Can using Twitter Gifs help improve online sales of your company?


Social media is a way of advertising your business in a cheaper as well as a convenient way. Just a decade ago, the only way to market the products and the services was to run paid ads on television channels and to print posters for signboards across the city. Now these advertising ways are still used but they are not the primary advertising focus for many businesses and brands. Social media websites have developed into a strong platform where you can market your products in a better way. You can interact with your audience directly and get the direct feedback that is essential for growth of your company.

Well, a lot of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are being used by a lot of businesses and brands for improving the conversion rate of their followers and definitely to increase more sales of their products. Any business that is operating online has one primary purpose; that is to improve the sales and to get loyal customers, and this is same of every type of company no matter how big or small. Twitter is on those social media websites that are quick, neat and brief in their working features. The followers are active and in a number of billions; they make up whole community of Twitter. If you are cutting back on using Twitter for promotion of your company, you lack an essential chunk in your social media marketing strategy. Recently this website has provided the option of animated gifts that is a new feature of Twitter and becoming extremely popular among people. A gif is nothing more than a series of photos that are embed into a single file using the codes. You can use these gifs for improving your sales and to increase your conversion rate.

Now these gifs have influenced every brand and channel on the internet. They have gone viral in real terms. Many marketers are using them for promotional purposes.

If you have doubts that how these brand new Twitter gifs can help you to improve your online profits, here is the solution to your confusion.

The movie “divergent’

Divergent is a movie that was adapted from a famous book. Like a previous book-to-movie Hunger Games series, this is also a series that is a real big budget movie. The internet marketers for the Divergent movie used animated gifs for advertising the trailer and the tale of the story. The official tweets from the Divergent channel were great in content, and their scheduling way is no doubt very promising. The tweet had perfect Hash Tag and a call to action option too.

Forever21 promotional strategies

One of the most well-known chains of American fashion retailers, forever21 used gifs for their promotions. They are the best in providing fashion accessories online to a broad range of audience and not to mention; they have real loyal customers out there who support the brand. The brand chose the strategy of adding small loops of gifs that are not a very joint policy. Well, they played well and no doubt their marketing plan was a success.

St. Ives display of products

St. Ives is among the most popular beauty products brands that provide beauty solutions of almost every type to their trusted online customers. They used animated Twitter gifs for advertising their logo. The strategy was very simple, and just the animated watercolor of the brand logo was displayed using the brand new gifs. The idea was fruitful and improved the conversion rate for this company.

Marshalls new products show off

Being one of the famous chains of American superstores, Marshalls is known well by people who use social media channels. This company has been using social media to promote the products and new additions to the collections of its stores. They used the animated gifs in the form of adding multiple photos of products. The gif is a little bit smaller and could be extended for better visibility but they did one thing that was highly beneficial; that is they didn’t forget to add one of their brand Hash Tags and their super popular sun emoticon. So that is a superb idea to use these new gifs for promotion of your new products just like Marshalls did on Twitter.

National Aquarium humorous gifs

Using the best ways of humor, the national aquarium decided to play with Jelly and Jealous words in the tweets that were beautified with animated gifs. The use of creatures in the gifs that were present in the big aquariums of the place was a best representation of a connection. So it went well and spread the message to a wider audience in best meanings.

TV Land nostalgic appeal

This brand is one of the most viewed satellite television channels with many sitcoms and multiple comedy series. Their Twitter presence is highly followed by Americans and other people worldwide. They kept the nostalgic theme even in their animated gifs and targeted the audience with great content related to late 90s channels and history.

Tropicana icing on the cake gif

Tropicana is a juice and fruit based manufacturing company that is famous for it is reasonably priced high-quality drinks. They used the perfect gif of icing on a cake with a brief tweet. They did not forget to ask the customers to re-tweet and many new hashtags to choose from! The gif was funny, and the followers liked the idea.

So these ideas are helpful for inspiring any online marketer who wants to improve his sales using the gifs. All you need to do is to collect the best images to put together in a single file so that you can make your own specific and audience oriented gif. The main purpose of an animated gif is to convey the message to the audience out there. This is just another way to use visuals for your internet marketing strategy.

You can also use gifs for your online brand or company so that you can spread your message in minimum words using the images that flatter and attract internet users.