How To Create A Facebook Account

Having a Facebook account is like having a car. Many people need it and are always using it to communicate with their friends and families. It can also be used for businesses or companies to build a deeper brand.

Since Facebook started growing, tech analysts knew that the social media platform would become a giant. Facebook is now the second biggest website on the web, according to Alexa Rank. The social site moves around billions of posts and page views a day, in which it turns into profit or revenue for businesses and brands. Musicians who utilize Facebook to promote their content, depend on the site to market and distribute their product (music).

Facebook connects us all and makes the internet a better place. So why not join this phenomenal social platform? If you are over the age of 60 or are new to the internet, let us help!



Setting Up A Facebook Account

  • First things first, go to
  • Once you get there, you will see a sign up form. Click on “Sign Up”
  • In the sign up box, you will need to fill out your name, email address, password, mobile number, gender and birth date.
  • Once you’ve filled out all the forms, click “Sign Up”
  • And you’re done!

Adding a really great profile picture and liking a few of your favorite celebrities is recommended. Make sure your profile pic is nice quality and that you are satisfied with it. Pornography, offensive or violent photos are not allowed on the social media site. The new Facebook design allows for users to organize their posts and personal information on a timeline sort of design.

You can also add a big banner on top of your Facebook profile. When you are finish setting up the registration part of the account, try and fill out more details about yourself. This will make it easier for your friends or family to find you. You don’t have to publicize all your personal information, and Facebook has privacy settings to help protect you. All in all, Facebook does a very great job protecting and making its users feel comfortable.

Big thumbs up on that!

You can even make your profile settings private in a way that strangers can’t find you, but your friend’s social network can. Its very useful and it saves a lot of time of having to reject friend requests from random strangers that you are uninterested in networking with.

Another great feature that Facebook has is that you are able to chat with users. Its good for quick messaging and can be more useful than giving your grandson a phone call at night. Its quick & easy and can be accessed using the messages tab at the top of the site. Adding friends is also very easy. You click on a profile of a user and there should be a button underneath the banner and next to the profile picture.

Setting up a Facebook account is easier than ever before and even a granny can do it. Its funny because most elderly folks are starting to use the social platform to connect with the world. It takes time to get used to it, but over time grannies are going to be a master at it.

How To Temporarily Disable A Facebook Account

You’ve seen it happen! Your friend or sibling breaks up with their love partner and they disable their Facebook account to help forget about it. You tell yourself, I’m going to take a break from this love disaster and stop going on Facebook. Having a disabled Facebook account will in term help you heal from a break up.

It can also be used for people that just want to take a break off the internet to enjoy their lives a bit more. Others do it because they are called Facebook addicts and need some therapy to feel less attached to the social site. It might sound lunatic, but it happens. Some people are just that reliant with technology these days.

Whatever the case may be, here’s some basic instructions on how to temporarily disable your Facebook profile.

To “Deactivate” or temporarily disable your account, simply go to your account menu at the top of the site.

  • Then, select “Settings”
  • Afterwards, click on ‘Security’ in the left column
  • Choose deactivate your account, and follow the listed steps

If you are still stuck or need further help, you can visit the help center on Facebook’s official website.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account, Permanently

Those of you are tired of using Facebook or are not interested anymore, deleting your account is probably your desired action. To make this happen, you will need to go to your account settings at the top of your Facebook page. From there, you will need select, Delete Facebook account and give Facebook staff a heads up on why you would like to terminate your account.

But be warned, once you request your account to be deleted, it will be gone FOREVER. Some people make this mistake and end up regretting it later on.

Some good advice I was told was to back up your photos onto your computer before you delete your account. This way, you won’t regret loosing any useful pictures in the future.

We highly recommend anyone who is new to the internet, to experience the social platform known as Facebook. Its a great way to stay connected and its also a fun place to browse. Just don’t get too addicted like 70% of its users have become.

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