Can the Google + Button Help you in Improving your Online Ranking?

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Google + is one of the most amazing social media channels where you can share your personal content with your circles or use it for promotion of your online business. Billions of online users trust Google, and it is no doubt the most commonly used search engine right now. A lot of new options came and joined the race, but Google is still at the top of them. A year ago, Google launched its Google + button for online blogs and websites, thus making it easier for online users to connect to their Google channel anytime with just one click. Now you can just click on Google + button present at any website and share anything that you want in seconds. Adding this button is a preference of every online website and blog nowadays as Google is the biggest platform for sharing. In terms of search engine optimization, online marketers have been giving Google button much importance because Google has a monopoly, and you cannot deny this fact.

However, the question that arises here is that can a Google + button added to your blog or website help in improving your search engine optimization; or in other words your online ranking? This question has been answered by much internet experts, and everyone has his or her opinions with supported logic and reasons. You must not confuse it with a like button of Facebook as it does much more than Facebook in improving your online traffic and ranking. Well, let’s find out whether is it true or not!

What does Google say about this?

According to Google’s opinion, this Google + button is essential to online users to discover relevant content that could interest them and which they want to share to their channels. It is more about trust and credibility that people have on Google; that is more than any other search engine. Using this button, you can share photos, online content, videos, links and anything that is present on the internet, so there are no limitations and restrictions on sharing. However, it does not mean that having more shares on your posts using Google + button will mean more traffic directly.

It about Google approval for the content that if anyone uses Google + to share a particular piece of content, that content will be approved by Google. So it would be ranked higher in search engine results. This is also right when online users are given two options for content; one is shared via any other channel, but one with Google+, the users, are most likely to trust the one shared via Google +.

That is the reason relevant content is shown by your Google + circles and channel as people believe Google+ posts, so there is no dilution of other links shared from other social media channels. You can now understand that why sharing via your Google + channel is more credible as compared to sharing with Pinterest or Facebook like button. This can directly affect the search engine optimization of any web page. Any link that is shared via Google + button has more chances to get likes and shares on other channels like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. People share content to their relevant social media profiles that is more related to their interests and which is considered safer. Google + has an advantage over other websites in terms of safety as people think it is safe to share anything via Google. So your content, links, images and videos that are shared via Google+ will get more likes and shares. This will improve your traffic as well as optimize your website and blog in best possible ways.

Why add Google + button to your website?

The biggest reason for adding a Google+ sharing button to your online website or blog is that Google is the most major search engine right now. It influences the search results and opinion of people. Have you ever noticed why YouTube videos are given a clear preference over Vine or Daily motion videos when you search on Google? Yes, that is right that Google gives preference to videos shared by YouTube as Google owns YouTube.

So now you can clearly say that if you want to improve your rankings on Google, you need to have a Google + sharing button on your blog. It will encourage your online followers to share your content using that + button. This will be shown on every social media channel where your content has been shared that it is more credible and relevant as it is shared via that Google + button. Although it is not 100% true in all cases but you cannot beat Google ever!

Will this affect your SEO?

Although it is important to consider Google policies and terms while you optimize your channel and online content; but it does not mean it is the only way to improve your ranking. Yes, it has an excellent and practical impact but not valid for 100% cases. You can optimize your content online using right keywords, building high-quality links, adding relevant images, by optimizing your videos and by using proper strategies that directly affect your SEO on the internet. You cannot beat Google, but you can beat the concept that Google + is the only want to help you become successful in SEO.

Wrapping up the conclusion

Well, you cannot deny that Google has a monopoly on internet, and it has been influencing everything that happens online. Adding a Google + button to your website can improve your online traffic, improve your SEO and your ranking in search results but it is not the only way!

Millions of people also use other internet search engines, and they are equally important but because they are not that big like Google they cannot influence online users as Google does!  Adding Google + button can be an addition to get more benefits but it should not be considered as one and the only way to rank yourself higher than before. You must be incorporating Google + button to boost your SEO and online marketing, but you should not just rely on Google to make you successful online.