Cover Page Proven to Increase Sales, Learn How

A good Facebook cover image plays a vital role in attracting a maximum number of audiences to your page. This is something to which most people do not give much attention. Rather they focus more on their posts and its contents. I am not saying that the posts and their content are not important. These are important too but they are secondary. The most important thing which comes first is the cover image or cover photo of your Facebook page.

It is a common perception that a book is judged by its cover. Similarly, everybody judges a Facebook page by its cover image. This is true as it is the first image anyone sees while visiting your page.

Facebook is a famous social networking channel. It is undoubtedly the largest and the most eminent social platform around the world. According to a recent calculation Facebook has over two million active users all over the world. With this large number of active users it is not an easy thing to attract the audiences. You need to think of some unique ideas and tactics so that you are able to attract more and more people.

One of the tricks is to use an attractive and high quality cover image for your Facebook page.

You can design an attractive cover image for your Facebook page yourself. If you have some knowledge or a creative mind you can easily do it. Having the understanding of how to design a Facebook cover image that will increase sales will notably have a great impact on the marketing campaign of your business. If you are running a business you can set the cover image accordingly. You can use the images of your brand or products or you can set anything which displays your business more significantly. And possibly in a very short time you will witness the increase in the ratio of return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Today many marketers are using Facebook as their major marketing platform. These marketers use Facebook as a useful mean for business development and advertising. It is mainly due to the fact that Facebook is a flexible as well as an inexpensive social networking site. I have mentioned some of the ways which you can use in order to optimize your sales by using Facebook. The five important steps are discussed below

  • Classification of Industry

When you are creating your business page on Facebook the very first thing you need to do is to click “create”. Now your business page will be created on Facebook. After your page is created you can now start off doing other things on it.

Now you need to enter all the required information regarding your business on it. You will be asked to fill up all the information boxes. You can do that easily. Provide all the information correctly.

After doing that, now comes the important part. That is selecting the right category of your industry or business.

Industry classification of your business is a primary thing which you need to do.

No one knows what the nature of your business is. Or what kind of products or services you are providing to the people. Like if you are running a local business or organization. And on the other hand you are holding different events or shows in which you entertain the audiences. Now these are two very different things. The nature of both these businesses does not match. In this way people will get totally confused. They will probably think about what actually is your business related to. To avoid this confusion you must give a proper classification to your business.

Generally most people are not aware about this fact. So you need to inform them.

Whether you are running any personal or local business, or running an institution, selling brands or any other thing. It is very important that you segment your business in the right category so that people can find it easily. Facebook provides you with different industry categories or classifications. From these given options you can choose the most relevant one.

As I have already discussed above Facebook provides you with different options of Industry classification or segments. There are basically six different categories given from which you can select what goes according to your business. These six (6) categories are as follows:


1) Artist, band, or public figure

2) Brand or product

3) Cause of community

4) Company, organization, or institution

5) Entertainment and

6) Local business or place.


Ranking according to classification is useful in assisting the other Facebook users. Due to the proper classification the users do not have to waste their time in searching for the irrelevant stuff. As a result of this, a maximum number of audiences visit your Facebook page. Once you have segmented your Facebook page according to the proper classification. Then you can enter the other information like your company name, business name or brand name.

Just make sure that you enter the right name and information. This is because once you have entered a particular name then you cannot change it. So be careful. I recommend that ideally you should enter the legal or registered business name for your Facebook page.


2) Essential Information

The second step is all about entering all your basic information. This includes all the related information about your business. You also need to upload the pictures or images too. For this purpose you need to select the option of Photo upload on your Facebook business profile page. When you click this option it creates an icon for your company’s communications interface in the posts and news feeds of your business page. Here, I will suggest that you must use the image or logo of your company. It looks more appropriate.

An important thing to note here is that the total dimensions which are permitted for a logo image are 180 X 180 pixels.

Next is your cover photo. This is just like a billboard placard background. It is located just across the top of the Facebook profile page. It is limited to a total of 852 x 315 pixels. Ideally you can upload a unique and high quality image here. This will make your page more attractive. Try using an image which matches the color theme of your page or an image that represents your brand identity. This is important. Moreover, just try to avoid including any URLs, calls to action or sales copy as your cover photo.

In the ‘About’ section of your Facebook business page you can include any information that you want regarding your business. You can even include your company story or descriptions. Avoid going into detail. A brief and concise description is more ideal.

In addition to this, you can also your Facebook business page to your company website. This is a great idea which many marketers do today.

3) Panel of Admin

The administration panel of Facebook has quite a lot of features. It is a core part of Facebook. You can use the Admin panel of Facebook for many purposes. It is mainly used for the administration of search engine optimization and also many other important factors. These important factors play a vital role in building and monitoring of the total number of users who visit your Facebook business page.

For example, if you go to the Admin Panel of your business page on Facebook. Here you can see the option of ‘Edit Page’. When you click this option, the particular commands like the option of ‘Update Info` begin to update the basic information of the company activities. In addition to this, it also updates the notifications and page permissions of your business page.

You can also add up the extended version of the ‘About’ description on your Facebook page. The interactive elements assigning roles to page administrators allow permits the invitation of employees and stakeholders to respond to comments or messages on your Facebook business page.

4) Content that You plan to Post

I recommend that you should try to post some unique and information content on your Facebook business page. Every time when you add posts to your business page this means that you have a variety in content related to your business.

If you are planning to attract a maximum number of audiences to your page then I recommend that you must first set up your target segments. You must always think about what you audience wants from you all their expectations. So always try to post the relevant contents on your Facebook business page.

One important thing by which you can build up your Facebook business page effectively is through correspondence. You need to correspond with your audiences or page visitors as much as possible. Try to be as quick as possible. Believe me that a timely response is very helpful in reducing any upcoming risk factor. It is also helpful in minimizing the risk behind the unmanaged complaint, queries or lost interest related to your business, brands, products or services.

If in any case you fail to respond to the queries or complaints of your audiences then this will probably drag away roughly 15% of your existing customers

5) Measure Your Efforts and Success

Always measure your efforts. You need to monitor you Facebook page on a regular basis. It is very important that you must keep an eye on every activity that takes place on your Facebook business page. Monitoring is considered as a part of the standard protocol for the marketing campaign of an ongoing company. In this way you can focus on all the new aspects as well as you can make changes in anything where required.

Creating your business page on Facebook is a very easy thing to do but it is hard to maintain it.

The accessibility and affordability of Facebook as a marketing tool mean that it is a front line source of updated information about a company and its events. Another benefit of Facebook is that you can use your Facebook page just like any primary source.  With the help of Facebook you can easily update your audiences about all the happenings, about daily as well as the forthcoming news. This news can be related to the objectives and upcoming productions of your company or organization. One major aspect which differentiates Facebook from the other advertising channels is that you can do anything without any hassle or delay. And also you do not need to pay heavy amounts for advertising or marketing your stuff on Facebook unlike the other channels.

Another campaign which is getting quite famous nowadays is the Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. You can also link these types of campaigns with your Facebook business page too. This is a great idea which you can use. In this way you can get some greater efficiency and maximum number of audiences who visit your Facebook business page.

I think this is a better way of having a well-built connectivity. By applying the above useful ways you can have the record of all the users or audiences who visit your Facebook business page. Analyse this record for having more productivity for your business.

I recommend that you measure your Facebook business page for having a standard reporting on any type of marketing campaign strategy. One positive aspect of using Facebook is that Facebook always puts its users first. One of the major examples of this fact is that Facebook lets different existing businesses and organizations to make important marketing decisions. These companies are free to make their decisions and then implement them on Facebook without paying any large amount of money.

In addition to this another positive aspect of Facebook is that you can monitor the total reach of your business page as well. You can also manage and monitor the engagements and cross-portability issues which you can get by search engine results.Click on the tab of ‘View Insights’ to do this conveniently and easily. You can find this tab at the bottom-center of the administration panel of your business page.