How Can You Post Your Instagram Photos on Your Instagram Automatically


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Facebook owns Instagram for quite a while, though they might look very different from the surface their back ends are quite similar. To be precise the Ads system and support forums are almost undistinguishable.

Facebook and Instagram work in harmony that’s the reason for bringing it up. There is a feature in Instagram that you can use to post images to your Facebook profile the moment you post it on Instagram. The good part is you don’t have to log in to Facebook for the content to be posted.

 This doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea, I will state the reasons later. We’ll discuss here how to do it, not bringing up difficult terminologies and technicalities but just directions on how to do it.


Linking Instagram and Facebook


Now to link Instagram to Facebook you have to use the Instagram application. The first thing to do is to install it on your phone.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but many people use third party tools for their Instagram account to be managed. They might not allow this linking.

A lot of them are limited, because Application Programming Interface will allow them to use, which might not be a lot.

First thing to do is open the Instagram application on your mobile device that you’re using to manage Instagram. The next step is to Log in then Tap the profile icon. Then you have to tap on the Settings Icon. Now you have to find the preferences section and find ‘Share Settings’, click it. Now tap on Facebook to activate the process of sharing between Facebook and Instagram. Instagram will now take you to a standard mobile Facebook application install screen. On behalf of your Facebook account this screen authorizes Instagram to post. Just make sure you have logged into your accurate Facebook account, you don’t want to post business pictures to a personal account or vice versa.

This is process number one, if this isn’t working it might be due to an older version of app.

I am going to state another process that goes by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device. Logging in, if you haven’t already saved your username and password. If you look at the top there will a tip from Instagram that will ask you whether you want to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This will import your followers, but it will come with the added benefit of cross-posting. Now you have to click ‘Connect’ and follow the procedure to authorize the Facebook Application.

The next process is for Android users. This goes by opening up the Instagram application on your mobile device that you’re using to manage your Instagram account. Log in if needed. Click the Profile icon at the right of the bottom icons. Now the next step is to tap the three dots in the upper right of the profile window. Now you have to scroll down to section that will be named as settings and click on the Linked Accounts. Select Facebook and click. Just log in to your Facebook account to approve the app on your profile

The process varies from device to device, operating system to another operating system and the application version you have installed. Nevertheless, look for ‘Linked accounts’ in your app. It will direct you to linking your accounts.This will allow your Instagram account to post your pictures and other content on behalf of your Facebook profile.

If you want to link your Instagram account to a Facebook business page, you have to follow the same procedure, just one difference is that when you log in to your Facebook to approve the app, you will select the business page you want to manage instead of your personal profile.


Now you might ask, what if I want to remove the link between Instagram and Facebook?

The easiest way is to go through the same process and click ‘Unlink’. You may also have to go to Facebook App Preferences to detach the Instagram authorization from Facebook as well. You can also do this if you have tried to authorize a different account and it didn’t work in the past.

You can use the same process to link Instagram on many different sites, For example Twitter, Tumblr etc. The options will be different according to areas.


Why Should You Link Instagram to Facebook?


In general, these two sites are very closely connected, why not just link the posting for ease of access, right?

There are many other more valid reasons for linking. They will give you more reasons to link them anyways.


Instagram phots get tons of engagement


Studies from almost a year back proved that Instagram is the single most popular social media network that has the highest engagement rates than any other social media. It caused a lot of people to start using Instagram more and more, so it is to be considered that engagement rates might have dropped a little bit, but still it surpasses most of the networks.


Bring engagement to Facebook from Instagram

 You have to post really high quality and interesting images on Instagram for them to be popular. So you are already surpassing Facebook’s image share just by maintaining an account on Instagram. You might have noticed the low quality images existing on Facebook.


Instagram Photos can give your brand a personalize feeling

 if you share pictures directly on Facebook people might think that you are not genuine, by linking your Instagram account you can avail the benefit of doubt.

Instagram is perceived as marketing-free platform, though this is not true. People have been marketing their products and services on Instagram for a long time now.


Auto sharing can maintain content flow

 If you are running out on posts, you can take a few candid pictures of your office or a birthday party of your employee and voila! You have content that gets shared on your Facebook as well. This will give your audience to something to look at and also EdgeRank will keep on showing your content to viewers.


The Downsides of Automation


You might thing that you can never go wrong with auto sharing, well sadly this is not the case. A major risk is the negative consequences of automation on social media.

When you’re posting on Facebook it means it will automatically post on Instagram. You will be exposing yourself to automation apathy. This term is used for those clever users who recognizes that a certain post is made by a system or bot and not by you. Then they decide not to like or comment on it.

The users figure out that a bot has made the post and it means you are not around to have made the post. You are currently using Instagram. So why would they respond to the post made on Facebook. You are not around to acknowledge the like or share and you’re unable to write a comment or reply. If they need to engage on Instagram for you to reply they wouldn’t want to swap between Facebook and Instagram. As a result, they halt their comments and likes. Most engagement is spontaneous and impulsive, so putting this amount of effort and thought into it might not be fruitful.

As a result, you will lose a lot of engagement on Facebook and due to EdgeRank users will see your content less and less.Any moment a user looks at your posts and doesn’t click or respond in any way, EdgeRank will count it as a small negative. It will not affect your brand immediately but if that keeps happening or if that user keeps on ignoring your posts altogether, it will not be shown to them. Your reach will become less and less and you will not be able to spread your message.

I am assuming that all of this is happening if you’re not around to reply to their comments. If you are actually not on Facebook, the few people who used to engage in your posts will be discouraged to like and share for the same reason I have mentioned above.

Another point to consider is that Facebook and Instagram have different marketing approaches. Instagram is about the visuals, there’s no doubt about it. Facebook also is about the images and videos but on Facebook they have to have some text to become a successful post.  A good caption with an image and a good description with a post is a necessary tool. On Instagram the description is not very necessary.

The use of hashtags is also a huge factor. Hashtags are ineffective on Facebook but Instagram runs on Hashtags. They are the most important part of an Instagram post. But if you put that same post on Facebook the huge number of Hashtag ruins the post for Facebook users and kills the engagement.


Automate Cross-Posting Correctly

If you have linked both the accounts, you need to carry out the posting properly. Automatic posting is known as a post-killer on any platform and cross-posting is its evil twin brother if not done properly.

There are some guidelines you have to follow to post in a proper manner. It really doesn’t matter which tools you are using to post.

  1. Automate only what you actually need to automate

When you have linked Instagram to Facebook and the post is automatic you have to refrain to automating the description if you can avoid it.You have to come up with an exclusive description for Facebook.It shouldn’t look like it’s has come directly from Instagram.


  1. Posts Only Automation

Never automate comments and replies. If everyone has commented ‘Thank you’ as a reply. It is extremely obvious that you are posting it automatically. People then decide not to respond on it, assuming that you’re not around to respond and acknowledge their comments. It is even worse than if you are unable to respond in the first place.


  1. Automate Timings

Now if you have automate posts its best to automate the timings of the post as well, keep a schedule that is most efficient and is most beneficial for the automation. Find out the highest traffic timings of your users and schedule your posts for that time only.


  1. Always maintain a Presence

This is above all the most important one. You don’t have to make these posts manually to become present. You can enable notifications on whichever mobile device you have and keep an eye on your post. When engagement comes it’s best to respond as fast as you can to encourage even more engagement.

 Now if someone has liked your post there is no reason to respond to it, it’s better to ignore it in the first place, same thing goes for a share. Your users might post emoticons as a comment, it is safe to say that there’s no harm in ignoring them as well.

If a user has posted a good question or query about your product which demand direct engagement, respond to them as they will spark further engagement. These are the best kind of comments; I know you will agree. Now there are users who are used to of posting racist or angry comments on any post they come across, it’s better to moderated and removed immediately, There’s a certain amount of negativity you can tolerate and when it is gone out of hand it’s better to get rid of it and keep your circle free of it.

If someone has posted an issue related to your customer service and it is genuine, address to it as soon as possible. It is better to direct them to a private message then discussing it on the page. You can also refer them to a customer services representative.

What keeps social media running is engagement, it is vital part of social media. You have to make sure that you have the engagement aspect covered. It really doesn’t matter if you have scheduled your posts, how you are cross-posting or what kind of business you’re running as long as you are posting beautiful images with catchy descriptions. You should also be there when the engagement arrives to receive it warmly, because once they go back there is no way they’ll come back to a page that doesn’t respond.