat, and this feature is not available on any other chat app from any social media website. The hangouts is a reason you could become successful in your business marketing as you can use it to connect with your clienteles, your employees your dealers and your online followers within seconds. It is useful and easily downloadable to your smartphone. So it is a best way to improve the connection with your potential customers.

Authorship of content on the internet

Those businesses that are using Google + for their online marketing purposes can claim authorship for any content produced by them on the internet. This is simply because Google cannot be beaten, and the Google+ users have benefits to users of other social media websites that they can use the authority of Google in their online marketing and advertising strategies. Well, this is going to change the trends of internet as due to these benefits; many more organizations will be turning towards Google + for advertising of their products and services.

Flexibility in Google + posts and content sharing

Another benefit of using Google+ for marketing of your online business and organization is that you can share content of every type with your followers. You can share YouTube videos, images, use the drive to create more photo albums, share text content and links using your Google +. There is no limit to 140 characters or anything else which could restrict you from sharing anything that you want to share with your followers on Google +.

Better audience engagement

The concept of Google circles and improved support of mobile; not to mention Android phones; is a great thing for online businesses. They can engage with their audience in better ways using perfect user interface and more options for engagement. You can use Hangouts to discuss anything with your audience within seconds and share their posts using + button on their profiles. Google is simple to use, and any kid can use it for his school assignments and to create events for his upcoming school parties.

Well, these were just the benefits that your online business can enjoy while using Google+ for marketing online. Many more features are to come, and nobody knows what next year will bring as Google is currently working on to be the most effective online marketing tool for businesses. Including Google Maps, Google +, Google translation, Android, and a lot more features, Google is no doubt the gorilla of internet and now of social media too!