Create Effective Instagram Advertising Campaigns and Maximise Profit


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed  

If you want to advertise you your business or brand through the social media channels I recommend that you try out using the Instagram. It is a great platform that is owned by Facebook itself. There are particularly a high number of engagement rates among the users and the audiences on the Instagram. Here I suggest that you connect your presence among both the social channels that is the Facebook and the Instagram at the same time but try to post your advertisement through only one channel. So use the Instagram for this purpose especially if you want to do the advertising.

Know How to Kick Start

While planning for your business or brand advertisement through the Instagram there is a start-up check list that is important which I have mentioned below:

First of all, create your Instagram account. It is one of the major things that you require for a start-up. Try to make your account active by posting different contents, images etc. on it. Get engaged with the other users as much as possible. You can easily do it when you give your feedbacks on any post or you click like on it, post your comment on it or share your posts with your audiences. Increase your number of engagements in any way that you like. Now here I will tell you the importance of having an active Instagram account.

One of the major advantages of having an active account is that most of the users while they use their Instagram account will also click on your account to see your profile. If you have an active account it will be a positive aspect for you. Otherwise they will not have their interest in your account.

For effective marketing it is very important that you should have an active account so that you are able to attract the maximum number of audiences.

While using your accounts or the advertisement purpose, you can also link your Instagram account and your Facebook account so that you get some great results. You can do it in following ways.


The Frist Step is to Link Accounts

The first basic step is to link your Instagram account if you want to create the ads. You can do it by following a simple process. The basic requirement here is to have a Facebook page on which the business manager is not used. If you have an active account on Facebook, then first of all log in to your Facebook account and go to your page. Now on your Facebook page go to the settings menu. You can find it in the upper right corner of your profile page. Click on the Settings option. When you click it, now you will see the option of “Instagram ads” on it that is located on the left sidebar. Now click on the option of “Instagram ads”. As you click it a notification will appear in front of your screen in which you will be asked to log in to the Instagram account. Now at the time you log in to your Instagram account you will see that your account on Instagram gets linked with your Facebook account at once. This is the simple way of doing it.

Link Your Facebook Account with Instagram

On the other hand, if you are using the business manager on your Facebook account then the process is just slightly different from the one which I told above. First of all you will have to go to the settings option of your business manager account. On the “settings” option click on the Instagram account. From this point you can claim for your new Instagram account which can be a new business asset for you. By doing this you will see that your new Instagram account gets added to the list of assets. You can easily manage that list of assets with the help of your business manager account.

Step 2 is to Learn more about Ad Types

If you jump in to the varieties of social media ads, you will come up with numerous types of ads which are available. All these ad types have different set of objectives that are different from one another. If we talk about Facebook, you can also find a large variety of ad types and all of them having different objectives. Now if you want to use the Instagram for this particular purpose then there are certain limitations that you will find while creating your ads on the Instagram. It is because Instagram is one of the limited social media channel then the others.

Types of Instagram Ads

There are a variety of ads which you can create on the Instagram account. These include the photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Among all these types you are not able to create the posts which are image free. There are certain ads with objectives too. I have mentioned the list of those ads types as follows:

Website clicks. It is the standard type of ad which allows the users to click from your Instagram ad to further get linked to your website. There are available in three different formats.

Website conversion. It is also the standard type of ad which is meant to refer a number of users to your website in order to complete a particular objective. This objective can be purchasing of a product or an entry to an ongoing contest. You can also find these in three different formats also.

Mobile App installs. Mobile Apps are those types of ads which are designed in way that they attract the users who use their Instagram on mobiles to install different mobile apps. These apps can be of any type that you want to install. These are also found the three different formats.

Mobile App engagement. These ad types are used to connect the people who use the apps that you have created to do something within them according to the functions which you have defined in your objective settings. You can also find three different formats of this ad type.

Video views. If you want to use the videos views ad types then you should know that these ads only work with the video ad format. These ads are useful for you if you want to attract a maximum number of audiences to view the video that you have created and posted on your Instagram account.

Reach and Frequency. These ads type are useful for you if you want to create a calculated level of total number of reach among your audiences. By using this particular ad type you are also able to minimize the variance with your posts. These are available in all formats.

Page Post Engagement. You can get the users engagement on your posts while using the Page Post engagement. If you are using these you should know that these ads are workable on photos and videos ads in particular.

Mass Awareness. If you want to use the Mass Awareness ads then you have the option of having all three formats of it. These are specific ads type which you will have to first order from the company and then use it for your purpose. These are specifically designed in a way so that a maximum number of users are able to see it.

Local Awareness. These ad types are particularly made for the local brands so that they are able to view at their physical location rather than making people to make any action online. These can also be found in three different formats.

Step 3 is to Make the Ad Framework

Now to start off with the process of making an ad first make sure what type of ad you actually want to make. If you cannot make up your mind or think of any particular idea, then you can always choose from any of the objectives that I have mentioned in the previous point. If you are a Newby here and are making the ad for the first time, then I will suggest you to try out for something which is simple. You can choose anything like the website clicks or the page post engagements. You can always try some new things instead of this. If you want to be more creative and you plan to get the maximum number of followers on your Instagram account then you can also use the available options of video vies, the mobile engagement or you can select any other advance formats for creating ads or go for any other option that you like.

After you have made you decision, the next step comes in which you will have to make a decision that for creating your ads on the Instagram, either you want to use the power editor or that you want to use the Facebook ads manager. If you want to know my point of view, then I will recommend that you should prefer using the power editor for the purpose of your ads creation.

I also prefer using the Power editor myself too. I find it different from the other available options. It has a unique layout that the other tools for ads creation and also has great features. That is why many large businesses and brands prefer using it for their advertisement purpose. In order to use the Power editor effectively try using it with Chrome. Then you will need to download the plug-in so that it starts working.

How to Create Instagram Ads

For making the Instagram ads in Power Editor, first click to make a new campaign. Give it a name as you like or you can name it according to your brand name.

Now you have to choose the ad campaign objective and its buying type. It should match to the one available on the Instagram otherwise it will not work.

In the next step make an ad set using the same campaign that you created. Now you can click on it to make the changes you like or to edit it. You can customize the information that includes all the information like the ad schedule, the audience, the placement of the ad, and the budget you set for it. You can customize these settings according to your business requirements but do make sure that you have checked the Instagram placement option while making these changes.

Step 4 is to Make the Ad

Now to make an ad you need to click on the create button within the ad set. You can select the required ad campaign and the ad objective from here that you want for your Instagram ads. Give it a unique name so that it gets approved.

Here you will have to fill out the required details which are the next step. You can select the ad set level in order to manage the number of target audience.

Now focus on building up the text and image for your ads. These are two most important factors.

Image and Text of Instagram Ads

While building up your ads you are allowed to use about 300 characters. Try to include the important information or context that is related to the images that you have used. You can even use some of the unique hash tags in it also.

You can also use some unique and quality images. These play a vital role when you are creating the ads.  For some unique designs and template try using Canva. When you get registered on it you will be able to find out numerous designs and layouts on it. You can customize the available templates according to your own requirements. You can also include your text in it. One of the major benefits of using the Canva is that you will have an image that is of a good quality. These images are of specific sizes and dimensions.

You also have the choice to make your required changes in the text in the default layout. There are also some individual elements that you can change accordingly. These elements can be anything that include from coloured boxes and shapes to frames, photos, charts, icons, clip art, and many other things. It is a robust graphics tool that you can use for making your ads.

Instagram Images in Canva

When you use Canva for choosing your ads templates and layouts you will see that some features are free to use while others are not. These features can be purchased from the site. Canva sells out some of its features in order to make money.

You can purchase the stock photos and many other types of layouts. In order use them Canva requires you to purchase temporary licences. You can purchase the license for up to $1. You can use any one design by using the license for up to 24 hours. You can also edit any of your design for free if you want. You can further purchase the required designs permanently for an amount of $10.

Now at this point when you are done with the designing of your image you are required to save it and then upload it on the Instagram ads system by using the Power Editor. Now click to run your ads. After this your ad will be sent to the Facebook submission system where the Facebook authority will scan it and makes sure that either you ad is according to the policies or not. Once your ad gets approved you can run it on your Instagram account.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.