Facebook Advertising: Yay or Nay?

We see countless people and spend countless hours on Facebook alone and somehow it feels that we are now adapting to a virtual world. It’s like that kid from Poltergeist who got trapped in his T.V. Apart from some evil spirit trying to trap you inside a box, Facebook advertising is something which is made with an “out of the box” concept. And that is why many people are still not acclimating the true potential of this platform. So your sitting down on your couch or your winged leather chair (I usually prefer the Air Sofa) and saying “My friends are increasing their sales through Facebook, I think they are lying” well maybe they are but maybe, just maybe – They are getting results from paid advertising.

Somewhere in this little treat lies your preferred flavour


When you decide to dive into Facebook for an instant return on your investment that is when the fat lady hits her last note. Though Facebook ads can be very potent, they are not a complete solution to your overall marketing and sales objectives.

Let’s look at Facebook advertising from an empirical perspective. Facebook, when compared with other advertising mediums has a low reach – that’s also a fact. People are simply tired of advertising on Facebook and they mainly use Facebook as something which kills time. Facebook has a strong platform and one can ask that how on God’s green earth will things not sell on this powerful platform? but that’s the thing, it’s not that easy to sell on Facebook, even with all the Posts, images, videos and apps because people use Facebook to actually enjoy their time – without those pesky ads that interrupt us all when we are watching Downton Abby.

Are Facebook users tired of all these advertisements? Maybe but most people block out the advertising messages, some people use ad blocking extensions and some are just mentally equivalent in place.

Facebook is Awesome For Creating Brand Equity

Big brands are always looking to increase their brand presence and customer base but mainly they are looking for “individual branding”. On a successful page, people will be flowing and whatever you post will lead your users to your objective, for instance – your blog.

Here are some useful tips

  • Identify your audience
  • Target them with a strategic plan
  • Set the correct goal metric
  • Don’t get into useless tracking like “reach”
  • Try the basic ad first and start with a small budget


.Facebook has done a splendid job in giving people a platform to connect with each other, it is up to you how you utilize this platform, where some people fail, others succeed and you can too, if you play your cards rights and I am not talking about online poker.