A comparison between Major Social media platforms

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Many people use social media for their personal as well as professional purposes. Social media are a lot more than just sharing and communicating with each other. It is a wonderful too for promoting your online business as well as to advertize your products. You can boost your brand using the social media actually. The popular websites including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more are a platform for businesses and online working individuals to get more followers, customers and to improve their online presence. It just takes a minute to sign up for any social media channel, and you can get started!

You may have heard many people talking about Like that, Tweet this, Pin it and a lot more terms while using these social networking channels. It is among the newest trend among masses and not only youngsters, but older people are also using these channels effectively. Moms and kids are also not left behind as there are many blogs and Facebook pages run by moms, and they have millions of followers. It depends on you whether you take social channel as a personal thing, or you take it to a higher business level. However, choice of a platform is very tough as all of these channels are equally attractive and loved by internet users. You can use all of them for promotion of your online business or to carry out internet marketing, but this is a big task that is not easily handled by anyone. If you want to shortlist few of them, you will get stuck as making this choice is very hard.

So here you can find out from where you must begin your social media marketing! Just like you are the different person in your home and a different one when you are at your office, you are different from every social media channel! Every platform is like a different place, and you can act cool or serve serious depending on the situation. Well, if you want to make best out of these social media tools, you must have a look at the comparison between the following channels which are storming social media marketing.


So the first of all, you can pick up Facebook and analyze what it can do for you, as well as professionally. This social media channel has more than one billion users from the world, and these users are so active that they share one million links every 20 minutes on the website. This is the largest opportunity for small online businesses and online businessmen with small budgets.

The marketing tools used by Facebook are mind-blowing and the new features are even more attractive. You can post, share, link and download anything just with a single click. The Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your business while people use their accounts. It is a best website to target your audience in right ways. This site uses social graph to target demographics and people which is just an excellent feature for people who want to get attention of a particular audience.

The social media marketing was never so easy like Facebook has made it. It’s basically a B2C platform website where your followers like your page or group with an intention of liking it. There are no idle followers and online users and almost every customer you have is a potential buyer. The reason for this situation is that Facebook allows you to target your audience according to interests, location and gender. You can easily target school going kids of Kenya who have interest in color pencils and markers. Just like that, you can offer your resume writing services to people who are professionals and want a resume. The options that Facebook offers you on your right side of profile are a great way to like and check the pages and their promotions.

Another recent feature of Facebook is the video player that is very light to use, and many people are comparing it with YouTube. Well, there are many differences between Facebook videos and YouTube videos but this feature has given YouTube a severe competition. Now you can watch videos while easily scrolling down your profile without even clicking the videos. So time-saving is a benefit that this channel is offering you whether you are a housewife or a student.

You can build your fan page for your online customers and talk to them in a friendly environment. You can share anything using the posting option and the best thing is that there are no limits of posts like Twitter. You can post lengthy posts too! An active page with a lot of potential buyers is stronger than a Twitter account with million fans.


With benefits, limitations also come! So Facebook has few limitations too. For example, you cannot make more than one profile as it is not legit. You cannot add more than a specific number of friends or people to your group. If you post very frequently and message your customers in a lot of number, Facebook may consider it as a spam. So it is very sensitive to use and there is not enough customer support from the Facebook authorities which is no doubt a major drawback of using this site.


This quick, short, frequent and smart social media platform is just amazing in how it works and benefits its users. More than 241 million active users among 600 million total users, this website is the new hype of the year. More than 5700 tweets appear on the platform every second and it is the most used website by Americans. However now people around the globe are also using it but not that much!

The posts on twitter are limited to just 140 characters that are an excellent feature but for some people, it is bad! Well, most of the people suggest that it was a hard decision, but it worked a lot. Twitter is an ocean of information and a crowd of people which are waiting to be tweeted, re-tweeted and followed.

Well, another interesting thing about Twitter is that it shrinks your blog articles into small packets of information which is a great way to save time of people. If they want to read it, they can just click it; otherwise these small posts do not take much space and time for the users.

The Hash Tags are everywhere now! You can see it even with Facebook posts of many people. They are excellent to use and for search purposes, there is nothing better than a Hash Tag with relevant information.

The social media marketing of Twitter is also a great way for promoting your online business website and your blog. With the help of useful leads, Hash Tags and tweets, you can direct traffic to your site and your blog.


So, coming to the limitations, Twitter allows 140 character tweets to its users, which is a bad thing for those who want to post long messages. Other than that, there is nothing significantly bad about Twitter. It’s easy to use and quick to install on your smartphone.


LinkedIn is among those social media websites that is perfect for your career promotion and to search for a good job. More than 300 million professionals use this website every day. Most of the profiles on LinkedIn are business related and corporate companies choose this platform for offering vacancies and new job postings.  It is the best network for the company professionals and organizations to connect and interact with each other. The maturity of this website can be seen by the fact that more than 79% of users are above 35 years of age.

There are businessmen, dealers, clients and professionals communicating on LinkedIn. It is not like silly and amateur platforms like Pinterest and Facebook that everyone is just clicking without any purpose and reason. People connect on LinkedIn for a reason and every click works!

You can use this website for your social media marketing by streaming all of your other channels with your LinkedIn profile. The recommendation tool is a great thing to use. You can recommend anyone on this website and build your online resume so that your brand or your name can be seen by everyone on the internet. You can list your skills, profession, interests and anything that is related to your business or organization


So LinkedIn also has few limitations for its users just like other social media websites. One thing that is boring about this website is that there are no thousands of conversations going on around in groups and communities. You need to engage users applying many tactics and using Hash Tags, and posts will not just work like they work on Facebook and Twitter. There is not much going on here, but it is sure that whatever is happening, it is happening for a reason!


Google knows how to win hearts of the people by developing new strategies and offering new features. Their Google+ network is a social media platform for sharing posts, photos and anything that is present on the internet. Although it came late in the market when other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn had already strengthened their roots, but still it is growing, and many people are following it. It has more than 540 million active users around the planet earth, and they are potential users, this means they actually use the Gmail account and other services.

Google is the strongest and most intelligent search engine present right now. Its strategies and the trust that people have are just speechless. People do not say search it, they say Google it! This is what a brand needs to grow and develop loyalty among its users. Google has it all!

Well, the users of Google+ are young, and most of them fall between 25-35 years of age. The drive, Gmail account, Google play, Google circles and most of all, the Google search are the features that every person has used. There are many loyal users of Google out there who turn to Google for anything they want to know. Internet websites strive hard to have a good ranking on the Google search engine.

You will find employees, school going kids, moms, professionals, and CEOs on Google+. It is the most reliable social media channel for business related people. The reasons are various including the simple and straightforward user interface and interlinked system of email, drive, photos, circles, and the chat feature. So you get everything in one place. You cannot compare Google+ with any other social media network because the theme of the channel is entirely different. On Google+, a successful doesn’t mean how many likes or re-tweets it gets.

Using the Google circles feature, you can follow anyone from the Google and keep them in your separate categories of circles. Your contacts are automatically added to your Google+, and you don’t need to find them like on Facebook.

The chat feature is now known as Hangouts, which is no doubt the lightest and easiest chat option available in the market right now. Even if you have internet issues, it will work. So what else can you expect from Google+? You can add up-to ten people in your video chat and talk to them simultaneously. There is no need of Skype when you have Google+

The marketing strategies that you can use on Google+ for successful advertising of your online business are also excellent. You can use high-quality images for your profile and choose titled images for every circle you have. First impression is the most significant impact so you can grab your followers using the circles feature wisely.


Well, will all of the above amazing features of this social media channel, here are some of the limitations too! The privacy is a thing that is most talked about when it comes to Google+. It is faithful to some extent that the default settings are not secure, and you need to change them from the complex set of settings on your Google+ account.

Other social media websites have better privacy like the option of REQUEST is there if you want to add someone and get his or her updates. You can block anyone whom you do not like or specify the types of updates from a particular person or a page. However, in case of Google+, there is no such thing. You can just follow everyone out there. No doubt the businesses and online websites can get a lot of benefits in this way as they don’t need privacy; instead they need exactly a platform like Google+ where everything is so open and easy to follow. However, some people and bloggers are not of the same opinion and regarding privacy; they do not share the same page.


YouTube; the biggest video sharing website on the internet is the second largest search engine and this most visited site among the other websites. It is just behind Facebook and Google, and the day is not far when it will leave them behind. More than 4 billion videos are watched by internet users on this social media channel each day. So with so much exposure, you can market your products, services, and your business in the best way.

More than 1 billion people visit YouTube every month so your chances of getting more and more potential customers are very high as compared to other social media websites. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and most of the users are young people ranging from 18-35 years. So this is a platform for youngsters as well as middle aged people who are there to watch videos, popular channels and to promote their businesses.

Finding your target audience is so easy on YouTube that you can use relevant description and title for your video and watch the magic happen. There are many groups, communities, and playlists on YouTube, which are a proof that how neatly this website categorizes people according to their location, interests, and opinions. Once you open any video related to anything, next time YouTube will offer you suggestions and videos of a similar nature. It is so intelligent and quick!

Google blends all the videos, news, images, eBooks and local searches altogether, which is a great thing if you want to be searched on this search engine. People get the most information using Google as all results come just after one search. You can make videos for your products and services and link them to your online blog or website. It will appear on the Google search just like other results. So the chances of your online visibility are improved.


Well, there is just one limitation while using YouTube as a part of your social media marketing strategy. That is you cannot hit your audience like you can via Facebook or Twitter. Getting more viewers are different from getting followers as there is no guarantee that your viewers will follow your channel or not. You can increase the chances to get more followers by creating videos that are interesting and engaging. Other than that, keep uploading fresh videos and make a series of small videos with detailed descriptions. For example, if you own a makeup store online, you can upload makeup tutorials. However, make series of videos like eye makeup tutorial in one video and applying right eye shade in another video. This way the audience can click on the video that they want to watch, and it will save their time. Shorter videos also take less time to buffer. So you can use these tactics to lessen the effects of these limitations.


With the name of Pinterest, the thing that comes to mind is viral visual content online. This website has 30 million viewers that are up to date and active. It is not an old member of social media website family, but it has evolved and developed very fast. When you are on internet, visuals matter more than content and Pinterest is taking advantage of this fact. People pin their photos and posts and link them to their other social media channels and blogs. Nowadays there is no website or blog without an option to pin it. This website is very appealing to the eyes as high-quality images are a norm here. When you open Pinterest, you go into some another world that is like a fantasy place of high-quality images of foods, places, toys, and other things that you want to get in reality. The graphics quality of this website is just awesome, and you cannot keep yourself away from the colorful effect of this social media platform.

On Pinterest, you will see different boards and categories that are arranged according to interests of people. Just like you pin anything on your board in your kitchen or classroom, you can pin it here. Many businesses like photographers and wedding planners are using Pinterest effectively. If you have an art and craft store or you provide art services to people, then Pinterest is for you. However, if you are a corporate organization and you deal with market shares, it is not a good idea to use this channel for your marketing.


No doubt Pinterest is growing and becoming popular day by day, but the thing that is pulling it back is the sense of a store shopping. There are so many images everywhere that you just can’t find out what to do next. Any new user needs time to adjust because this channel is not simple and neat like Facebook or Twitter. When you enter the Pinterest, it looks like there is a collection of catalogs and brochures everywhere. However, you can make the best of your Pinterest profile if your job is about images. For example, if you are the wedding planner, you can upload images and link them back to your original blog or website. Not every business can take advantage from Pinterest, so maybe this is the biggest drawback of this website.

Having a social media strategy is a great idea as it can force you to remain focused on what is important rather that what you like! However, the long list of channels and options may make you feel a little pre-occupied as there are endless options on the Internet. You must choose the channel that works for you and your business, and you should strive to make it better. An online presence is good on all of those social media channels but in order to get more quantity, you must not compromise on the quality.