Drip-Feeding Your Content on Social Media



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed


A drip campaign is considered to be the marketing used virtually by every large business. It is similar to the web marketing.

It can be done in a simple way

First of all, you will have to make your marketing campaign. This is done when a company wants to release a new product in the market. The information relates to the product as a whole that you want to launch.

Apart from flooding all the information at once, you choose to drip feed the information to your audience that would lead to its publicity.

This can be easily done by just giving the outline of the specifications of the product. That can be further followed by a release date. Then you can start sharing individual details for example, the name, color options, technical details etc.

It is important that you save the most important and exciting information for the final time. This would lead to create the interest and hype among your audience.

This type of campaign can be easily done through different social channels.

You can do this using a blog post, with a microsite dedicated to a new product launch or it can be done using the social media including  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The drip marketing technique was originally designed for the email mailing lists. Through this, you can send special emails to numerous users and then drip feeding them among the current mailing list. You can do promotion by sending out drip style messages to you whole mailing list.

Luckily, for these types of campaigns the social media was designed. Here you have the opportunity to start up with people who are really  interested in your products.

You can share specific and to the point information that is preferred by your audience. There is also a built-in ad system in order to promote the campaign.

In addition to this there is also a feature of post scheduling available in order to set up the whole campaign before you begin.

On the other hand, there are some negative views linked to it. Most of the time the person who sets up a campaign mistakenly creates a post and publish it apart from scheduling it.

Many people will view it or have saved it even if it is deleted on immediate basis. This can lead to a disaster and can destroy an entire campaign that can be embarrassing for a company.

In order to set up a proper drip campaign you can follow some steps as mentioned below


Regulate What Info You’re Dripping


It is vital for you to determine the information regarding a particular product you want to promote with your drip campaign. You would require to get enough interesting information in order to attract your audience from time to time otherwise, they would draw away.

One of the most common example of this can be related to the upcoming Stephen King movie ‘It’ launch. IT contains distinctive pieces of information that can be released to create hype among the audience.

These days Tweets can be seen that the clown ‘Pennywise’ rises every 27 years. Last TV series was released in 1990 and 2017 is the perfect time to release the movie as well. It is creating hype amongst horror movie enthusiasts and general public.

The total number of information that you come up would lead you to two different aspects firstly, number of individual posts you require to make, secondly how many weeks would be required to build your campaign before the launch.


Define the Platforms You’re Using


It is very important to determine which social media platform you want to use that can include your website, your mailing list, your Facebook page or your Twitter feed etc. In addition to these, you can also use Instagram, Google+ or similar social media channels as you desire.

In order to post an update, you should choose a particular platform to post on.

Every update should be posted on Facebook: You can decide to choose Facebook to post every update that you want. In either case, there may be an exception not to go for Facebook if you want to attract people to view the image that you posted on your Instagram .

The content can be portrayed in an extremely short post: You can choose Twitter to post, if you can portray a content in a short post or a Vine-length video. Otherwise, it can be used as a <link> manner.

Your mailing list should get a weekly digest of updates: It is not necessary that you get a weekly digest of updates from your audience on a message you post. In this way your audience or subscribers might drive away.

Every update should be posted on your website: You should post updates on your website in a way that creates circumstances to drive audience rather than to spoil future updates.

It is all up to you to decide what criteria fits into your role for every information you post. These can be done in order to attract people to particular profiles whereas others can be used for broad appeal an attraction.


Choose Appropriate time to Release your Product


It is really important for you to determine the release date for a product in order to be updated regarding the target date of the product launch so that you have the idea when to publicize the information to the audience.

It can be considered as the finish line to speak. It will not be suitable for you to post relevant information regarding the brand when it has been released. This would lead people to be annoyed.

It is recommended that the detailed information including the price should be made public a week before the launch date of a particular brand.

This would be helpful for people to look over for it, enough time to pre-order and also time to satisfy others regarding the qualities of the product.


Schedule Your Content Posting Time


To schedule a calendar, here you have all the useful information. It is recommended that you should post 2-3 information per week. Here you should include more substantial when the post includes smaller details and vice versa.

If we review the whole process, firstly it includes the set up a calendar that includes a release date as the end point. It manages your information content that needs to be publicized. If at any point you note that the publicity campaign is seeming long, then in this case you should combine different pieces of information.

In this way you are building a correspondence. On the other hand, if you take too long your followers will lose interest.

It is important that you should try to manage the schedule as early as possible so you can start working on content. The early scheduling of content is important so that you can have enough time to set up monitor bugs.


Post Locally Created Content


You should try to create your content locally that does not relate to any of your social media content. You should try to create your own content that you can post on different social media channels including the Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter or hashtags on Instagram.

You can further create your video or an image which can be done by taking pictures of the products. You can even write your blog posts and contents.

It is recommended that you should not post live on social websites. It would lead you to get negative results and spoil the publicity if you make any mistake which can lead you to reorganize everything that you have scheduled for your audience.

Another important point is that you should not post anything on your website page. Otherwise it would lead the scrapers, offending links, feeds or logs and data miners to sweep your content idea and ruin the whole information before you post it.


Schedule Manager and Schedule Posts


You can select any system to schedule post on your site as long as it provides the basic requirements so that it can handle the usage of social media channels and also the information that you desire to post.

For example, if you prefer to use videos on Vine or Facebook then in this case you will require a different platform because a number of managers do not handle videos. It must be white label to be posted on. Here some social media managers include a “posted by” line and

It is essential for you to select a scheduling manager so that it will be able to manage every site properly and you will not have to get confused between the different programs while scheduling them. You can select different networks that get a post by checking boxes that are provided by robust schedulers.

This can be done by some customization to allow for getting format restrictions.

As soon as you have set up the manager, you can begin to schedule the particular posts. It is recommended that you schedule all this in advance that may be a week before the first post.

This would lead in having enough time to review your mistakes. Otherwise, you will not be able to go through your mistakes if you have not scheduled it way before actual time which could lead in negative effect.


Encourage User Engagement


It is important for you to engage with your audience once you set your campaign live. On the other hand, the automated generated posts or updates will not be useful. You will need to get connected with your users who want to buy your product or have used it and now want to have tell their views regarding it.

You can consider your scheduled post if your audience have questions related to the brand. Similarly, you can be reluctant to answer something that is scheduled for future time. In case if the user requires some detail or query regarding the brand then you can answer it for the sale purpose.

All this can be considered useless, if you will be present there every time. By doing this you can become carefree regarding making the right post at the right time. Which can surely lead to prosper while making less mistakes possible.


Push a Mailing List for Updates


You should push a sub-list of your main mailing list for updates. In this way you can also send an email regarding the items you post on your social profiles. It can be helpful for you in a way to gather up most potential buyers that would be important for your brand launch.

These potential buyers are likely to book pre order, likely to book order on the release day, and likely to be connected with your brand on an ongoing basis.

After a drip campaign is done, do not delete the list. You can use it by merging it and then removing duplicates along with the main mailing list. These are considered to be the most important and potential customers.


Analyze data and Use it to Improve  


Finally, when the campaign is done, review the whole data as much as possible. You should note the post timings, the correspondence rates, the mistakes made while running the whole campaign.

In addition to this, you can also have a look at the publicity, the condemnations or the highs and lows etc. All this relevant information will be useful for you in future if you decide to run another campaign.

It can further lead you to overcome your low points which will lead you to improve, prosper and grow in future. You can learn how to promote your products and find out ways to use drip feeding to your benefit in the best possible manner

There is no user on boarding with social media like it used to be with emails. So, you do not have to worry about that. You should just be aware of the things that you want to promote using the drip by setting up the drip campaign, schedule it and then finally run it.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.