What to Expect from the Ever-Evolving Social Media?


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter draws marketers’ attention through newly developed apps, features and networks.

You know Social Media Marketing is not only about technology, it is mainly about connecting to people and the way they use this technology to communicate and share content.

Social media is a vigorous platform for consumer behaviors causing new social technology development

while at the same time, new technologies also have a deep impact on consumer behaviors. It’s important for brands looking at what’s new in social media to understand this factor amongst their own clienteles and wider community.


1. Facebook: The Big Shot!

There is no doubt that Facebook has become the largest social media platform. It includes sharing of images, videos and ads. There is not a chance that it will change or decline in the coming years. Facebook is also linked with Instagram and WhatsApp so after Facebook Instagram is the next big shot after Facebook. Just think about the possibilities of interacting with millions if not billions of users on just one platform. You have to come up with a marketing strategy while developing your brand and its marketing pages.


2. Linked Social Platforms

When you link two platforms you can get maximum benefits from both of them for example linking Facebook with Instagram and Microsoft with LinkedIn you will be able to get maximum exposure.

If you make your professional social profiles accessible and integrate them with Microsoft 365 app it will be easier for you to market your product on them.

If you integrate LinkedIn network to Office 365 just imagine the possibilities of content creation and efforts of influencer marketing efforts.


3. Videos: The Way to Go!

These days all you see on Facebook are viral videos or vines. Some businesses also upload their Facebook Live videos. If this goes on Facebook will turn into a platform completely based on videos within 5-6 years.

May comedians and internet celebrities are using Facebook Live and video options to promote their content. Which is being very well received in their audience. If this trend is so popular and liked by the audience imagine what will it do for future. People will be able to post everything on Facebook Live. It is not always entertainment, I have come across many educational videos from conferences and workshops which is also a great benefit.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting live videos, it’s better that you make your own videos with a HQ cam and edit to your liking. The best thing is to hire a professional to do this for you.


4. Pay to Play Social

Advertising is becoming very popular these days, you cannot watch a video on YouTube before having to watch an ad. Try to watch a documentary on any channel and an ad pops up that has nothing to do with the documentary and is about hair products. The same thing happens with Facebook and this auto play option has to be disabled if you don’t want other people around you to get annoyed.

Each and every ad is paid for and it is expected to generate more than $10 billion in this year. This revenue used to be just over $6 billion in 2013.

Now more platforms are adding up ads in their posts, just take a look at Snapchat and see how cleverly they are inserting ads in user’s Stories. Application Programming Interface access that will facilitate the creation of custom buying and management tools.

Everything comes with a price tag and definitely with this much exposure I wouldn’t mind paying. You just have to target the right audience with the right content in order to get 100% results.


5. Dark Social

Dark Social is referring to the social sharing of content that occurs outside of what can be measured by Web analytics programs. This mostly occurs when a link is sent through chat or email, if its shared on a social media platform it will be measures through analytics.

More collaboration between apps, networks and platforms is required to direct this Dark Social content and make it more recognizable. This is the only way it will be effective for social media marketing.


6.Chat Bots on Social Media

Many brands have hired ‘Bots’ to answer general questions customers ask on their pages. This is ok to a certain extent but brands need to invest more in meeting the requirement of real-time engagement. Although bots are quite able to handle common queries but the human touch is missing. If a customer knows that they are interacting with a human the experience becomes more personal and interactive. In future brands need to invest in it.


7.Catering to Mobile Device Users

There are more and more people using social media on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. More than 1.8 billion consumers throughout the world have been using smartphones last year only. You cannot deny the importance of your page being mobile friendly and having apps to be installed on android. You have to make Google think that your site is mobile friendly otherwise progressing will be harder.


8. Automation of Social Media

By automating social media tools and features can grow exponentially and the prospects of delivering content to the right customer at the accurate time will become higher. This doesn’t mean you should rely on the automated process to run your pages you also need human expertise to get maximum benefit of your automation software investment.


9. Collaboration with Other Brands

You can empower your brand even further by creating content with other brand and sharing it on all participant’s pages. This way your audience will be doubled and you will get maximum exposure. You can serve to mutual interests. You can ask your users to participate in a heated debate by sharing their own image or opinion. It is very easy for them to access phones these days, you can start a contest about how a user endorses your product. This also can be done by captioning and getting opinions from them.

Getting maximum engagement is the key to the success of social media marketing, without directing traffic your way it will not be possible for you to get maximum benefit out of your efforts.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.