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In recent years you may have witnessed many different changes which took place on one of the famous social media channel that is the Facebook. The Facebook management has really worked harder in order to make some desired changes for the benefit of their users. These particularly include the numerous changes in their system in previous years. Secondly there are various old features which have been replaced by the new. Many users find these features as more effective to use as compared to the older versions. As the time passes by, these changes go on.

How to Claim an Unofficial Page or Facebook Place?

Facebook is considered as one of the great social network to use. Many users prefer Facebook in order to connect with other people and then get engage with them. Another great aspect of the Facebook channel is that it can be effectively used for the marketing purpose too. Due to this particular fact, you can get some instant responses by your audiences. This is really useful in giving a boost to your business in a very short span of time.

You can see many new trends which take place on the Facebook channel on a daily basis. These new trends are a great way of drawing the audience’s attraction towards you as well as your business. Facebook is one of the grand platforms which include over millions of megasites. In this way you can easily keep an eye on the ongoing activities. This also leads you to stay informed of any new activities or trends which take place.

A while ago Facebook launched one of their featured apps which is known as the Foursquare. This particular feature that is Foursquare is specifically a search and discovery service application that is available on your mobile. If you do not have this app downloaded on your mobile phones then you can download it now.

Foursquare app

The Foursquare app in connection to your Facebook account allows you to check in at any particular geographical location which you visit. This app can be uses by any of the user who uses a mobile phone or a mobile device. If that particular location which you visit has a Facebook Page then in this case the user can perform various tasks related to it. This allows the users to leave their comments, reviews or their feedbacks about that place rate the place, capture and upload the photos of that place, or they can perform many other different things.

On the other hand, there are many different geographical locations which do not have any particular Facebook page. Now in this situation you may have to face some difficulty. As a result of this you will get the indications regarding this situation. Facebook will notify you to make a new Page for that particular location which lacks the Facebook page. You can easily do this by filling up all the important information related to it that is required. This information includes adding up the address of the location, contact information, name of the location, and any business category if available. You can also capture some pictures of that place and then leave your reviews related to the place too. This is a simple process which you can perform to create a new Facebook Place entry for that particular location.

This was fine for a while. It was a way to get businesses to adopt Facebook more easily. They could say “hey, look, you even have a Page already set up! You just need to claim it and it’s yours.” It fostered greater adoption of those Pages.

Problems that might arise

Apart from this, there are numerous problems which arise in this regard. First of all one of the major issues that is related to it is the issue of GPS. Many times Facebook does not have the right GPS location of a particular place. This leads you and many of the other users to notify regarding the business which does not exists or it leads you to create another Facebook page for a particular business which already has an existing Facebook page. This means that many businesses have to work out how to combine both these pages.

The primary effect of all of this, today, is that there are even now some Place Pages that have yet to be claimed by the businesses that they represent. Facebook has moved away from this check in creation model, but it still somewhat works, and there are still plenty of unclaimed Pages floating around out there.


The main examples of the Facebook pages which are unofficial include mainly the “unmanaged Page” or “Unofficial Page”. These types of pages are those which are particularly related to a brand or business. These pages contain all the basic information which is entered by a user at an instance. On the other hand, you cannot find any representative or the owner of that page. You are also not able to figure out that which business owns these pages. If you own any of the business or are an authorized representative of that business you are allowed to claim the existing Facebook page. Otherwise if you are not the owner or authorized personnel then in this case you cannot own that page.

In order to get own the Facebook page you can follow some simple steps which are mentioned below:


First of all, go to the unofficial Page and then start to look for the option of “Is this your business?” You can find this particular option under the cover photo of that page.

Now you will need to click on that link.

Now you will have to follow all related the instructions and perform them step by step.

Well done! You have completed all the steps successfully.

This means that by following all the required steps you have put forward a request in order to transfer the ownership of the existing Facebook Page to you name.

Now as for the next step, you will have to answer some basic information so that the process of the confirmation of your information which is required to process your application is met. You will asked some of the basic questions which can include the information like the number and copy of your scanned business license, your business or personal phone number, email address, your identification number or it can include any other relevant information which can prove your identity. If you are successful in providing the required information then Facebook will verify your identity and after verifying they will award you the page. Otherwise if Facebook is unable to verify your identity then they will not accept your claim request.

How to Merge a Claimed Place and an Existing Page?

If you are planning to merge a claimed place or an existing Facebook page then there are many times you might have to face some issues. This can include starting the whole process of claiming the Facebook page all over again even if you have an existing business page. I suggest you to perform this action whenever required. In this way you can centralize your online presence on the Facebook channel.

Another major problem which you can face is that whenever an unofficial Facebook page exists it takes a large number of audiences away from your main Facebook page.  This means that whenever the users search for your business page on Facebook they find those unofficial existing pages and start to follow them. So, all these users do not get engaged with the unofficial page which they liked. This is because there are no posts or activities which take place. This can surely bring a bad name to your business.

How to Overcome these Issues ?

The best possible option to overcome these types of issues is to merge the duplicate pages. This is the best solution which you can get. If you want to merge the duplicate pages first of all you are required to have the ownership of both the existing pages which includes your official Facebook page and the unofficial one.

You will need to be very careful while merging the duplicate page. Try to perform the tasks as directed. Otherwise you will possibly lose your existing Facebook pages.

Important Note 

Now for merging the two pages it is important that should be the admin of both the pages. Both these Pages must symbolize the same thing. And most importantly both the pages should have same names as well. If your business has any physical location then in this case both mailing addresses should be the same. Otherwise you are not required to enter any physical location address if you do not have one.

Now go to the Facebook page. Here you are shown all those pages which are entitled to merge with your present Facebook page. From here you can select both the pages which you desire to merge. Now after selecting both the pages, click to request for merge.

Primary Page and Merge Page 

At the time when you select the two Facebook pages to merge. You will need to select your Primary Page and then the Merge Page. It is very important that your Primary Page should be active. It is because it is the central page which remains constant and does not change. Next comes the Merge Page. It is the page of which the data is transferred to the Primary page.

When you click to request merge then all the People who have liked the unofficial page, and include any of the existing check-ins, will be transferred over to your Main page. From here all the activities which the users have performed will be deleted. These include all the posts the users made on the unofficial page, the posted photos, all the reviews, the feedbacks, the comments and any kind of ratings of the merged page. At this point the user name of the merged page will also be deleted too.

This is the main reason due to which you have to be careful. Otherwise if you select the wrong page as your Primary page you can lose all of your existing data. You cannot even restore that lost data.

How to Edit Category on Facebook Page?

First of you will need to go to your Facebook page and then click on the informational box. It is located on the top of your Facebook page. Now after clicking on the informational box, select the option of “edit Page details” and then look for option of the “categories” box. The category box permits you to include many different categories whichever you want to include in it.  At the time you change any of the categories the basic functions of your Facebook page will also change with it accordingly. There are many different categories which you can add up which I have listed below:

  • The categories of books, magazines, brands, and products categories have access to the short description, website link, services list, and ratings and reviews systems.
  • The section of the movies, music, and television categories have all of the above, as well as the ability to add an email address and phone number.
  • The categories of different websites and blogs categories add in the address and map data to the above, if you want them.
  • The section of people and sports categories have all of that as well as the ability to add business hours. The categories of companies, organizations, and local businesses have all of the above things as well as the check-ins.

To Add up!

If still you are facing any problem in the situations which I have discussed above you can always contact the Facebook authority to solve your problem. You can contact the Facebook authority directly and tell them the problem which you are facing. You can face problems while merging two pages due to many reasons. It can be due to the lack of response of the automatic system of Facebook. Secondly due to the wrong use of some of the selective features you can face issues. In any of the issues which you face you can always contact the Facebook authority directly in order to get the solution of your problem.


About the Author 

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