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By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Some of the online services cannot be challenged for example, YouTube was perceived to be unchallenged for a long time. There are some other competitors of YouTube which existed including Daily Motion, Vimeo, Viddler etc. which are worth mentioning. None of them had the resources or power to compete. These were created as substitute in the wake of YouTube but not resulted as competitive.

Facebook also started their video segment on experimental basis. People started using this platform in order to post their videos. This resulted in making a strong competitor of YouTube in a short time of about two years. The average usage of Face book video has increased by 75% over the last year. Similarly, a Facebook page view per day has increased up to 4 billion. With an increasing growth rate Face book is compatible to YouTube. On the other hand, you cannot compare face book with YouTube as both have their differences for example, Facebook videos don’t do well on YouTube and vice versa.


What Makes a Facebook Video appealing and What doesn’t

Occasionally, one attributes the other. For example, Face book is considered to be a young business which makes it difficult for people to attain it at 30 years of age. The Facebook audience prefers short span videos. So making long duration videos is useless. Many users watch the videos only once and do not prefer the auto-play. Here we can compare that on YouTube, you are able to have somehow an accurate view counter whereas Facebook does not.

Facebook is thriving towards improvement day by day. They are able to record particular engagement on videos. It is possible to track a video even when it is muted. The authority is not appointed in order to just track the user’s comments but to provide a source of effective communication among people.

The facility of a dedicated section of Ads program is also available on Face book for Video marketing. These ads are made in order to grab the attention of the user. These ads are formulated very strategically. They point directly towards the specific videos resulting in driving the user attention. In addition to this, these ads are also a source of engagement of audience and helps in calculating the views. These ads are very helpful in video marketing. If these are formulated properly, they can bring an effective result.


 Cons of Facebook Videos

 Some of the drawbacks of face book videos are as follows

Firstly the most serious problem that audience may face in the videos is due to EdgeRank. Here the more people interact with you content, the more they see it in future and vice versa. You will not be interacted by your audience if you have posted some poor quality content. There will be no use of producing such videos as they are not shown up in any of your audience posts.

In addition to this, Face book videos are not SEO based. People do not often search for videos on Facebook. They wait for a video to be posted. This surely concludes that you need to know your audience and their likes and dislikes.In order to create high quality you can follow some points mentioned below

Learn more about the recommendations Facebook has made

You can choose the format options available on Face book in order to upload videos. Some of the recommendations are mentioned below:

  • Export your videos

If you want to export your videos according to modern standards then you should opt for this video codec. By using this particular codec, you will be able to upload online videos including Vimeo, YouTube and also Blu-ray media.

  • Use AAC Audio Format

This audio is comparable to video codec h.264. It is a strong, well developed codec that allows you to use your audio files without any distortion. It is an ideal codec used by numerous systems including YouTube to Nintendo DS and even car audio systems.

  • Use Specific File Format

 It is preferable for you to choose the file format of .mov or .mp4 in order to get better results.

  • Choose Maximum Width

You should choose the maximum width of 1280px for your video and its featuring ration must be divisible by 16. Your ideal cap will result in 1280×720, for 720p video. This is considered as the lowest HD nowadays.

  • Set Upper limit of video

 When you make a video, its maximum limit should be at 30fps. It is due to the fact that Face book authority does not allow you to upload a video that exceeds 30fps. As a result, they will reject your video.

  • Set Audio on stereo

You must make sure that your audio is stereo with a sample rate of 44100 Hz rather than having mono. In this case Face book has some recommendations which are as follows:

According to Face book, the size of your video should not exceed 4 GB. It goes up to four hours of real HD video that Face book can handle. You are also not allowed to exceed the limit of your videos that has length up to 120 minutes. Furthermore, Face book posts have a 64000 character limit but the ideal length is almost up to 80 characters. This limit is for videos also.


Make videos according to the liking of your Audience

It is important to know about your audience choice. You must have an idea regarding what your audience specifically likes about your brand, your business and most importantly your Face book page. The reason they follow you is not just because they like your brand but more than that. You should review the most valued post in order to know what they like. You can make your own research by finding the answers to the related questions comprised on what are they about? Are they industry news? Are they product reviews? Are they recommendations? Are they casual jokes?

The answers that you will get from these questions will be the origination of your video marketing. From this acclamation of your priority content will lead you in creating the content for your video marketing that your audience desire.


Always Write an Impressive Script

What you need to do, then, is write a script for a video that will be relatively short and fill about that amount of time. You can go a little over or under, that’s fine; just stick in the 1-2 minute range for optimal viewing.

One of the easiest things to do is simply take a popular blog post and condense it down into a short script. You’ll probably end up leaving out a lot of details, but you can also condense lengthy descriptions into visual elements that don’t take as long to describe. Just remember to focus your topic, and don’t worry about the SEO too much. People aren’t searching for videos on Face book. You can always tweak and optimize it later for posting independently on YouTube.

One of the top names considered in video SEO is the Reel SEO. They started a research in comparing the videos available on Face book to the one on YouTube you can distinguish them by the some aspects. Firstly, they noticed that the video that are available on Face book have a short duration of about 1 minute and 21 seconds. Even if you add the introduction and conclusion you will not be able to extend them. This is a major consideration.

In this situation, you can write a video script that can be comparably short but able to fulfill the stated amount of time. You can even exceed or decrease your video a little but make sure that you complete it in 1-2 minutes so that it can be favorable for your audience. It will be favorable for you to cut short the long ideas to portray in a video. It is most important for you to try to concentrate on the specific topic that you want to market.


Write Script according to the video and Vice Versa

It is easy to write a script. Next, you will require recording your video. There is no complicated in writing a script for a video. You can indicate numerous topics through the simple visual recording. For example, you can show some singer singing a song, or something related to technology etc. The more you are thoughtful the more you can generate infinite ideas.

You must choose for a high quality application in order to produce an extraordinary video. You will also require a high quality camera in order to record a video. You cannot use your mobile phones for this purpose because it will not provide you the required results. In addition to this, you must have a specified budget for this purpose otherwise it will result in disaster. If for instance you do not have the required budget then you should rethink about the video marketing option. You can lose a number of audiences if you post a bad video. So, posting a substandard video is worse than posting no video at all.


Record quality Audio

If you are through with the process of making a video, you will require to record audio for it. For this purpose, if you don’t have a studio, you can still do it by choosing a place away from noise. In addition to this you will require noise buffer in order to keep out the echoes. Then you will have to edit your audio by removing the blips and malfunctions from it. You can find efficient equipments for this purpose.

You will now require layering the audio on top of your video if it wasn’t recorded while making it. You will have to fit the audio with the video by slight cuts, splices or time adjustment. Further you can add some music and sound effects also. Adding music is not an easy task. You must be aware of the Face book copyright or theft policies which are similar to that of YouTube while adding the music. You must make sure that you have the rights of using anything before finalization of the video.


Never Miss out on Effects, Edits, and Balancing

This can be denoted as the final stage for cleanup of your videos. Here you will require tightening up the effects, balance the audio and background music and making sure that the video is good to go in all aspects. You can further edit some slight effects to make the video flawless.

Over exaggerating the editing and effects will make the videos look unsophisticated and unnatural. Remember, your ultimate goal is to promote your brand.


Put the Video Up for Testing

Before uploading a video on any social media platform you should run a test. Testing the video is very important part. After you are done with making your video, you must test it. By doing this, you can have the final review that you will present in front of your audience. In case of any issue you may still have a chance to correct it if needed.

Secondly, you should run the videos after muting the sound. This is due to the fact that Facebook videos auto-play in the feed remaining soundless. Many people will watch your video but they will not bother to turn the sound on. In this case it would be better that you make an addition of subtitles or text that is helpful for the viewers.

Finally, after reviewing all the points your video is ready to upload on face book. You will definitely get the results out of it from your audience. It is now up to you that how you gather the attention of your audience. For example, you can run ads pointing towards the video or you leave it and wait for audience to see and give their opinion. Whatever the situation may be, now it’s up to your audience to decide and give their feedback regarding the video. In case you want to make another one, you will have to follow the same procedure. This will help you in creating an effective video to push your sales on Facebook.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.