Engage with your Facebook Customers

Mankind needs FUN


One of the most critical aspects that develop your brand is “engagement” people are starving for good content so it is time for you to leverage synergies by changing the paradigm. The word “boost” is your best friend for 2015

Try these ideas on for size

People like Stories

Posting stories doesn’t necessarily mean that one should post an embarrassing childhood event which has the word “wedgie” in there somewhere. You can go with the moral lesson theme; something that has made you move forward, now that is motivating! People love reading stories which are based on experience and while you share the mistakes you made, this can help your readers not making that mistake. Including cool and engaging pictures with interesting captions is also a good idea and will help you engage with your customers on a personal level.

Sometimes people are just looking for a simple and personal story because they take the brand down from the corporate high horse, people don’t like companies who portray themselves as foolproof, it’s just too common because every company shows themselves as foolproof. The personal informal touch will add the element of responsibility – that will work in your way.

Think of it like this – humanize your brand and give your customers the perception that you are humble and honest and do not have pitch fork wielding clowns waiting in your closet (I think I am mixing up the devil with clowns?)


Know the Importance of Milestones

You can add milestones to your feed and additionally, you can hide them in case you want to avoid spamming. You can start coming up with apocryphal legends or maybe a legacy behind each milestone and just queue them up.

Here the benefits of doing this

  • The milestone is encouraging and engages discussion
  • This will encourage internet participation
  • This will bring some corporate wisdom to the forefront


Post a Selfie

Now this is debatable topic – but in a fun way. Have you ever heard people saying that brushing your teeth makes you dumber? Well some claim that the fluoride in the tooth paste hinders your intelligence. While you may imagine these people who make these claims wearing a tin foil hat, there are some people who think very less of selfies, but thankfully – there are a very few of them. On a serious note, it’s a matter of the generation gap, while some people do not approve of selfies, there are many others who love them. No one is wrong or right here, it’s just the nature of this world that keeps changing and the younger generations keep adapting while the older generation holds on to their beliefs.

The “selfie game” is something that you will need to learn, its only logical to do so, you can choose a theme for your selfie, you can post a weird selfie, a plain selfie or something that is ravishing. Use a sexy location or be sexy yourself, the point is – be bold and express yourself and they will be worth your time and effort