Effectively Change your Twitter URL

Twitter has become one of the most famous social networking sites these days. It was first launched in the year 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone.

Since that time Twitter has grown from a scratch to a strong social media network nowadays. With a total of over 100 million users Twitter has become one of the most preferred social networking sites.  And this is not the end. The number of users is still increasing every day. There are different types of users who prefer using Twitter more. These include users like individual users, celebrities, marketers, musicians, actors, politicians and many others. Many large businesses also prefer using Twitter for their brand promotions or for posting different updates regarding their business or brand too.

What is the method of changing your URL on Twitter?

In this article I have discussed the ways which you can use for changing your Twitter URL.

If you are really planning to change the URL of your Twitter account then the very first and the most important thing which you need to do is to choose a unique username. Now this is something which is very important for you to do. That is why I have mentioned it in the beginning. You must select a username that is unique. This means that the particular username which you have selected must not be used or availed by any other user or company. Let’s say for example that Microsoft and Dell are companies having a unique username. You cannot choose these names as your username in any case.

You can always brainstorm and come up with any new name which you want keep as your URL. If in any case you are not able to think of any new or unique name.

Then you always have the option of searching one from the internet. There are over millions of unique names which are available on the internet. These are yet not availed by anyone. You can select any one of those and keep it as your username.

While thinking any of the usernames it is important that you must first type it on any search engine like Google, Bing etc. and then search for it. If that particular username is not availed by anyone it will not appear in the search results. This means that you can keep that name as your username. Whereas, if that particular name is being used by any individual or company then it will appear in the search results and you are probably not permitted to use.

Here I recommend that you must always try to make sure that the name which you have chosen was not previously used by any other user or company.

What if a name was earlier being used by someone?

You might face some great complications if you are using any particular name which was previously used by anyone else. There might be a possibility that anyone having the same username remained involved in posting some repulsive, scandalous, or defamatory type of tweets. So if you start using that particular username people might get offended by you thinking that you are the same user. Just make sure that any name that you choose must be clear and does not have any complications in using it.

Once you are sure about your username which you have selected. Now you are ready to start with the next steps.

In the next step you need to sign in using your Twitter account.

One thing which I have mentioned above is that if you desire to change the URL of your twitter account then you must also change your Twitter username.

For this purpose you need to go to the settings option of your twitter account. You can find the settings option in the dropdown menu which is just next to the gear icon at the top right corner of your twitter profile page.

Now you are on your account settings page. Here you can find the username box. In this particular box you can type your new username. After you have typed your new username you will be prompted regarding its availability or not.

If the name is available you can click on “Save changes” button which is at the bottom of the page.

In order to completely implement the changes which you have made you need sign out your twitter account and then sign in again. You will see that your Twitter URL as well as your username has been changed. These new changes will not have any effect on any activity of your twitter account like your present followers, your messages or replies etc.

Only a new username will appear just next to your profile picture after you have made the changes.

Apart from this, there is only one drawback. If anyone sends a new reply or message on your old username then you it will not receive it anymore.

I recommend that it is better that you inform your users or followers in advance that you have changes your username or are going to change it in near future whatsoever. So that people do not message or reply you on your previous username to any further extent.

How to Select a Username

To choose a unique and different username is not a piece of cake. Sometimes it becomes a hassle to choose a name which is already not in use. Due to millions of users which are presently using their twitter accounts you are not left with many choices. Your user name must also be meaningful rather than having an insignificant one. Still you can always come up with a different name.

Well if you ask about my point of view I would say that if there is no need or eagerness to change your existing username than do not change it. This will surely save you from getting into a hassle.

You can still use your present username for a long time.

There are always some exceptions which may lead you to change your present username of your twitter account. I have mentioned some of them below:

You may change your existing username if it is too long and replace it by using a shorter one. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to use up to a total of 140 characters. So try using a shorter one so that people can easily remember.

You must always try to consider the “username aesthetics”. This means that your user name must not be abusive or a slang word or sentence. You must never sacrifice the quality over length.

In case you have changed your business name only then you can change your username on your twitter account.