Common Myths about internet marketing

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In the past few years, the course of internet marketing has spread like a wildfire. Marketers are popping up with new ideas and new strategies to gain more and more attention worldwide. Your business will not suffer if you do not have an account on Twitter or any other social media channel but if you are applying wrong strategy for your internet marketing, it will get hurt.

Internet marketing is a complex term, and it represents many ideas, techniques, strategies and ways to market your online business. If you have an online website, don’t expect it to work itself unless you dedicate your time and efforts for building and developing it. There is no guarantee when you are on the internet so you can just try to apply strategies for growth of your business and to increase your sales. If done right, internet advertising can be a major contributor to any company’s bottom line.

Unfortunately, internet marketing is confused with a lot of misguiding ideas and myths that must be experienced in order to make any good marketing strategy for your business. These myths or lies have alluded much internet marketers, and people have failed badly following them. These misconceptions must be addressed as without understanding them; anyone can fall victim to believing any of them.
Here are some of the myths that surround internet marketing business. Have a look and analyze if you have ever believed any of these!
Everything will be okay with time
Well, in internet marketing, this does not happen like this. Nothing goes right if you are not trying your best to get best results. Unfortunately, many people think that with time, when your website will be older, it will work automatically but that is so wrong. Just because you have built a website, connected it to social media profiles, and you write a blog; doesn’t mean you will get success instantly. The old world tricks are not that old that you could just overlook them. You must apply new techniques along with the old ones. If you think having a business card is an old fashion now, again you are wrong. You can have a business card and print your Facebook and website address on the card for your customers who use the internet.
So just try to be creative and work hard. If you are not providing your audience with quality content, quality blogs and you are just spamming them with unnecessary updates; they will soon stop following you on social media, and you will be ruined.
Just have more and more traffic; nothing else matters
Having thousands of followers is a great thing but what if no one among them buys anything from you? That is really wrong so now you can see it! Your followers are your strength but if you do not apply strategies to convert them into potential buyers, there is no benefit for your business. All of your traffic is not good traffic so don’t just try to gain more and more traffic that is not helpful for you.
Any content is a good content
Creation of quality content is crucial for success of any blog or business. If you want to draw more and more readers for your blog, you should never compromise on the quality of the content. Just posting anything will not get you sufficient followers. Always post relevant tweets and posts on your social media channels and write blogs that encourage your customers to buy things from you. If you have a clothing website, your blog must be about the latest trends in fashion; not any war issues related to Israel. So keep your audience updated about the new products and offers that represent quality of your internet marketing.
More followers- More profits
This myth is also not valid as having followers does not mean you will earn profits. There is a difference between supporters and buyers; so you must understand this before you expect anything from your internet marketing strategy. If your followers are not purchasing anything from you, you cannot say that your plan is working. It takes a second to follow anyone on the internet but buying anything from anyone requires courage.
Your blogs and website content must be encouraging enough for the followers and guests that they just couldn’t stop their desires to buy anything from your website! For example, if you have an online store that sells perfumes, you can add two prices per product. One will be the normal price because the second price is a special offer that your followers can get if they buy it right now! So they will try to save their money by buying the product instantly. This way you can encourage them to spend their money in order to save money!
Hits measure your marketing success
This is again the wrong concept as HIT is just a technical term used in internet marketing. Those internet marketers who measure their success level by the amount of hits they get are already out of the game of internet marketing. The hits will not get you traffic or will not increase the sales.
You are one man army
Many internet businessmen think that internet marketing is just about few techniques and few posts per day, and you are good to go. In reality, there is nothing like that so don’t hesitate if you need content writing services for your blog or you need an experienced admin for your Facebook profile. Doing everything all by yourself will save you money but it will not let you improve. One man cannot take care of everything including blogging, social media marketing, talking to customers and tracking the sales. So before you ruin everything from your hands, don’t try to become one man army.
Applying same strategies like others will give you success like them

If something is working for any other website, it is not guaranteed that it will also work for yours. Every website and blog are different as followers are different, and you cannot just think that following the crowd will open doors of success for you.The marketing techniques that you use for growth of your online business must be tailored to fit your business.

SEO is so easy!
Don’t be shocked as many internet marketers still think that SEO is an easy thing for them. Many people who do search engine optimization wrong often think like that. SEO is a lot more than just simple tricks and techniques to improve the rating of your website in order to make it visible on search engines. Many factors are involved in a successful optimization of your website. These so-called SEO experts are misleading, and they are the reason for this myth. SEO does not mean to get on top of results; it means to be on top for a long time.
SEO is out-dated
Many people think that now SEO does not work, and it is dead! This is not right as search engine optimization is still helping many websites and online businesses to grow online. It is dead when you use black hat techniques or use illegitimate ways to get your goals. Otherwise SEO is not out-dated, nor it is out of latest trends.
Meta-Tags will make your rank higher
Search engines use Meta-Tags to determine the page relevancy so they are very important. However, if you say they are the only factor in improving the rank of your online website then that would be wrong.
No success without a relevant app
For many online marketers, making an application is the only way to achieve success online. Well, that is not right as you do not need to make a new app for success of your business. Apps are great ways to advertize your business as nowadays every other person is using mobile. If you want to be visible on Google Play or other application stores, you can pay to other apps for running your ads. Just saying that an app is a way to success of any online business would be wrong.
Blogging will waste your time
Blogs are among the most powerful internet marketing tool nowadays. You may have seen unlimited blogs on the internet but very few of them are earning millions! So how did they get that much success online? That is very important to understand because if you overlook the significance of having a blog of your website, you are lacking something big. You can talk to your customers via your blogs. Other than that, you can encourage your customers to buy your products and services using your blog. Blogging is a fun activity that can be used for an effective marketing strategy.If you do not consider providing quality and engaging content on your blog, your followers will also not consider following you!


Social media will not help you
Social media can work wonders for your online business if done right. Using Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, for promoting your business, can prove very helpful as there are millions of active followers on these social media websites. If you get just a few thousand of these followers, that will be enough of them for your website for quality traffic. You can try your techniques to transform these thousand followers into potential customers.
Sharing everything on every social medium
Social media are for sharing your thoughts and to promote your online business. However, it does not mean you are going to spam your followers by your irrelevant posts of every type. If your online business is about resume writing services and you just keep updating your followers with new updates of celebrities and new fashion trends; you are doing something wrong. A little spice and fun are definitely important, but your followers do not want to listen about your routine tasks or your interests all the time.Just share content that your customers want to read!
Join every social media platform for internet marketing
The social media is a platform that can help you market your products and services. For a successful internet marketing strategy, a strong presence of social media is very necessary but this does not mean that you just keep joining every social media website and start following every other person. You must short list the websites that you will use and excel yourself in using these websites.
More social media channels mean more burden on your shoulders so it becomes very difficult to handle everything in best ways. If you have a Facebook profile, you must make a strong strategy for posting on peak times when your audience is active. An active and popular Facebook page with active followers will benefit you more than 5 to 10 social channels with no activity. It does not matter than you have more channels as nothing is worse than a profile with a two years old post. Just be active and make the best use of your channel, and your followers will love you and wait for your posts.
Just submit your website to Google and forget everything else
This is wrong as submitting your website every month to search engines is of no use. You cannot let those so-called internet marketing experts snatch your money for submitting your website to search engines. They will tell you it will improve the ranking and increase the traffic, but in reality this will not happen. So don’t fall victim to this myth and save your money.
Facebook is good and Google+ is not
Just because the hype is all about Facebook and its features doesn’t mean it is the best social media website for promotion of your online business or website. Google+ has a lot more features and followers for those who want to promote their products. Well, it depends on your preferences and priorities but saying Google+ a dumb platform for internet marketing will be wrong.
Pinterest will not help you grow
Many online users believe this myth that Pinterest is about B2C businesses. Well, that’s not right as B2B marketers can also get the same benefits from Pinterest. You can have a look at the brands like Microsoft and GE which are making best out of Pinterest despite their B2B nature.
Your followers are your customers
No, it is not right that your followers are your buyers as everyone who is following you will not buy anything from you. You need to work hard and spend time if you want your followers to become your customers.
You can improve the quality of your internet marketing in order to encourage your followers to buy your products. Running contests, quizzes and competitions for discounts and coupons can be a great idea to engage your followers and to transform them into potential buyers.
Your friends and colleagues are your followers, and you do not need anyone else
If your mom or your friends are just liking everything that you post on your social media channel or retweeting your tweets, that does not mean you are getting success. You need more than that!
Having followers from all around the globe is the thing that matters if you want to go global. Spreading your brand name across the world and making customers from multiple continents means you are on a right track.

Delete the negative feedback before anyone notices it
Another myth about internet marketing is that deleting a negative comment or feedback will be beneficial for you. This is an old concept as now internet users understand that negative feedback is a part of the business. Any business with 100% positive feedback seems unreal, so presence of few negative feedback and comments from the customers is all right.
Immediate response is crucial
There is no issue if you cannot reply to your customers instantly. Sometimes its fine to delay your replies as if you will always reply fast, your customers will think you have nothing else to do. Give your customers little time to wait for your replies on social media. This is not always right in case any serious and important discussion is going on any post or tweet. This will build a trust with your customers that you are also an active internet user, and you follow their feedback and responses.
Posting everything
If you think that posting everything at your channel every time is a good strategy, you will suffer a lot! Your followers do not like updates and posts after every hour. One or two posts or tweets every day is great but don’t just spam your follower’s updates and notifications with your tweets.
Another thing that you must remember is not to post at appropriate times. If you expect your followers to like your post at 2 am in the morning, you are expecting wrong thing from your customers. Before posting anything, analyze it from a follower’s point of view.
The Internet is for teenagers
If you are still of the opinion that internet is just for youngsters and teenagers, you are again following a myth that is wrong! A lot of aged people are earning the internet and they are a clear example that the internet is not just for teenagers. If you have a business that has an online presence and social media profiles too, you cannot just overlook the audience of aged people for your promotion. They can prove helpful for you as most of these people are free, and they have enough time like teenagers to follow you and buy your products.
Internet marketing is free!
Well, this is a myth that internet marketing is free! Yes, it is free but for those who do not want to use it for business and commercial purposes. If you are trying to get more customers and you want to generate sales, you need to invest money. Hiring a professional content writer for creating unique and quality content for your blog and writing your product descriptions is a great idea. Similarly, hiring a Facebook expert who can manage your Facebook profile and engage your audience effectively is also beneficial for online businesses.
One man cannot handle everything perfectly and even if you try to do it all by yourself, you will end up creating a mess. For SEO, graphics, link building, and content, you need professionals who will not work for free. Internet marketers are highly paid professionals so expect paying a reasonable amount of money if you want to improve your business. So eventually every online brand that has a big audience and big sale figure needs to invest money for getting internet marketing services from expert’s marketers. So for them, internet marketing is not free!
Internet marketing is one-time thing
If you are a novice internet marketer, you may have fallen to this myth as many people believe this. According to the recent trends and search engines new features, you cannot rely on applying a great internet strategy for just one time. It needs time and continuous effort to make sure that your website is still the best, and it deserves to be on the top of the list of all other websites.
If you have decided to invest in a reputable internet marketing company which has given you best results, don’t expect the results to sustain for years. The effects will go away if you do not maintain the quality of the content on your blog. Similarly if you do not maintain a proper communication with your customers, they will stop following you. So it is not just one-time strategy; instead it is a journey that never ends unless you stop doing business online!
Internet marketing will make you rich like all those millionaire bloggers
Well, this is the main reason many of these internet marketers and bloggers are on the internet! Money is the reason they are trying this and that for getting successful websites and better followers!However, wait, you must understand that internet marketing will not earn you a penny unless you work hard and dedicate your energies to your online business. All those bloggers and internet marketers who are earning millions are here because they worked really hard, and they hit the right audience at right moments. Now people love them and these bloggers make money out of them!
Applying the right strategy at the right time is a prerequisite for a successful internet marketing strategy. So don’t give up and try to get fruitful results.