When and How to Contact the Owner of a Facebook Page


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Most users mainly contact the Facebook page owners when they face a problem. There are different types of issues due to which you can contact the owner. For example, it can be an unofficial Facebook page, some factual error that the page contains, any offensive or misleading information that you find on a page and many other similar issues. These situations will lead you to contact the owner of the Facebook page and inform regarding the happenings. You can then request them to remove the offensive content on the page. You can also ask them to remove the particular information that is either personal or shared that you do not want to be published.

The specific way to inform the owner about the dispute is generally through a message. You can also contact the owner in many other ways. Some of them are discussed below

You can use your profile page in order to send a message to the owner.  Every page on Facebook has an obscurity in order to protect the account. This protective feature also protects the account of the owner from misuse and hacking. Sending messages to the owner is most common way of contacting. It is used by a number of people apart from adopting some different procedure. So many people consider it a simple way to get in contact with the owner.


Step 1: Go to the ‘About Us’ tab

Almost every Facebook page has the contact details of the administrator. Many pages provide the details that include the direct contact information of the page owner or the company. In addition t this they also provide their website details as well as various links so that the users can contact them easily. All these details are mentioned on the “About” tab from where you can search the required information in order to get access with the page owner. For example, the Coke Company has provided all their business contact details and locations so that their followers are able to contact them whenever they want. They have also included their website link as well in the contact details.

It makes easily and simple for any user to contact them whenever they like. It can be in case of appreciation, any query, or a complaint related to the company. The simplest way to get connected is through messages. Some of the companies actively respond to the messages whereas, some might not provide you with an answer. Nonetheless, a message is considered to be the most effective and quick way to get connected.


Step 2: Send them a Private Message

Facebook pages are not similar to the Facebook profiles. There are various differences between both of them. For example, you can send a direct message from a Facebook page whereas through profile pages you can only respond to messages. This can also help in lemmatizing the spam messages that you receive. On Facebook you would not be able to directly send a spam messages.

One of the major drawbacks of Facebook is that when you send a message you cannot confirm that whether or not the message has been received. Similarly there is no way to check if the receiver has read your message or not or either the page admin has deleted it before they respond. In case the page admin has turned off the message notifications then there is no way that you can check either the message has been received or not.

Facebook has created a message request folder. This folder is used to filter all your messages. All your messages are received in your main message folder but if in case any message is found to be unknown it would be directed to this folder. You can also find many of your messages end up as a spam in this particular folder.


Step 3: Look for the Owner Online

It is very important that you search out for a Facebook page that represents an organization or a business that has a large number of followers and it actively participates on Facebook. You can review those sites and then accordingly you should try to develop your own page. Your page must include your contact information as well as a website link so that the users are able to contact you easily. Many users on Facebook prefer the pages which contain some valid contact details and links for their users. On the other hand many pages do not specify their details. This surely leads to a drawback of their business. If you do not find any business details on the Facebook page, in this case you should search out for some other links of social channels. First of all, Twitter is considered to be the best channel for direct messaging. It is a plat form through which you can easily message the page owner effectively.

Next, comes the LinkedIn. It is considerably not an effective link to include because it is basically not for the required purpose. But many people include use it to get connected.

Apart from this, many people also include their website links on which they have given different contact details containing from the owner to the employees. This is also an effective way to find out the owner of the business or page and contact them.

On the other hand, if any page does not provide the business contact information then there may be several reasons for it. For example, this may be due to the fact that business is not licensed or the user themselves do not want to disclose their information to others.


Step 4: Post Publicly

It is often seen in some cases that a particular page does not include the contact details of the owner. Most of the time, they do not have a specific website. It may be due to the fact that either the page is administered by a group of people who do not intent to provide their information. Secondly, it may be because the page administrator is not aware of the value of providing specific contact details in order to build their brand. In this situation you can the contact information of the page admin by the just posting a comment publicly to their page wall questioning regarding the details. For example you can ask straightforwardly to provide the address and a contact number, or ask them to contact you as a response for your query. They will be keen to answer your query and will provide you the required details. Otherwise they will give you some information regarding how to get connected.


Step 5: Contact the Associated Website

Another possible way to search the contact number of page administrator is to look up for any associated connection of the page. If in any situation, you do not find a website through which you can locate the contact information of the administrator then you should search for the possible website links. There are numerous websites that are further associated with some other major websites. For example, if a page admin is operating any page that is concerned to a specific project there is a possibility that they do not control the project site directly. For this purpose they might have set up another administrator who controls the site. In this situation it is important to search for the major associated website in order to get connected with the page owner.


Step 6: Extract Website Code

One way of contacting the website owner is by searching for the website code. This step is considered as an important one. If in case you are unable to get connected by the Facebook page owner then this step is considered as a crucial one. Once you come over a website that does not contain any contact information or any link in order to contact the owner. On the other hand it contains a sharing button instead. In this case you can look up for the website code so that you can get in touch with the site owner. You will come through many website that contains the OG information which relates to the Facebook open graph characteristics. These specific attributes indicate the image of Facebook when it is connected to the other links. Here the most important thing that you should consider is to search for the specific ID that relates with the page ownership or administration. Once you are lucky to find out the specified ID then you should take the next step. You can enter the ID information into the URL www.facebook.com/IDnumber. For example if your ID number is 0867891then you should enter the URL www.facebook.com/086754. This will help you in searching for the owner. It will also help you to get to the page owners profile


Step 7: Find other Places to Get Your Issue Resolved

You can resolve different issues by using Facebook. There are a number of ways through which you can follow in order to control your rising concerns. Some of the steps are mentioned below in order to resolve these concerns:

A Facebook page that exist with your business name and is administered by some other person, you will desire to acquire the ownership of that particular page. There is a possibility that you can acquire its control by engaging with the admin of that particular page and by making them a request to allocate the page ownership to you. Apart from this, if in case you do not get the ownership of the page then the final step would be to report it to the Facebook authority in order to get it shut down.

If in case a Facebook page contains the posts that you do not like or are in an abusive language then you have the right to block the page. In case you report a page, the Facebook authority first examines the content that either the content is violating their set policies or not. In case the reported content violates the terms and policies of Facebook then the Facebook authority has all the rights to remove the contents from the page. Whereas, if it does not violate their policies then the Facebook authority will not remove the content even if you do not like it.

In another case if the Facebook page contains the context that violates their user’s term then it might be a possibility that the authority will terminate the account forever.

Facebook strictly follows its privacy laws and procedures. A user’s information is not passed to anyone other than having a criminal case on a person. For example, if a criminal act takes place like robbery or murder etc. in this situation the Facebook is liable to provide the information to the police authority so that the suspect can be caught.

Last but not least, you can manage to use other social media sites for your business. These may include sites like the Reddit. Here you can find numerous people who will support your business.


Methods that are obsolete

One of the outdated method on Facebook lead people to track the admin page. This also created a loophole in Facebook mobile messenger.

In the year 2013, the old method you used to view the code of the site changes. Now you can do it by following the below mentioned steps.

Use a tool like firebug to view the site code. Go to text message and right click on it, then search for the elements that would have a DIV identifier. There you will see an author ID code. Here the ID is of Facebook page administrator ID.

This method was also denoted as useless because the track stopped working. It only worked if you had some older messages. The new messages that are available do not carry the required data which will not provide the page updates through messages. Nonetheless you can still search for required codes for the page author or page owners IDs despite the fact that this would not help in finding anything. You can apply all the other options that are mentioned above.

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