Convert Your Instagram to a Business Profile in 3 Steps

Brands and businesses usually use personal profiles on Instagram for the promotion of their brands. A lot of people have started using Instagram because of its popularity. If you are using an Instagram for the promotion of your business you are restricting yourself and missing out on the perks of owning a business profile on Instagram.

Now what I think is everyone has the capacity of switching from a personal Instagram account to a business Instagram account. These days it’s in the developmental phase on both Facebook/Instagram. It also is considered to be limited feature because It isn’t accessible to everyone, so you have to make sure that you check upon it every couple of day to see whether this feature has become available to your personal profile.


The advantages of Instagram Business

Now you might think “why should I go through all the trouble to establish an Instagram business profile when I can use my normal personal profile to advertise my business?”

The first purpose is pretty understandable, Facebook owns and runs Instagram and doesn’t appreciate if you are using your personal profile for promoting your business. As a result, you will be under pressure to convert your Instagram profile to a business one. There are two benefits of switching the first one is the availability of newer features and not getting penalties for Not switching. The former is considered positive pressure and the latter negative pressure.

When you switch to Instagram business profile you will be able to access Instagram Insights. If you are a Facebook marketing expert, you will know quite a bit about it. The drawback is Instagram insights are a bit limited as compared to Facebook Insights, but their value cannot be denied.

Perks of establishing an Instagram business account are a lot some are stated below

  1. You can view the quantity of impressions a post has achieved.
  2. You will be able to see the total number of individual accounts who viewed your post which is also called the ‘Reach of the post’.
  3. You will be able to see how many accounts have clicked on your website using the link mentioned in your business profile.
  4. You will be able to see the activities of your follower audience; it will give you an estimate of how many times around the day your followers or viewers are online.
  5. You can also view the gender distribution, range of age and location of your followers, this is known as demographic information.
  6. You can view reach, impressions and user engagement figures on each and every post. Engagement means how many individual accounts have engaged themselves with a certain post not the entire number of engagement actions for example comments and shares carried out.

It is to be kept under consideration that this is not as influential or efficient as Facebook, but it is a relatively newer feature still undergoing testing. For sure Instagram will expand and develop the data they provide.

You can also obtain informational sections in your Instagram business profile. These information sections can be put to good use by adding your accurate address, email and phone number. It would be really helpful if you also include the link to your website in the information section.

Once you have all your contact information filled up, you gain a Contact button on your profile, here you are required to have at least one mode to contact saved as your default.

When a user tap on this button this Instagram app will give a drop down menu which includes all your contact information with Get Directions, Email and Call. This Call option might portray you as a legitimate business sand someone who might take bulk orders and works on a commercial level not just someone who is a content creator

Instagram is still testing and rolling out further feature for their business users in the future. At the moment this feature is still in the experimental phase, this is mainly the reason that many of the features are not available to everyone.

In near future there will more features for you to take benefit from while you successfully run your business on Instagram.

For instance, I foresee an ads program more focused towards Instagram, these days you have to use ad system of Facebook to create the ads for your Instagram business profile.

I am also anticipating an individual app to deal with business profiles on Instagram or even a section in business manager. These are just ideas, for sure, there is no way of knowing what the future holds.

What You Require

Here is what you can do to switch from a regular Instagram profile to Instagram’s business profile.

 Initially you require an Instagram profile, if you don’t have one you can easily make a new one by going through the same steps, but you might not get as much out of it because it is not used for business and you don’t have any followers.

Instagram business profile has many perks but one thing which is very important for a page owner is analytical access, so you will not be able to take advantage from it if don’t already use it for business.

That being stated, anyone who is looking to run their business on Instagram should switch to Instagram business Profile because when it’s in its fully functional form, you would want to be the first ones to enjoy its perks.

Secondly, you really require a Business page running actively on Facebook. You require a Facebook personal profile set to be the admin of your Facebook business page, because you really require to authorise the link with your Instagram business pages and your Facebook accounts, be it your profile or your business page. If you haven’t established a business page for your Facebook account well you should do it first before turning to Instagram. First focus on your Facebook page and then look for progress on Instagram.

If you do have a Facebook business page, but you are not one of the admin because you have hired someone to run it for you, the first thing to do is to be made the co-admin of that certain Facebook business page or you will have to give up all the authorizations of your Instagram account to the admin of your Facebook page, so they will be allowed to establish a link between the two pages.

You might prefer the first option; as you can be removed as admin later, so if you don’t try to remove them first and don’t attempt anything crafty, doing so is really immoral.

You will also require to really link the profile to set up your Instagram business account. The process is very simple though: following steps given below will help a lot. If you are not able to do it as yet, don’t worry, you probably don’t have this feature available. Wait a couple of days and do it again, ultimately Instagram will provide this feature to everyone.

Convert your Instagram profile to a Business profile in 3 easy ways

The first step is actually an assortment of steps for establishing a business profile on Instagram.

The first thing to do it install Instagram on a device where you can readily access it. At the moment the switch cannot be made on we interface and it is just a probability that you can do it using some kind of mobile emulator for example Blue Stacks.

Now open up your app for Instagram and visit your profile, this will show up your description and all information regarding your profile. On the top is a gear icon: that is menu for options. Click it open and you can see all the options.

After opening this option, look for “Switch to business profile” option. if the option is there , click it and voila! You’re done. If not, then you will have to play the waiting game until Instagram rolls out this feature your way. Just check back late to see whether they have offered this to you or not. This is kind of a mystery how they scrutinise to who they should provide this option to and who not to. So there is absolutely no way to knowing when they will offer this to you or offer to everyone using Instagram.

The Second thing to do is after you have tapped the ‘switch to business profile’ button, you will connect to a ‘connect your Facebook page’’ display. You will be asked to log in to your Facebook account, but if you have authorised your Facebook account and linked to your Instagram account you won’t have to do this.

If you use Facebook’s business page to promote your business you are possibly already linked and will just to authorise some information.

Well, if you still have not linked your pages already, once you log in to your own Facebook account, you will see the list of all the pages you manage or are the admin. If you just have one page it’s very easy to pick, but if you have more than one pages that you run, be very careful in picking just the right one that is more suitable for your business.

If you run two separate businesses do not link them even if accidentally. I don’t know if Instagram gives the option to de-link these pages, but I wouldn’t want to be one to find out.

Keep another pointer in your mind that Instagram business profile only links to just one Facebook page at the moment.

If you are a company that does business with multiple franchise pages, you will have to think it through and link your Instagram with the one that represents your business in the best of ways. On the other hand, you can make separate profile on Instagram for your individual businesses and link them with their respective Facebook accounts. Another option is to set up one core page with franchises as related pages. By using this link it is like you owning a corporate bureau you send up all your elite business communications.

Be sure that you have picked the exact Facebook page, just click to establish the link with Facebook and Instagram.

Now you have reached Step Three, now just establish your Instagram business account. It will automatically retrieve data from Facebook to fill the slots regarding your information, if you already have this information available on Facebook.

If this is not the case, just go through this information carefully before you add it on your Instagram account. This information is usually just contact info for your business so there is not much room for writing too many words.

You most significant point of contact is Email; it is a mode that everybody can utilise to reach you despite their situation. You can set up separate email addresses for your sales or customer services department, or you could set up one email address that represents all of these departments. Look for the mode of contact that comes with Instagram and make this your default contact, you can change it later if you want to.

Another valuable mod of communication is Phone, the users on Instagram are less likely to call you, usually they have app installed as well. If someone has a query about the office hours of your store or location, they can use the phone in their hands.

Stating your Address on your page will also help people to out your location, but if your business is solely online it is not of much use. People might wonder why this location is pointing towards a house. Facebook and Instagram also cater to broad demography so it is not beneficial for people from farther away.

One the other hand, you should include as many of them as you can, if your business is based online only, you won’t be able to take benefit from physical address. Never put your personal phone number, only put up the phone number you are using for your business. Check for accuracy before putting it up. Once you have checked just tap Done.

Now you can access Instagram insights and enjoy the perks of Instagram Business account.