Why your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working: 10 Reasons


Facebook advertisements are a great way by which you can promote your business or your brand in an effective way. Creating and displaying your ads is an art. Today almost every marketer, business person, organization, companies as well as individuals use Facebook ads to market their products. Many people succeed in using Facebook ads but there are some who face failure too. In this article you can read about all the aspects which are a cause of your ad failure. I have also discussed some of the ways which you can use to overcome those failures.

  1. You Have Turned Your Targeting Off

Targeting is an art. I know you might get surprised by this but it surely is. Targeting the right audiences plays an important part when it comes to advertising or marketing of your products or business among your audiences. I have seen many businesses get a boost when they target the right audiences. Whereas on the other hand if you are not focused enough then probably it might not help you out the way you want. If I talk about the Facebook ads these ads are very effective if you want to use them for the purpose of advertising or promoting your business. Each and every ad which you create on Facebook performs a specific task. Most importantly every ad that you create on Facebook has exclusive targeting too.

Before you use your Facebook ads for targeting different audiences there is one very important point which you must keep in mind. Always know your audience. This is the best advice that I am giving you right now. You must know what they like and what they expect from you. The feedbacks which you get from your audiences are a great way of knowing it.

  1. Your Ad Copy isn’t appealing

No one bothers to click and view a boring and unattractive ad. If you have created your ad and published on your Facebook profile page but are not getting the desired results. Then probably there is a problem or may be something is lacking in it. You need to check it out. If you are using an attractive image in your newly created ad but are not getting some positive results then maybe you need to use an interesting ad copy. You must use an interesting and attractive ad copy. By using it you will see that the ad copy will itself attract many users and they will click your ad instantly.

  1. No CTA available on Copy

Using CTA in your ad copy that is also referred as Call to action is very essential. You only have a single chance to make your impression in the eye of your audiences. This can be just about a single sentence or probably two to convince the user to click your ad. And I believe that you do not want to lose that chance. Do you?

Just focus on attracting the user so that they click your ad without having a second thought. No matter what you have to prove the user using a single sentence or two about the benefits they can get just by clicking on your ad. And when any user clicks on your ad only then they can see the products which you are offering them.

Here I am not talking about forcing any user to click on your ad. Rather I am asking you to induce them to do so. So it is important that the CTA which you are using to attract them must be short and catchy. Avoid using long CTA otherwise the user might get confused while reading the description. This is also one of the major reasons behind failing of your Facebook ads.

Try to get your CTA right. I am sure that it will greatly help you out in attracting a lot of users to click and view your ad.

  1. You are facing tough Competition

Many times you face a failure in your ad campaign due to your own faults. Social media is a very broad marketing platform. There are various companies which are making their ads and running them successfully. You may face many competitors too. If you have created an ad which has an attractive image, an interesting ad copy and a good CTA but still remains unnoticed then you need to focus on targeting a better niche. There are many large companies who are investing a lot of money and resourced to promote their ads. So possibly your ad remains unnoticed among them. To get some better results you need to target some better option than you are doing now.

    5. Your Link is Not Working

Broken links are a common problem behind the failure of your ads. Due to this reason many users face issue because they are not able to open the ad link which they want to see. There are various reasons behind this. It can happen due to change of the address or a wrongly mentioned link. It can also occur due to redirection of your web link which might have not fixed. So I recommend you to check out your ad links regularly that either they are working properly or not.

  1. Your Landing Page isn’t Converting

Always link your landing page directly to your Facebook page. Otherwise it will possibly lower your conversion rate and will cause problems in getting the desired results. You can chose to optimize your landing page in many different ways. Just make sure that fulfill all the requirements while optimizing it that includes testing, ad runs and so on. This will surely bring out some great results.

  1. You’re not Using the Right Objective

Using wrong or unrelated ad objectives is also a major factor behind the failure of your ads. Try to focus on the main theme of your ad and choose the right objective.

  1. Your Ad Image is not Related

Every time you create an ad try to use some relevant images. Most of the times your ad may fail to get promoted just because of this fact. If you are running a car company and want to promote latest cars and their parts then you cannot use the picture of animals in your ad. It will not work in any case. You must use only those images and contents which are relevant to what you are promoting in your ad.

  1. Your Ad Image is Too Striking

You might be using an excessively attractive image in your ad. Well this is astonishing. I know that but this fact is true. So don’t get surprised. This issue is directly related to your ad targeting rather than the image. By using some attractive images you become successful in attracting a lot of audiences but with the passage of time many of them will probably leave your page. This is because they do not find anything attractive on your Facebook page other than the ad.

  1. You’re Not Testing Variations

Always use the option of split testing your ads before you advertise them. Just test, test and test them as often as possible. You need to test as many variations as possible. And at the end of the day you can use the most successful one in your ads the next time you create them.