Can you Start a Business on Facebook?

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Facebook is a beloved social media website of a lot of online users. People have been using it for sharing their personal content with their families and many businesses also use this amazing website for advertising of their online products. Well, if you have an active blog and a website where you operate your online business, then making a Facebook fan page could help you in a lot of ways. It could help you in optimizing your website in real terms, and you can enjoy improved online traffic to your blog and website. You can improve your online sales and boost your brand recognition too.

Facebook is among the top websites that allow businesses to start their fan page and get help in online sales and making new customers. It is no doubt a best choice for online marketers who want to target audience regarding location, interests and gender. Just by a little research and a proper set up of your Facebook page, you can advertise your corporate in front of more than 1 billion active users of Facebook. So, starting your own business using Facebook is not difficult, and you can start it simply by following some of these steps.

Create a personal Facebook account

The first step towards starting your online business at Facebook is to make a new account on Facebook. This would be your personal profile so if you already have a Facebook account, you could use it too. Well, it is suggested that you make a new profile with a relevant name of your business with your fan page that you are going to create.

Create a Facebook page

After successful creation of your Facebook profile, you can easily create a page for your online business. You need to choose the category of tour business. A lot of options are given by Facebook to page creators so choosing them should be a wise and careful decision but if you are not sure about it, you can choose a category later so you could skip this step if you want. If you have chosen the category, you will be directed to another option of choosing sub-category for your page. Well, after you are done with this, you need to click on the small box at the bottom of the page saying you settle with Facebook terms and conditions. So click it and Yahoo; you have created a new Facebook fan page for your business now. Now let’s move on to the succeeding step.

Carefully fill all the details about your online brand

The next phase is to fill out your details and your brand information. Make sure you add exact information that you have added back on your website or your blog as it could help you in optimizing your web page. You will need to give a link to your official website, a little description of your business and your wordings which could attract Facebook users to check out your blog or website. This part is very important so fill it after carefully choosing your words.

Choose a photo for your display picture and your cover picture

There comes the exciting part; to add a relevant photo of your brand. Well, if you have a brand logo that you use for posting on your other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram or Google+, then you must add the same logo as your profile picture on your Facebook page. This will help your customers to recognize you easily on Facebook. Having a colorful and attractive logo for your online business that could represent your thoughts and type of business is a best thing to do to improve your online presence. People should recognize you from your logo anywhere on the internet! So make sure you add a relevant cover picture as well. You can use your cover photo as a banner for posting important information like upcoming contests, promotions, new product launches or anything that you want to tell your Facebook audience.

So now, you can use your Facebook page to start a business on Facebook and target customers using Facebook ads as these ads are a great way to advertise your products online. Facebook ads provide you benefits like targeting the right audience in terms of their location, interests, gender and age. You can choose your audience, and your ads will be placed in front of those people who will take interest in your products. So this could help you in getting maximum benefits from advertising on Facebook.

The real part of starting business on Facebook starts when you advertise for your business and start using your fan page. Here are following tips for making your Facebook business a success in every mean. Check out these tips and apply these to become a successful brand on Facebook.

  1. Never forget the fun part

Facebook is a website where people enjoy and have fun. If you ignore the fun factor while advertising your business, you will not attract any customers from Facebook audience. You must talk to your people, have fun. Share humorous jokes and don’t just market your products in hard words. Let your audience become familiar with you and then offer them your products.

  1. Run contests and give discounts

Another way to become successful on Facebook is to offer interesting contests to your customers and offer them discounts from time to time. This way, you can boost your Facebook business in better ways as people want to buy every online user loves things on lower prices and contests.

  1. Be consistent

This should be your first and most important strategy to start any business on Facebook. Consistency is the key to online success. If you want to acquire more customers and convert them into potential buyers, you need to be consistent in posting relevant content, unique images, encouraging posts and links to your blogs, as well as your products.

  1. Never undervalue the importance of quality customer services

Well, last but not least! Customer services should be an important part of your internet marketing strategy and if you are using Facebook, then being active and responsive to your Facebook customers would make you successful otherwise you cannot earn the trust of your customers.  Online users don’t wait much to get a response as they have a variety of available options. You must give them your best support so that they keep coming back to you and bring back more customers.

Starting any business on any social media website is not difficult; as the difficult part is to make it successful using your hard work and right strategies. You should clearly set your goals and follow the track at any cost. Just remember to keep your customers happy, and you will be one of the most popular brands soon.