Choosing the perfect image for your Facebook Ads

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It is an open secret that Facebook is the heart of all social media networks that are being used by people right now. More than 1 billion active users make this website a best platform for businesses and organizations to advertize on Facebook. Decade ago, social media was deemed to be just for entertainment and to connect with your personal contacts. Teenagers and young people used to be active on social media websites, and there was no concept of online marketing. However, with time, this perception has developed a lot, and now people use Facebook for advertising of their online businesses and to deal with their customers. Facebook is not just an entertainment provider anymore; it has developed itself into a biggest community where businesses invest their time and money to get online exposure for the right audience.

The Facebook ads are a great way to advertize your business using targeted audience and keywords on the internet. With a little investment, you can advertize in front of more than 1 billion potential users of Facebook. These ads can help businesses to engage audiences and interested people in better ways. This intelligent website allows online marketers to hit audience regarding their gender, age, location, and interests. You might have noticed relevant ads popping up on the right side of your Facebook profile. These are the ads that are meant for you according to your interests and your location; that is why you see them. Well, benefits of using Facebook advertising cannot be undervalued as you can place your products right in front of those people who are already interested in products that you offer. Is there anything better than that?

Creating an image for your Facebook ads is an important step as your audience will be watching this image and visualizing about your brand or company. It will be like a first impression of your brand in front of a lot of Facebook users; so make sure it is compelling enough!

The image of your ad, along with the text; should be optimized perfectly. Have a look at following tips that could help you in creating the best image for your Facebook ad.

Take help of Facebook ads guide

If you are creating your ad image for the first time, you must make sure it is perfect enough to encourage Facebook users to click it and land on your page. You can take guidance from the ads guide given by Facebook. If you want to make it more flawless, you can simply search the internet for more options and tricks for making your ad more creative.

Perfect size and shape of your ad image

Facebook suggests using an ad image of 1200×628 megapixels. Before adding an image, make sure it is in landscape dimensions, and that fits perfectly with the suggestions of Facebook. Then come to the sidebar image of your Facebook ad. Unfortunately, this website allows users to add images of 254×133 megapixels to sidebar ad but its enough if you are creative and you know how to use minimum resources for maximum results. Don’t add anything that is blurred or doesn’t fit the dimensions allowed by Facebook.

Don’t forget to add happiness factor to your Facebook ad

Happiness is like a magnet; it appeals people and encourages them to do things that they normally don’t consider! So by using right images of smiling people in your ads, you can encourage people that they could be happy like these people. For example, if you are placing an ad about your website of jewelry, you can put images of smiling girls wearing jewelry. This way, you can target women that jewelry could make them happy and satisfied like that girl who is smiling in the ad image. Now you understand why online websites have images of happy people on their landing pages?

Add important information to your ads

If you want Facebook users to contact you via phone, you can add your number to your ad image as it will increase the  chances that interested people will call you. They will not even need to click on your ad and land on your website as the given number would be enough to save their time. Just make sure that any message that you want to convey to your audience is clear and easy to understand. Add black text on the yellow background for better readability or choose anything that makes it easier for your audience to understand.

Don’t choose dull colors and combinations for your ad

Your Facebook ad will be shown to users in sidebars and between the newsfeed posts. If you choose lighter colors like white, sky blue, hazel or the colors that match with Facebook themes, this will not make your ad more visible to Facebook users.  The color tone of Facebook is grayish and white so if you use these colors, your ads will look just like another update or news from Facebook and people will totally ignore it.

People don’t spend much time on newsfeed as they just scroll up and down promptly. You must add brighter color tones to your ad so that it attracts Facebook users while they are scrolling down their Facebook profile. The colors like dark purple, green, orange, dark blue and neon colors could add perfection to your Facebook ads.

Be more creative

In this current age, anything is good if it is different! So you could make use of this mentality by creating exotic or distorted images for your Facebook ads. The main thing to consider here is that you must not exaggerate too much that you lose the originality and sense in your ads. The ad must be encouraging enough to draw attention of Facebook audience. If you  lose the purpose of posting your ad; which is to provide maximum information in minimum time and space available; then this creativity would be of no use.

Watch your ads from users perception

The last thing to do before posting your Facebook ad is to look at it from a user’s perception. If you think that it needs a little editing and adjustment regarding resolution or colors of the image, you could change it before posting. If it does not seem good to you, it will not look right to your audience as well. So make sure you attempt your best to create the image of your Facebook ad before posting. After all, you are spending your money, and it must not go wasted.

Everything that is described above is a vague description of how you can draw attraction of Facebook users. If you are not getting right attention, you must consider re-adjusting your ad image and make it more creative. While posting ads, don’t forget to add your brands personal touch to your ad as it must be a clear representation of your brand without using many words.