So What on Earth is SEO Anyway?

In addition to being a prime time favourite, SEO is also the difference between your website’s success and having it senselessly putrefy in a dark corner of the internet. SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” and has a purpose for making your website stand out when people make searches on Google.

Some people overlook the essential need of SEO – of course, you would love to have a website that is eye catching and cool to surf on. Nevertheless, unless you can maintain a telekinetic connection with your users (you don’t need SEO if you have this skill) then guiding your users to find your site should be your number one objective.

“Okay,” you might be thinking as you slowly sip your Mocha (latte? Nice Choice) “I don’t know what this guy is talking about and if it’s that important then how does it work?” Fortunately for you, it is as simple as rocket science – Nah. Consider this; SEO is trying to make your website look awesome in the eyes of Google. Google is like a spoiled prom queen who is BIG on the social scene; the prom queen has a reputation to keep up so obviously she will choose the “most popular”. Apart from the metaphor, Google goes for the best, the one with the connections.

With proper SEO implementation, Google will not be able to resist your website
With proper SEO implementation, Google will not be able to resist your website


Let’s start with the obvious – Google looks for the best or to be more precise, Google is looking for a website that matches up with the search that it is piloting. If you want Google’s attention then you will need to make your website more “relevant” so clearly, it’s time for a new makeover. You can start with “On-page SEO”, this is where you edit the layout and content of your website. Now this is a very effective way to make your website stand out for Google.


Here are some Useful Tips:

  • Fill your website with Keywords
  • Try finding and searching the relevant keyphrases and keywords
  • Streamline your layout
  • Choose relevant titles
  • Build strong social connections


The all-knowing entity – Google, knows the value of your website and will rate it accordingly but Google rates the value with “Off-Page SEO”, the most important factor here are the amount of links to your website from other websites. If you happen to have a lot of links, that will help you a lot because when a site links to your website, it means that you have received their approval. Google sees these links and adjusts how you rank in the search results accordingly.


Of course, optimizing your webpage for both On-Page and Off-Page SEO can be a legitimately detailed procedure. But, with a little bit of time, imagination, and better content you’ll be well on your way to a highly ranked website.