Create an Email list from Your Existing Facebook Fans

Today, there is no doubt that Facebook ranks highest among all the other social media channels. With the passage of time it has emerged as one of the greatest social media networking sites. According to a recent research Facebook contains over 2 billion users. These users are active users. It is unbelievably a great milestone that is achieved by Facebook over the past years. And this is not the end yet. The number of new users as well as the active users is greatly increasing day by day.

Many people have compared Facebook to a humongous beast of which the size and weight is incontestable. Due to the size and weight of the beast it cannot be compared to any other animal of the jungle.

Facebook has been proven to be extremely effective when it comes to marketing. There are over 2 billion users and numerous advertisers. It helps in extending exposure and creating more market for you to exploe.

Likewise, Facebook is just like that. You can see numerous social media networks and social sites nowadays. Although these social networks are making their place but they cannot be compared to Facebook.  With the maximum number of users and being one of the powerful social networking sites Facebook stands in the first place.  In spite of the fact that many other social sites are making attempts to take its crown but they have totally failed in their attempts.

 What are the Features that Drive Facebook to first place?

There are various reasons behind this reality. One cannot deny the fact that Facebook has over a billion of individual users on a monthly basis. This can be matched to a total of one seventh of the world’s population. Another important fact which makes Facebook to stand out among the other social channels is that it is very easy and simple to use. It is also a convenient way for different marketers as well as the business owners to advertise their stuff. The business owners can also use Facebook to deliver their business information or message to the audiences in a short time.

1) Facebook Likes

Facebook likes are a major part of Facebook. Whenever a user likes something they click “like”. This can be related to any comment, a post, or it is any Facebook page. Liking a Facebook page means that now you have included it to the listed pages. Apart from this, Facebook gives the permission to different third-party softwares. These third party softwares work to make fillable forms. In this way whenever the users like any Facebook page they can put in their name and their email address. This can be also done directly using Facebook. There is a simple way of doing it which you can do it by yourself.

First of all you need to go to the “Public Profile” page. On this profile page, click the option of “Manage Permissions.” Now from here go to the “Default Landing Page”. Now click on any tab that you want. After clicking on the required tab you can see an option of fillable form. This fillable form is produced whenever a user fills out the information at the time they like your Facebook page.  This is also known as a gateway page. This “gateway page” obscures the items on the other side of the frame till the form is filled out with all the information. Here I am also mentioning the examples of some third-party software which you can use. These softwares also allows unlimited customization too. These main types include HostediFrame, Static HTML, and TabPress.

2) Having a Neat CTA

You see numerous Facebook pages every day. These pages can be newly created or they can be older. That does not matter. The main thing is that different users are presented with countless Facebook pages on their screens. These users are also asked to like those pages, click those pages or check them out to get further information about any information. This thing is not restricted to only a single time but rather you see different types of pages and requests every day.

Most of the time, this becomes so irritating that you are not able to focus on other important things. This sometimes results in losing your messages.

There are many ways in which you can avoid these things. For this purpose it is really important for you to set up a unique and clear call to action. You can include anything like “Do you like free items? Get it by liking our page!” or “Big Discount offer is waiting for you. Click it to avail it” and different offers like that. Everyone likes to get some new offers and something for free. In this way you can get the attention of users quickly and probably many users will get attracted. Moreover, you can reward the users with different benefits when they like your page. This is an important thing to do. Or else the users will drag away and will never click on any offer from your end in future.

3) Carry out A Sweepstakes

Always try to come up with some unique ideas. You can hold different contests for your audiences in which they can participate. Or you can host sweepstakes and other promotions too. These are very important. You will see that in a very short time you are able to attract a maximum number of audiences. These are basically the chance-driven promotions which are very useful as a marketing point of view. These types of promotions are very useful for nurturing and then further developing the user engagement. This also help in and escalating the number of likes on your Facebook page and to get the email capture.

In order to make this entire work one thing that you need is the fillable form.

You can do it in two acceptable ways this by sharing it and then submitting it.  Like when ever any user shares a Facebook page with their friends they enter all the information in the form which is required by them. This includes information like their contact information, their address or information regarding their Facebook page. You need to fill out all the required information in order to get a chance to enter in the contest and win. Apart from this it can also be an easy promotional capture scheme that requires only a single click to become the participant. There is no issue if you adopt either ways.

Just remember one important thing here. You need to include either a clickable box which users can click in order to accept the terms. These terms denote that they have understood that their email address might be used for different purposes. Like receiving the marketing information, or sending any preliminary subscription email along with the instructions on how they can unsubscribe if they want to leave the particular page.

4) Make It free of Errors

If you are using Facebook for your business promotions or marketing purpose, then it is important for you to make it flawless. If you are planning to run a contests on Facebook that should also be logical. This can relate to your business or brand or any other aspect. Try to make the email opt-in option as simple as possible so that people can use it easily. Avoid making it too complicated. Otherwise you will not be able to have a maximum number of contest participants due to the complications.

In addition to this, it is also important that you portray your opt-in form as a first step of participation. It must not stand out among your other posts without any reason. I recommend you to use a simple format for an opt-in form. Just avoid making it more effervescent. Otherwise many users will take it as a spam if it draws too much attention of the audiences.

Many users will end up having a simple formula in mind that is “Marketing = spam = No.” I know you do not want that to happen.

5) Host A Trivia Competition

On the social media, user’s interaction is the key to success.  Just make sure you get a maximum number of participants through the contest. For this purpose you can try using the Trivia Contest. Although it is a third party app but it brings out some great results. You can post different contents related to the contest. Or you can set some easy policies and procedures so that everyone can easily participate in the contest. You can also advertise the content on the social media. This is another great way of attracting a large number of audiences.

Nowadays another tactics which marketers use these days is to make their audiences believe that they can win the contest. This can be done by being active involved in the contest. Now this is something that makes the difference. This leads the user to participate and get involved in the contest.

Trivia contests are ideal for this situation. They are very useful.

The Trivia contests provide a way to the users to demonstrate their knowledge. This can be done when a user actively gets involved in any contest. Generally there are many such businesses or companies who feed their customers. This means that there are many interested participants who want to become more familiar with what you are offering. This can include your business products, brands, services or businesses.

You can double up your audience participation by setting up a reward for them. Believe me, this is a great way by which many users will not only participate in the contest themselves but they will further inform their friends, family, peers and co-workers to check out and participate in the contest too.

6) Start Gradually

If you are planning to market your business and sell your products of brands to your audiences, then you need to think of an effective marketing strategy. At first it is better that you start off with a slow pitch. Avoid using the high-pressure sales pitch directly at the start. Otherwise it will cause great problems. This can also result in drawing away your audiences as well.

Ideally I will suggest you to use the following three ways which are considered as effective ones.  First of all start off your sales campaign by saying “Hello” to your users. Then give your users the opportunity to choose whatever they require or prefer. Once the users choose anything then you can confirm their selected item and end up by saying “Thank You”.

7) Use A Third-Party Email Application for Capturing and Marketing

If anything fails to work out for you. Don’t worry there are several other options which are available nowadays for your use. If for example, you are working to code the form of your own email capture then there are numerous apps which are available that you can use to do so. For this purpose, it is ideal to use the third part apps for email capture. There are different apps like the Splashpost for this purpose. The Splashpost undoubtedly makes it very simple to perform the required task.

In order to use the Splashpost app the very first thing which you need to do is to get log into the system. Then select a subscription template.

Next you will need to customize the selected template. It is very important to do so. You need to make sure that either the template which you have selected and customized fits your marketing plan or not. You can now update your Facebook status and check all the analytics. With the help of Splashpost you will easily get to know that how many views, click throughs, and likes you have received on your Facebook page. This also includes the information about the total number of email addresses which your campaign has captured up till now.

8)Focus on Your Important News

Always keep your Facebook page updated. Make your users aware of what is going to happen next. You can post some highlights of the upcoming campaign too. This will surely make your users curious to know about the upcoming campaign. You can also ask your users to sign up for receiving the email updates. This is considered as an initial step. Try to be more professional while emailing your audiences. You should avoid using the different symbols like the asterisks, ampersands, or any other symbols which are not used more often. Another option which you can use is to post your messages on Facebook. In this way you can get more attention of the audiences. This is further useful in monetizing your Facebook page and your email lists very effectively.