The Day Emma Watson Forever Changed Gender Equality

LONDON — In September of 2014, in what seemed like just a regular month, was actually a time in history for gender equality. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson gave a speech on gender equality at the UN. The speech received a considerable amount of media attention and drove feminists to share the campaign.

HeForShe became known to feminists as a powerful campaign that would influence men to change the way gender equality is perceived. Although it grabbed media coverage and thousands made their signature, it wasn’t the end for the campaign’s media spotlight.

Rantic hosted a website with a picture of Emma Watson and a countdown clock. The site — which now redirects to this very piece — didn’t exactly have a definite purpose. Within a few days, the mainstream media took the countdown site and ran with their own interpretations of what they thought the site would end up being.

Eventually, the sensational story of Emma Watson having nudes became the talk of the internet community. It prompted all the men who were opposed to feminism, to enter the debate about gender equality. We were astonished to see the amount of men who saw our countdown site and used it to drive hate towards feminism.

We were disgusted not only at ourselves for creating such a propaganda trend, but for dragging anti-feminists into the trend. If anything positive came out of this, it’s that Emma Watson became a much stronger person. It also drove feminists to push for even further action for gender equality.

For those who believed that Rantic felt proud of launching such a campaign — are wrong. We regretted doing the campaign and creating such a huge online backlash. It changed the lives of the staff members who work at Rantic and our apology back to Emma Watson will be to drive as much men as we can to sign the campaign.

EmmaYouAreNext gave Emma Watson a stronger spotlight into the issues women face every day.

Millions of internet users, who once couldn’t care less about Emma Watson’s speech, took part in the huge online debate against feminism. It forced blogs and mainstream media outlets that do not generally report on such news topics, to write and quote Emma Watson’s speech. All 5 staff members of Rantic have signed the campaign as support for gender equality.

We encourage more men to accept their flaws and mistakes, whether it is bullying, abuse or discrimination and start helping women become a stronger presence in the world today.

Although we see both men and women hating on the HeForShe campaign and people questioning whether she really has nudes because of her head scratching being a sign of deception, when she gave her response, it shouldn’t really matter. Men need to stop discriminating against the very species that brought us into this world in the first place.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no white or black, there is no male and female, for we are all one.

You can sign the HeForShe campaign by visiting: