How Can You Promote Your YouTube Video in 10 Effective Ways

You might have seen high prices for YouTube ads making YouTube videos and their promotion a very risky task.But you can promote your YouTube videos for free by using different methods. Mainly there are three categories of promoting your videos on YouTube. Link, Social and Karma are mainly used for promotion of your video.

Social deals with making sure that your video is shared with your friends and family either in person or on a social network.Link finds places to share your link to the general public.By using Karma, you help others in promoting their videos and in return they promote your videos.


Tell Friends and Family

You can use word of mouth to promote your YouTube video. What word-of-mouth can do no ad campaign can match it.Tell your friends and family about the video that you have uploaded on YouTube you can use a link shortener to make it easier for them to remember the address.  Ask them to tell others about your video is when it’s uploaded on YouTube.


Use Facebook


Make sure you show your name on Facebook as well and had a little description of the video. They might not read it but when they do it will look like as if you get enough about the video to actually write a proper description.


Utilize Tweets


Twitter and Facebook are a bit similar the only difference is you have to use 140 characters to completely send your message. you have to put more effort into making sure you share your video properly you have to come up with 4-5 word introduction. Just make sure that your follower’s Twitter feed is not full of tweets of your own videos make you seem a bit desperate. You should have some conversation and interaction with your followers. You will get retweeted more often this way.


Utilize Google+


Google+ is new and recently YouTube changed their commenting system to specifically use Google+. You should make a new Google+ profile and start using it because it’s now built into YouTube. Google + also has really good features of Twitter and Facebook. It will enable you to have conversation with your audience just like Twitter but it will also keep you updated for specific group of people just like Facebook. It is a lot of room for a good description of the video like Facebook.


Bookmarking Sites, Put Them to Good Use

Some of the biggest sites to post your links to your content are bookmarking sites.  StumbleUpon and Digg are one of the biggest bookmarking sites on the Internet. You have to promote other content along with your own that is relevant to be shared. If you keep on sharing your own content it will become too obvious and nobody will really go to your content but if you find interesting images and articles related to your brand you will be able to get a lot of attention from your users.


Links Articles

There are some websites out there on the Internet that enables you to write articles that you can make something going on because David provide the ad revenue.  This is it greatly if you want some side income. Also that is a good way to promote your other content. You can write an article that covers the topic of the video, you can add a few links to other videos and articles that related to your topic. This way the users will notice that you have linked the content of other people as well, if that article gets popular, so will your video.


Communicate on Blogs and Forums

Blogs and forums are the last of the link from promotion tactics to be covered under this topic. You have to find blogs and forums that are related to the topic of your video.

You have to find a way to post replies to blog post and forum threads. You can link your videos to their threads with a meaningful reply and the link to your YouTube video instead of blatantly promoting your video by saying ‘check out my new video on YouTube’.

Always find a good reason to post a link to the video and users will be more inclined towards watching the video believing that you are being honest.


How to Use Karma Promotion

Now we will discuss how to use Karma promotion, first of all it is not directly linking your content when you are using this kind of promotion here are some ways to use it.


  • Community of YouTube

You have to get involved in YouTube community, start having conversations in the comments section of other YouTube videos. Don’t post irrelevant comments and always hit the like button.  Appreciate the YouTube video and its creator. You can also give them some advice to improve their next video. Do whatever you can do to start becoming a part of this community. Start making connections and they will eventually become real connections.

These are the same people who will watch your videos and like them. They might also drop some advice that will help you to improve your videos and build a fan base.


  • Promote Others with Your Videos

You can help others by promoting the content on your YouTube channel. You can use content from other categories and the work of some other artist of your field as well.  you will get some attention from that.  If that video starts becoming popular so will your own video. It’s like piggyback riding to success.  You should never expect someone to share your content just because you shared their content.  You need to start becoming genuinely happy to promote the work of other people because you really liked it.


  • Collaborate

The last way to use Karma promotion is by collaborating with other YouTube users.  You can also use this way to work with other artists and help them out. If you collaborate with other people, there is a mutual sharing of fans and they bring a long list of subscribers to all of the parties involved.

You should never feel shy to tell your friends and family about your newly uploaded video. There aren’t the people who really want to know about it. You can also tell strangers about your new content.  Become a part of the community and help Newbies out this will get you more friends and be brave and also promote your videos just because they like you as a person, be sure to use your powers for good.