Create Landing Pages for Your Facebook Ads with these 15 Services Easily


Landing Pages for Your Facebook Ads

If you are planning to create a landing page in order to run your Facebook ads on it then don’t worry you can do it easily. Here I will tell you two of the simplest ways of creating a landing page of your own on which you can run your Facebook ads. The first method is related to creating a landing page through web. I have discussed its details in point number 1.

The second method is related to creating a landing page tab app on Facebook. There are further 14 sub entries which are related to this second method. As you read along this article you will see that I have defined both the ways for you. You can choose any of the option and create a landing page for your Facebook ads.

  1. Get the Service of Any Web Developer, Landing Page Designer, or Website Builder

In order to make a landing page the first thing you need to do is to create your website. You can use any method which you like. For example, you can use the method of Word Press plug-in for ecommerce and the landing pages or the stand-alone landing page creators. If you are still facing any type of problem in creating one.

Then I will recommend you to hire a web developer for this purpose. You can ask your web developer to make a landing page for you. In case you are a new starter and you cannot afford to hire a web developer then it is much better that you create one by yourself. You can use any available features or apps for this like the Netscape Composer or any other application which is available.

Once you create your ads on Facebook. You can easily track all those ads which lead you to your website. Use Facebook tracking pixel for this purpose. The option to lower the cost of your Facebook ad can be availed too. For this you just need to have a good analogy between your ad and your landing page.

  1. Using Instapage

One of the best landing page builders of the industry, as proclaimed by them is the Instapage. Well, I am not denying the fact that they are not the best among all. Yes, they surely have some of the great features available which others do not provide. Having some of the most compatible features like the SSL compatibility and the hotkeys is a great thing. I do admit that they provide some useful features to their audiences which others don’t.

Once you start using it for creating your landing page you will not have to search for any other available app provider. This is a good thing. If you are an expert marketer or developer, then you can also use the features of split testing and collaboration for teams. These are very useful features for you if you want to create your landing page. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, then you can use some of the simple features. Rather than using the top of the line apps in order to create the landing page.

Instapage Packages

The Instapage system is available in many packages. Every package has different prices.The only thing you need to do is to have the skills to create a landing page and also host that page. Make sure that this page can be filled into a Facebook-based iFrame.

You can avail the features of Instapage by purchasing any available package that you like. This can be according to your business needs. The standard package price of the Instapage starts at $39 per month (or $29 billed annually). You can also purchase other available packages with additional features for $69($55), $149($127). For the enterprise level customers, a scalable plan is also available. Apart from this Instapage does not provide any free plans for you. So, it is better that you purchase one for your use.

  1. Why You Should Use Lander?

Another great app for creating your landing page is the Lander. It is a platform of a distorted quotes “you” on this particular page.

Nonetheless, this particular system is preferred by many users who want to create the landing tab apps.

Apart from this, you can avail the features of Lander by paying some amount on a monthly basis rather from paying a higher price while purchasing it.

Lander Website

If you want to purchase Lander for creating your landing page then you first need to consider your business requirements. The lowest package is the Basic plan which you can purchase by paying an amount of $16 per month on the annual plan. This basic plan limits you to a total of visitors only. It further allows a total of three custom domains. These three domains mainly include Facebook landing pages, split testing, and integration with email marketing. In case you require a greater package. Which offers you more domains, more visitors or more features then you can visit the pricing page that is available on their website.

  1. How to Use ShortStack?

If you are thinking to run some contests on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc. then you can choose ShortStack. It is basically a company which is very useful if you want to run your contest apps on two of the famous social channels like Facebook and Instagram. As a whole, the contests are basically considered as the specialized versions of the landing pages. ShortStack offers you numerous templates which you can use to create a landing page of your own. Moreover, it is just not necessary for you to run a contest because you are not controlled by the particular type of page apps. Just ignore it if you don’t want to do it.

ShortStack, Pros and Cons

Well it is not the lowest available option for you. It is because in order to use it as a Facebook app you will have to purchase it for a total of $99 per month. On the other hand, you can purchase the starter plan for a total price of $29 per month. This gives you 2000 fans.

  1. Using Heyo

Another top-tier app is Heyo. It is basically a contest app on which you can run your contests. Whereas, it is not much suitable if you want to create a general lead-based landing pages. If you ask about my point of view, I will surely recommend you to create and run contest rather than creating the lead generation apps. It is because the enticement and prospect of winning a reward will attract more and more people.

Heyo Website

You can purchase the basic plan for Heyo in just $29 per month. You will get a single campaign and a page app by purchasing the basic plan. If you want other features like templates, hashtag promotions on Twitter or Instagram, or any other third party integrations, which includes MailChimp. Then it is better that you purchase the $99 version.

  1. Using TabSite

TabSite is just another great site which I recommend you to use. Once you purchase it, you can avail the features like contest apps, coupon apps, photo and video apps, and general social apps. These are very useful if you are working on web, on mobile or on Facebook. You can purchase it by paying $29 per month for one app. If you want more than the price exceeds accordingly.

  1. How to Use PageModo

Go for the PageModo if you want an app creator for Facebook. I am recommending it to you because I know it is one of a great app creator.

  1. Using the Easy Tab Creator

You can also use the option of Easy Tab Creator. It is very simple to use but I will not recommend to you. the reason behind is because its documentation is quite out of date in view of many users. It is better that you rather pay to purchase any other app features than this one.

  1. Using Dé

Now this app has some great variations. You can see many different apps and variations like email signups, Christmas sales, discount deals and offers and many other things. You can purchase all these features for $6.25 per month that is billed on a yearly basis.

10.How to Use TabFoundry

TabFoundry consists of many different features and templets. The templets mainly include quizzes, contests, sweepstakes, games, email signups, integration of two social channels that include Twitter and Instagram and also include ability to make custom tabs if you want. You can purchase TabFoundry paid packages at $14 for a single page. If you require more than the amount will exceed too.

  1. Using Oracle SRM

If you are a professional, then you can go for the option of using Oracle. It is considered as one of the massive professional as well as corporate juggernauts. This is mainly preferred by those companies which are running large businesses just like Dell, Microsoft, and IBM etc. If you are a new user of running a startup company, then it is better to stay away from it and use any other option.

“Involver” the featured brand of Oracle

Involver is one of the featured brands of Oracle. It is generally used and consumed by the large companies. Oracle systematically indulged it into their Social Relationship Management suite. Now you can manage to make your landing pages by using this app. With its prominent features it also helps out in completely managing your social media presence. Having some high profile features Oracle tends to be very costly too. The price of Oracle`s Essential Edition is $900 per month. This is the cheapest of what they offer. Further you can upgrade additional functions by paying more prices.

  1. Using WooBox

You can try out WooBox also. Well I prefer using it too. So I will surely recommend it to you all if you are planning to make your landing pages.

WooBox Website Homepage

It consists of many great features too. These features are useful if you want to use the branded hashtags, management of scheduled giveaways or rewards, and branding every other thing that you require. As for the price factor, you can purchase its unlimited features by paying $30 per month. This can give you up to 50,000 fans which is quite suitable for running a startup or small business.

  1. Using iFrapp

You can use the option of iFrapp too. It is also very useful one. It is basically a simple drag-and-drop editor for creating the lead generation landing pages. You can further clip your lead generation landing page into Facebook.

iFrapp Tab Creator

One of the great things is that you can try using iFrapp for free. If you are having some more requirements, then in this case you will need to purchase it. You can purchase the premium version of iFrapp by paying a total amount of $29 per month. It contains five apps. Now if you want to avoid the hassle of using some of the complicated systems then this one is an ideal one for you.

14.Using Wishpond


Another great platform is the Wishpond. It contains numerous features for your use in order to run tab app landing pages. You also have the option to link it to a Word Press plugin, study real time analytics, add nifty HTML5 parallax effects to pages, integrate it with anything from MailChimp to SalesForce, and any other thing that you want. In order to get started, you can choose among the various available templets too. You can also use their split testing engine. Believe me it is one of the most useful thing.

  1. The Do IT Yourself Method

Finally, we are left with the DIY method. By using this you can make your own iFrame page too. For this purpose, you will also require hosting for it. If you need a secure link, then you can use the SSL domain. This works best.

If you further need to create an app by using the Facebook developer portal you can do it too. The only thing you need is the apple ID which you can use for integration. You can further search out for all the information on the internet.