Create Landing Pages for Facebook Ads: 10 Services You Can Use


When we talk about Facebook ads the very first thing which comes in mind is the Landing page. A Landing page holds an important place when it comes to creating your Facebook ads and then publishing on your Facebook page. Generally there are two different ways by which you can create your own landing page. You can then use that landing page specifically to run your Facebook ads on it. The fist method of creating a landing page is by simply using the web.  And the second method is related to the landing page tab app on Facebook in particular. Here the landing page tab apps refer to different types of websites. These websites can only perform some limited functions. Moreover the functionality of these websites is probably surrounded in an iFrame that is specifically just inside Facebook.

In this article I have tried to summarize about all the particular tab apps which are available for creating a Landing Page for Facebook. I believe that creating a tab app landing pages is a tough job. It is not a piece of cake. That is why most of the marketers prefer using different tab apps in order to create their Facebook landing pages easily.

Some of the useful services which you can use to make a Landing page are mentioned below:

  1. Any Web Developer, Landing Page Creator, or Website Builder

In order to create your own landing page one of the most essential things which you need the most is a website. This is a must. You cannot create your landing page if you do not have a website. So before we get started I suggest you to create one of your own website.

Creating a website of your own is not that difficult. You can create it just the way you want. There are no restrictions as such. You can find out hundreds of tutorials on the internet regarding this and watch them to create one of your own website. Apart from this you can also hire or take the services of a website developer if you want to. That is also a good option if you cannot do the whole process of creating a website by yourself. Once you have created your website you can now use that in order to make a standard landing page. Here I am not talking about any specific type of website. It is because the main thing which is important here is just having a website and nothing else.

If in case you already have an existing website you can skip the above step and directly use that to make a standard landing page.

For making a landing page there is WordPress plug-ins which are available specifically for the purpose of ecommerce and also for the landing pages. In addition you can also find the stand-alone landing page creators too. These are some good options which you can easily use. If you cannot do it all by yourself then it is better that you hire a professional web developer and get it done. Last but not least there are some third party apps as well which are particularly available for creating the landing pages. One of the major examples of the third party app is the Netscape Composer. This works really well. You can use that too.

On Facebook you can easily keep a track of all your ads which you created and posted. This can be easily done by using the Facebook tracking pixel. By using this particular tracker you can track all your ads which lead to your own website. One of the positive aspects of keeping a track record of your Facebook ads is that you can easily calculate the costs of your ads. Moreover this is also useful in decreasing the total costs of your ads. Additionally by using the Facebook tracking pixel you are also able to have a good connection between your ad as well as your landing page. By keeping a track record of all your Facebook ads you can greatly increase your quality score as well. The quality score is basically a part the calculation of cost. Moreover this calculation cost is also termed as your Page Relevance score.

2. InstaPage

Instapage is categorized as one of the leading page builder among all. It has some of the advanced features like the SSL compatibility and hotkeys. Moreover it also contains various features like split testing and collaboration for teams. All these features make it stand on top of all the other available tools

In order to build one of your own landing page there are mainly two things which you need. The first one is the willingness to create a page. And secondly the urge to host that type of page which can be further topped into an iFrame that is typically Facebook based.

Instapage packages are available at the rate of $39 per month. You can also avail some of its additional features for just $69($55), $149($127). In case if you are an enterprise level customer then there are different packages at different price range. Despite of this Instapage does not have any free plans or packages which you can avail.


Lander is another great app which you can use to create your Facebook landing tab app. Lander is available in different monthly packages as well as on annual payment. The annual payers can enjoy the full features of Lander. Whereas all of you who want to be a monthly customer can get Lander but with some reduced features.

Lander is available at the price of $16 per month. By availing this particular plan you can get up to 5K visitors and not more than that. Additionally this plan also allows up to three custom domains. Some of the major features of Lander are mainly the Facebook landing pages, split testing, and integration with email marketing. On the other hand if you have some greater requirements then you can also check out other packages as well. These are available on different price range.

4. ShortStack

Have you heard of ShortStack?

If not then let me tell you. ShortStack is basically an organization which conducts different contest apps. They run their contest apps specifically for Facebook and Instagram.

Here the contests are generally termed as the specific version of the Facebook landing pages. You can find various templates for your landing pages. They have quite a lot of collection of numerous templates. The best part is that you are not even required to run a contest if you want to create a landing page. It is just because you are probably not locked into that particular type of page app.

In addition to this while creating your landing page you also have the right to add incentives.

Furthermore you also have the ability to gamify your landing page apps too.  I probably think that they have a free version as well. You can use that too. Rather it is only restricted to just about 100 form entries and not more than that. ShortStack have different packages.

One of the plans that are up to 2,000 can cost you around $29 per month. I believe that all of them probably contain the ShortStack. This branding lasts till you get to a total of $199 plan. In addition to this I believe that it is not one of the low cost options to use. This is because in order to avail its features for using it particularly as a Facebook page app you are required to pay a total amount of at least $99 per month plan. So I would rather not recommend you to avail it if you have a very few requirements.

  1. Heyo

Heyo can be termed as one of the top-tier contest app you can find these days. It is undoubtedly one of the great apps to use if you want to run different contests on your Facebook page. Despite of this fact Heyo is not ideal for running general lead-based landing pages. If you ask about me I prefer contests apps as compared to the basic lead generation apps. The main reason behind this is mainly the incentive as well as the prospect. These two aspects are very important in order to grab the attention of more and more audiences.

You can purchase Heyo by paying an amount of $29 per month. In this package you can run a single campaign and also page app. There is another package available which you can avail for $99. In this package you can get some additional features. Some of the features include templates, hashtag promotions on Twitter or Instagram, and the third party integrations such as MailChimp.

  1. TabSite

Another useful app is the TabSite. The TabSite gives you some specific features for running different contest apps, coupon apps, photo and video apps, and general social apps. In addition to this these the TabSite also works best web, mobile, and most importantly on Facebook. In this way you are able to wrap all your bases in a single go.


As like other apps TabSite is also available for the price of $29 per month. This gives you only a single app. If you have some more requirements then there are other packages too. For example you can purchase up to five apps by paying $60 per month. I think this is a nominal deal if you want to run that many apps at a time.

  1. PageModo

PageModo is undoubtedly categorized as one of the best Facebook app creator which you can find nowadays. It has some great features as compared to the other tab apps. That is why it is preferred by many leading marketers today.

Some of the main features that PageModo provides you are mainly for the cover photos, contests, custom tab apps, post scheduling, ads, and also the mobile apps. In addition to this the PageModo features are not too expensive as well. It is available in different packages. You can avail features like one fan page that can be managed with three custom tabs, post scheduling, integration with Twitter and LinkedIn, and many other such features just for the price of $9 per month. The annual package is even less costly as compared to the monthly plan. Moreover you can avail unlimited pages, unlimited apps, ad management, premium templates and many other features just for $60 per month. I believe that the low priced packages with numerous features are one of the major reasons that most marketers prefer using this option.

  1. EasyTabCreator

The EasyTabCreator is quite a different tab app as compared to the ones which I have mentioned above. It is just similar to a self-serve app creator.

In order to make a tab app you just need to drag and drop it and you are done. The major drawback of EasyTabCreator is that its document is not up to date. Moreover I cannot guarantee you the web design of this site because that is also doubtful.

Regardless of all this you can use a free version and a pro version of this particular tab app. The pro version is also very cheap.


This offering works as a kind of ala carte app platform. You can see the different apps if you scroll down on the page I linked; they have variations for email signups, black Friday sales, discount offers, and a bunch more.The templates are limited and customization is minimal, however. The basic options are free, albeit limited, but you only get one app. If you want to link to multiple pages and use multiple apps, you’ll have to pay for packages that start at $6.25 per month billed annually.

  1. TabFoundry

TabFoundry is made to make Facebook tab apps for all kinds of purposes.They have templates for quizzes, contests, sweepstakes, games, email signups, and both Twitter and Instagram integration, plus the ability to make custom tabs. It’s free to manage one page with an unlimited number of fans and campaigns, but you don’t get whitelabel service or support until you pay. Paid packages start at $14 for a single page and scale up per page you want to run.