Creating a new Facebook page for marketing your local business


Facebook is a social media website which has more than billions of users worldwide. If you haven’t started using it for marketing your online business, you are definitely missing a huge opportunity to improve your online sales and user engagement. Well everyone has their own excuses for not doing anything. If you are not using Facebook for your social media marketing strategy, you will have your own reasons like you don’t find enough time to use Facebook or you have your presence on other channels, etc.

But any of these reasons are not legit as it takes a few minutes to create a new Facebook fan page and the benefits that you can get from using Facebook audience are mind blowing. Facebook helps people to get audience demographically. Facebook will direct the Facebook users who are interested in clothing to your page. So you can target your audience in better ways. Facebook is one of the top used social media website and it must have your online presence for better brand recognition and improved online visibility.

So if you are convinced for making a Facebook fan page for your online business, first thing you need to consider is to make a personal profile as without it, you cannot create a Facebook fan page. If you already have a personal profile for your friends and family members, there are chances that you might need to upgrade it like adding your phone number of other verification steps.

Make a brand new profile for your Facebook fan page

Well, the idea of making a new profile which clearly represents your fan page is a better one as if you want to make your online presence more visible, your Facebook page, your Instagram profile, Twitter profile and everywhere you represent your presence online must be the same with similar words and phrases. Online users should be able to find you easily.

Choose the category of your page carefully

After creating your new personal profile related to your page, go to the Facebook tab with an option of Facebook Page Create dialogue. You will be given options of categories for your page. Choose it carefully because you will not be able to change it after selecting it. Make sure your choices are representing your online business for which you are making this new page. The categories include company, brand, artist, entertainment, local business and community. Make careful selections and take your time.

Filling the details of your Facebook profile

After creation of your fan page and choosing the category for your page, the next step comes to fill the required information about you and your page. This includes following sections;

  • For filling out your About section of Facebook page, make sure you fill it for around 3 to 4 lines which describe your company, industry and your products. Anyone who will visit your Facebook page will look for the information which is written in this part so make it attractive and encouraging for users. If you run any official website, add the link of your home page and if you have more social media channels, don’t forget to add their links too.
  • Facebook allows you to add a custom URL of your Facebook page which you can use for promoting your Facebook page to other social media channels and your blogs.
  • The next step is to upload a new picture for your profile. It must be a high quality logo of your business that you use for your other social media channels. Your logo is representation of your online business so keep it similar to other channels and your official website. You can change it later for any upcoming events and promotions but the main theme should be the same so that your followers can recognize you on every social media channel.
  • The recent addition of a new feature in Facebook profiles includes a cover photo. It works like a background cover or a billboard where you can announce about your promotions and upcoming contests. It must be an encouraging picture for your fans and it should represent your online business.
  • Don’t forget to add the contact and online information that exactly matches with the information you have entered in your official website info segment and your other social media profiles. It is a best way to improve your local citations as when people will search you online, you will have better visibility.

Create quality content for your Facebook fan page

If you want to attract Facebook followers, don’t forget to remember that content is king! It can make or break your brand importance so be careful in this matter. If your content is not relevant to your online business and quality is not good, you should not expect your followers to like it. Don’t post similar content everywhere instead repurpose the content and the posts. If you post on your Facebook page with a consistency and give your users a reason to read your posts and click on the link which connects them to your blog or website, they will definitely love your content and will follow you. In this way, your Facebook users can follow you on other social media channels and your organic traffic will improve. Facebook can play a very useful role in promoting your online business but if done right!

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts is a very important thing if you want your fans to keep coming back to you. Facebook allows you to schedule your posts and a lot of apps are available that are best to use for scheduling your Facebook posts and statuses. Experts say that posting 4 to 4 times a week is enough to engage your online fans. You must create a schedule that should be known to your Facebook followers too like Monday should be the posting day, Tuesday can be specified for feedback and any other day for posting contests or giving coupons to your Facebook fans. This way your fans will expect that these days are a must visit to your page and they will definitely come to visit you.

Invite Facebook users

The last and the final step towards a Facebook fan page creation is to invite Facebook users. You can also invest in Facebook paid ads and promotions for spreading your Facebook page and to promote your page.