Most Common Mistakes Made by Facebook Social Media Marketers

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Facebook has emerged as an important platform for marketing and advertising of online brands. Now many organizations and business are using Facebook, and they have active Facebook pages where they connect with their customers. Using Facebook has become crucial as billions of internet user’s use this social media website daily, and it is among the most commonly used social websites right now. If you want to advertise your brand effectively, you must have a Facebook fan page where you can communicate with your followers and advertise your online products.

Facebook marketing is now an important pillar of marketing campaign for any online business. Any online marketing campaign is incomplete without having Facebook in it. Using Facebook ads and contests, you can make your online marketing strategy a huge success. Well, the significance of using other social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + cannot be denied but Facebook holds a premium position among all of these. Facebook is a giant of social media platforms, and it is even growing with a rapid speed. So by promoting your brand on Facebook, you could target billions of audience out there. Facebook allows its users to hit targeted audience according to demographics that is no doubt the best feature of marketing on this website. It does not matter if your organization is small or you own a large organization as Facebook is effective for anyone who wants to gain more online exposure and better visibility.

Well, if you want to become a successful online marketer on Facebook, you must understand the tricks and tactics that you must use to attract more audience on Facebook. There are some common mistakes that most of the Facebook marketers make, and you could avoid them by understanding these pitfalls. Check out these common mistakes here;

Never disappoint your Facebook fans

If you are running an active page on Facebook, never underestimate the power of your fans. They are your strength, and you must fulfill their expectation regarding interaction, products, customer service and keeping your words. If you think you could promise your fans about anything and later on you can avoid fulfilling it, it will ruin your brand and hurt your reputation. People do not forget anything as easily as you think! Making false promises and making your fans expect higher from you is a biggest mistake that you should avoid at any costs. That is right that you want to boost sales, and you want to promote your business, but you must not do it by making false promises to your customers. It will have a negative impact on your credibility, and your fans will never trust you again.

Not investing enough time for your fans

If you are not giving proper time to your Facebook page, your fans will start drifting away from you. Just by posting about your products is not enough as you need to interact with your fans in real meanings. Reply to their posts, their messages and tell them that you are listening to them. Make sure they understand that they mean to you and your business, and you should show your care and concerns. If you are not investing time in your Facebook page, your marketing campaign will fail for sure. Think of it as a job and allocate proper time whether daily or weekly so that your fans know that you are giving them your time.

Lack of creativity and uniqueness

It is a hard fact that in this current age, the brand competition is high on all social media websites. When it comes to Facebook, this competition is even tougher as everyone is using this website for marketing purposes. If you want to form long term relationship with your followers and buyers, you need to offer them your unique content and services that they could not get anywhere else. Using your creativity, your efforts, and unique style, you can capture their attention, and this could be the way of transforming them into potential buyers.

Post relevant posts, videos, contests, and high-quality images that can make you unique and more attractive in eyes of your Facebook fans. Give them a reason to be your followers and your customers rather than becoming customers of any of your rivals.

Irrelevant posts

If you own a clothing brand, but you are posting about a promotion about diapers, this will not benefit you. Well, if you post about online discounts and coupons on your brands items and clothing, then you could get many customers. It is all about posting right things at the right time. If you are posting about science and new technology on a page which is meant for new moms or moms to be, nobody is going to like your posts. So keep this in mind and never commit this mistake ever!

Using promotional language

If you talk about your products and ways to promote them, your customers and Facebook fans will not like it as your page will look like an advertisement campaign. Make sure you are trying to build a relationship with your Facebook fans as after that, you can automatically convert them into potential buyers. However, don’t start your marketing campaign by over promotional campaigns and posts that seem fake and unreal.

Using low-quality images and videos

Well, the importance of sharing visual content with your Facebook audience cannot be undervalued! So if you are still not sharing videos and high-quality images with your fans, you are doing a big mistake. In order to get more likes for your Facebook page, you should post high-quality images of your products and relevant photos of your brand. Related videos should be posted too which can include tutorials, product reviews or your messages in small videos. You can talk to your audience directly using high-quality videos and encourage them to use any new product that you have launched recently on your website.

Many Facebook marketers forget to give importance to the quality of images and videos shared on their Facebook pages. Will you like to watch videos that have bad quality, glitches, bad sound quality and anything that could make your viewing experience worse? Not! So make sure you are avoiding these things before creating a video and then posting it for your fans. Consider making a high-quality video that should be encouraging enough for your followers so that they could not resist sharing it to their news feed.

By avoiding above-mentioned mistakes while marketing for your brand on Facebook, you could be sure that you can make your marketing strategy a success.