How can you keep your Facebook Page Fresh?

Facebook alters its layout frequently, but various brands keep their pages up with the changes, sometimes just to make a failed attempt to maintain brand recognition by using innovation. Other Facebook pages are simply abandoned, used as a dry marketing channel without the human effort that makes it work. Some just fall into a pit, a daily or weekly monotonous routine that becomes stale over the passage of time.


Rejuvenation via Photos

The first and most effective way to refresh your page is to just discard all the old and stale photos that have been on your cover for ages. Also change and update the photos that have been used as your brand logo and icons.

Choose a theme for your cover photo and profile picture. Which is newer and fresher, it could be a color, season, or just a current event. It should be just something new and designed according to the interest your audience.

Change the old tab app thumbnails, it’s better for you if you follow the same theme for them as well.

If you have decided not to change your photos for months because you changed it months ago and chose the best one. Well, even the most attractive pictures get old if you don’t change them.


Share Videos with Audience

The main reason for a page to become monotonous is they keep on posting the same old status updates. The boring posts may start with ‘Text related to our business’ ‘We’re posting a boring link to our boring blog, please don’t bother reading’ ‘Here’s a link to a website we thought you’d Like-Not’.

Add a personal touch to your page, without it your page will seem to have come out of a factory.

Let’s just be realistic, people these days read less and watch more, hear more and listen less. You have to come up with a video that will attract people who might not like watching long videos. Vines are the way to go, be creative. Videos have become very easy to make and even easier to edit and tweak. Make them interesting and related to your business.


Freshen Up Your Followed Pages

Business pages have a list of all the pages they follow and can be viewed by your audience. It’s a great thing to go through these liked pages one by one and see whether they are interesting enough to be displayed on this list. See if they are active and post the content that is related to your business. Sometimes a page will no longer be on the map. Also look for the updated pages that post the content that you’re interested in.

It is time to Follow Trendy pages, unfollow the old ones and go with the newer ones.


Renew Your Information Section

Update your ‘About’ area, it is a very critical section of your page as it displays the image of your brand. Sometimes I go through a page and see their About section and I wonder, in 5 years since they’ve started their business they have achieved Nada!

The first thing your audience should see is a nice opening line, a hint of your achievements for example if you have received certifications, it is a good thing to include them in this section. Briefly describe your vision and what you do. Update you address or phone number. If there is a URL change, name change, timings change or location of your store change, mention it!


Carry out a Competition

Contests and challenges are the way to attract your audience’s attention. It is also a way to give back the community. There are many competitions you can run, for example if you have a photography business the contest can be about who posts the most genuine picture or if you’re running a clothing business you can give away free clothes via conducting a ‘who wears best’ contest.

Take some time to decide what the contest might be, what the prize is going to be. It’s not appropriate giving a prize that’s completely irrelevant to your business. Go through the guidelines Facebook has provided to run a contest, follow them. The prize itself will attract a lot of users and you can also ask politely the winner to post a review about the prize they have won.


Fan Featuring

You can feature a user for their contributions to your page. In some instances, you might have users that comment on every post, help conduct your talks and usually make your Facebook community a nicer more tolerable place. These fans certainly deserve to be recognized for their role. Featuring them can breathe new life into your old page. If you don’t have no such users, you can post contests that involve submission from fans for example using your product in real life and posting their comments. This will give you something to work upon. I saw a page on Facebook that sells handmade soaps, someone posted a review that it needs to ‘dissolve less’, well there you go, you have got something to work upon that’ll improve your product. Someone said their products smell ‘Ahhmazing’, this comment resulted in the display of ‘Sold out till the 12th’ banner on their page.


Host a Facebook ‘Live’ session

Facebook has a ‘Live’ feature that could be put to best use by hosting a question and answer session. It will really freshen up a rather boring Timeline. Set a time and theme, also figure out the guidelines for the answers you will be giving. Usually two hours on a weeknight is appropriate. Be informed and updated about the new trends in your field.

If this picks up, your engagement level will sky rocket almost instantly. Your users will be more aware about your business by getting answers.


Create a New Tab App

Create a new Tab app and support your page. It will help your users to get signed up for your mailing list through Facebook, they will be able to see a central location of your events. It will give your users the ease of access and something unusual.


Add Milestones of your business

By adding milestones of your business, for example founded in 1997 by XYZ. What have you achieved for example received ISO certification in 2000 and so on. It doesn’t need to be on a very large scale for example ‘sold a million samples of your product’. Even if they are small Add them anyways, because it means something.