Develop an Adult Related Fan Page in these Easy Steps



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Many businesses can be run using Facebook’s marketing. Although there are some categories where Facebook just doesn’t work. Whenever Facebook decides that your business is not conforming to their policies, it is a battle that will cost a lot of time trying to persuade them to accept.

There are mainly two causes of this


  • Universal
  • Social


Facebook refuses of host the content which is against their policies and decorum. The social reason is more concerned with family, you have family members and children on Facebook and advertising adult toys, fetishes, porn and dating isn’t exactly the reason Facebook was developed in the first place. You have everyone on Facebook from your kids to close relatives and from your grandparents to coworkers. The thing is everyone can see what you have liked and are following on Facebook. There are somethings that you might not want to share with anyone.

 Let’s say in the most general form that someone has liked a page which is about marriage counselling. People will assume that you are having problems in your marriage. You don’t want that kind of publicity. Same thing goes for adult toys, the reason they are shipped in brown boxes and anonymous names is to save you from public shame. Admit it no matter how developed the society is there is always a part of you that want to stay discrete. I cannot come to return a sandwich if I don’t like it.

Due to the same pressure people do not like or follow these types of pages on Facebook. They have directed to Twitter whose policies are a bit lenient in this case.

Facebook is a site that has allowed 13-year-old to register and it is not ok for them to advertise porn. There are many sites that are adult oriented and you really don’t need to use Facebook for this purpose. All marketers are really attracted to Facebook due to the immense number of users. Even if you intend to market the adult stuff you really to target your audience in order to succeed and comply to the rules Facebook has enforced.

There are some local laws that you need to stick you in order to advertise adult stuff. You cannot just start your business and expect no one to catch you. You can get into real hot water if someone decides to take legal action against you. There are worse consequences other than shutting down of your page.

This article and all the pointers that I am going to give will apply Facebook regarding the marketing of all adult content, products and services. This will also apply to Drugs, Firearms and fireworks.

Heck, many of these techniques work for non-restricted pages as well; they’re just more important for restricted pages because you don’t have the option of running ads.

Explicit Images: A Big No No

The one thing you might notice about all the adult related fan pages on Facebook is that they don’t use nudity to sell.

Take Playboy for example, check their Facebook page and see their photos. They haven’t used really racy pictures; I have seen models wearing much less on Facebook.

They have kept their cover photo really simple. Their profile pictures do not seem really naked as per say. Although their magazine is pretty much the opposite.

At first glance you might not associate Playboy Facebook page to the adult nature of their print magazine.

You might notice that the page is restricted to be visible to 18+ audience. You cannot say that your page is hidden from the public eye and you don’t have to comply to Facebook’s rules. It’s a fact that you are stuck with complying with all of the filters that entails.

This holds true whether you’re a model promoting your photo sets, a casino promoting your games, or an affiliate promoting adult sites or products. I would bet that most of the people reading this are adult affiliates, so understand this message and deal with the rules.

Facebook Ads: Run Them

Now, just because you’re a type of page usually banded from running ads, doesn’t mean you’re actually banned. Have you tried running an ad before, if not, you might not be added on Facebook’s blacklist yet. If you have, you might still be able to run ads so long as you keep them not too obvious. I’ve met a few marketers who are running adult pages and thought they were blocked from Facebook’s ad system entirely, when all Facebook actually did was block a certain ad the submitted which contained explicit images.It is always recommended to try to run ads.

It’s always wise to use a picture that is completely related to your products that you are trying to sell. What will work is a happy woman in suggestive clothes. Overly revealing clothes and linking directly to an adult site.

Facebook uses flags to block ads. You really need to improve your innuendo skills.

Likewise, filter your offer link or site link through a more benign page that acts as your landing page, or times a redirect to your actual offer. Obscure it from Facebook so at a rapid glance they don’t find anything inacceptable.

You have to make sure that your ads are not promoting or advertising illegal. It shouldn’t include anything sexual, violent or confrontational.

These are the main restrictions but Facebook isn’t done here, there are a lot other but these are the most important flags that might catch your ad.

The main aim to get maximum people to like your page, you have to come up with creative ads that serves this purpose. Always use organic posts and offers to catch the attention of your audience.

Even if Facebook denies you their ads there is no reason to give up. You have still quite a bit of options that you can utilize. You can target options for organic posts also you can make use of the immense number of users on Facebook. The major way of getting their attention is by posting interesting content.

If you want to compare Twitter to Facebook, Twitter has much laxer guidelines on adult content than Facebook, but you can still learn something from Twitter and use it to your maximum benefit.

The one thing that appeals to 99% of the users on Facebook is humor. People scroll through their newsfeed to find something to laugh about. There are thousands of memes and jokes going viral overnight. You can use personality and interactivity.

There are many posts on adult rated pages that are too risqué, it is a rare chance that they go full adult. This same method can be applied to Facebook posts as well. You have to stay away from the complete adult stuff and go around it while making your page a bit more appealing to the users. This is the only thing that will make your page viral, this is what you are looking for when developing a page.  Come up with posts that have the potential to go viral throughout Facebook. Always keep your posts, your timeline and your feed clean.

You can use adult humor but using adult content is not advised.

You can use the techniques mentioned below to help you improve your page.

Use Groups

When you have come to know that you cannot use ads there is a way out. You can use Facebook groups to promote your page.

You have to know that Facebook groups are usually regulated, the reason behind it that they can be closed and hidden from most users present on Facebook.

The first thing you would want to do is to find groups that are related to your topic. Gather the pages that are active and share content related to your field.

You have to make sure that these groups have members in thousands.

Having people participate in groups in an excellent thing. Its unethical to just steal their content and post it organically. You have get those group members to your side. You can use your humor and charm to steer them your way. first work on your posting skills and techniques. This will carry you all the way through organic Facebook marketing.

Posting Frequently

If you want to get your audience’s attention you have to schedule your posts and post frequently. There are other pages that can get away with posting once a day but you can’t. You have to post constantly mainly thrice a day. You have no other choice other pages have ads to support them you are on your own. Make sure these posts are organic. You have to keep yourself visible on everyone’s newsfeed. Don’t push it to a level where you are labelled as a spammer.


Blatant Theft

My advice to you is not to steal content that you plan to post. You just have to curate quality content.

Collect posts that the brands of your choice have shared. Share viral content as often as possible. Do not become a bore by sharing content from months ago, people will start unfollowing your page in a jiffy if you do so.



There is one technique that all adult related pages have adapted is to collaborate with each other. You can adapt the technique of share-to-share. Come up with a deal with another adult page to share posts on each other’s page. Share a post they make and the will share one of your posts. You can make this deal with more than one pages.

There are many people who are running their pages completely ignore their followers and it is really bad for them. Always talk to the people who talk to you and respond to their queries. It might disappoint you that most of the sites you are trying to reach ignore you.


Buy Followers

 Both the engagement and followers can be bought. You can buy cheap fake followers or you can also buy organic and more expensive ones. If you are running an adult based page I would recommend a bit of both.

Fake followers aren’t going to assist you directly, and normally I recommend avoiding them at all costs, but in this case the buffed number of followers will be useful to you.

Buy real followers as much as you can, though; they’re the ones who will essentially make use of your offers and make this whole thing worthwhile.

When purchasing followers, try to keep a reasonable growth curve in mind. Don’t try to go from 10 followers to 1,000 overnight; that’s a giant red flag for Facebook. Buy a small number at a time which will not trigger the red flag for Facebook.

Media Coverage

Every industry conducts their shows and conventions. Adult industry is no different.

You can attend these events and find out a way to provide unique information that your users will want to see on their newsfeed.

Facebook has this new ‘Facebook Live’ that you can use to broadcast live from these events. These live events have thousands of views and opportunities of engagement.

This will give you a chance to advertise your page outside of the internet world and into the organic world.

Using Video

Video is growing constantly and rapidly on Facebook, and it’s fairly hard for them to monitor every video to check for topics they don’t want to promote. With vine-length videos which is really popular these day, you can do a lot of advertising in an appealing way of course. Remember to keep it safe for work as most of the people use Facebook from their offices or mobile devices, though innuendo and humor are both good. With some suitable videos, you can get that so wanted viral traffic for yourself.

Adult pages are fairly harder to grow, but once you have one recognized, there’s not a lot that can stop your progress. The hardest part is achieving the early few thousand followers. That’s when you’re most vulnerable to Facebook taking you down, and it’s when you’re going to find it hardest to grow. Once you get enough visitors, though, you can start to progress.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.