Creative Ways to Promote Your Products Using Instagram


Among all Social Media networks Instagram is becoming the sole platform where businesses are developing at a very high rate. People are switching their businesses to Instagram from other networks in search of new opportunities, before it goes stale. Taking advantage from maximum engagement in very little time is the essence of today’s marketing.

Use old marketing techniques and you can see your business going down the drains. Now is the best time to get involved with Instagram’s business module.

One thing that needs to be kept under consideration is that you need to conduct thorough research before thinking of shifting your business to Instagram. Done right, this shift can become very beneficial for your business.

I am going to share some ideas for you to consider for you to consider marketing on Instagram.


Use Instagram for your Business Blog

Instagram provides a blog for people who are considering starting business on Instagram. The function of a blog is to inform the users about the proper usage of this platform. You should know that the staff is very much aware of the trend of marketing influx on Instagram. This tool provides vital information regarding trends and tools that can be used for the best of interest of the marketer.


Your Images Should Have Variety

Mostly on Instagram the way to go and see which posts get the highest number of engagement. How many people have Liked or commented on the pictures.

Post a picture of your colleagues having coffee inside the office; tag it internally with information about its contents, and put it away.  See later to check what engagement it received.  Post another picture of a customer’s favorite spot in the shop, do the same.  Do this with every image you post, find out what users like best. Which images received maximum engagement and stick to that type while trying to cater to the entire market.


Hashtags; Use only the Best

On Twitter and Instagram Hashtags serve the same function. You’ll can click the hashtag to view a page that shows all photos and videos other people have uploaded with that hashtag. For example, if you have uploaded a picture of coffee mug and added a tag of #coffeelove, once you click the hashtag you will be able to see all the photos or videos people have uploaded using this same hashtag. Now the thing to do is to find the hashtags that works for you, never forget to add a hashtag with your brand name, as it will give your fans a place to talk about your brand.

Try to conduct some keyword research and match the keywords to hashtag popularity lists.

Pick just a couple of hashtags that are more related to you than 20 unrelated hashtags. I have always found overly-hastagged posts extremely annoying. Know your audience and go with it.


Editing Your Pictures

Some people think they can take professional photos without making an effort.  Others do a lot of work and thinking to compose, light and edit a picture all to make it look effortless.  Don’t think that every picture you take is flawless; change the colors, saturations, lighting or add borders in your images to make them really eye catching. Use the colors that attracts you the most and in a way present your business in the most effective way. Etsy might provide you the essential tools for doing this!


Use it as a User Not Business

I have seen on Instagram that people really engage in it, for example Rihanna Follows Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez Follows Taylor Swift and vice versa. It means they really care about interacting with the other celebrities. Unlike Facebook where there is just single-sided posting with sometimes high sometimes low engagement levels, some people just view the post and move on, some might comment and some might start a Grammar Police war. It is wise to treat your Instagram account as a user, not a business. This way you will merge nicely into the crowd and do your job in the meanwhile.


Be Real

A huge benefit of being on Instagram is that you can put this Human Touch on your account. The chances of doing that are very high on Instagram. You can do so many things for example, you can post behind the scene pictures of your work. If it’s a clothing brand you’re running you can show a picture of an unfinished unit being fitted on a model. If it’s a photography page you can post pictures of your cameras set for a shoot. This will create anticipation in your users. For example, Kylie Jenner is running her make-up business before launching a line she posts a few intriguing pictures of herself in the factory mixing colors and creating shades for her lipsticks. Just days before the launch she posts a few pictures of herself in those lip colors with neutral backgrounds so the colors would stand out. More and more people are drawn to it and her collection is sold out in minutes.


Filters : Use Them Don’t Abuse Them

When you don’t want to use Photoshop to add effects in your images the way to go is using filters on Instagram. In my opinion the best filters are Mayfair, Walden and Inkwell. If you don’t want to use a filter, Don’t!

Mayfair has the highest level of engagement. It doesn’t mean you have to use it too, conduct some experimentation and see what works for you.


Stay aware of the Competition

It is an added benefit for you that your competitors have Instagram. You can stalk and follow them and see what are they up to. You can take benefit from their success and it can help you avoid making the mistakes they have made in the past.


Utilize Video Feature

Vines have become hugely popular over the past few years. They can be funny or informative or both. Instagram has their own video system with image stability and filters. Put them to good use and create your own videos.


Use Apps

Instagram is just an app, but it has numerous other apps made to enhance it with more features, or as brother apps to help modernize your Instagram usage. This can be used to promote your business and can gather a higher number of audience.