The Facebook BRAND ATTACK!

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Social media is no doubt a beautiful thing to use if you want to become successful and promote your business online. The advent of social media has changed everything. Now people choose what to eat after asking people on social media. The new trends and hypes are set by top leading brands and influencing companies on the social media channels. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram as all of these social media channels serve the same purpose for businesses and brands and that is to gain more popularity and to convert followers into potential buyers. Any brand cannot survive if it has just followers but no buyers. So the reason for all those internet marketing strategies and networking is to improve the sales. Well, the praise about all those social media websites is not wrong, and it can make you earn millions just by developing your fan base. However, you must not forget one thing; that is with benefits, drawbacks are also present, and you must be prepared to face any incidents that might damage your brand reputation on any social media website.

If you are using Facebook for promoting your online brand and suddenly you noticed that people have been talking about the mistakes you have done or the drawbacks of your brand; then what will you do? You will panic and become worried. So this is a typical response of any ordinary internet marketer. However, if you are not an everyday internet marketer and brand owner and you know how to handle negative comments and criticism, you will calm down and focus on the issue rather than the comment or the incident.

There are many reasons for social media attacks on brands, and the most common of these reasons include rivalry, any mistake, any negligence or just anything that could be used to ruin your online reputation. Just one wrong step is enough to make you fall on your knees especially when you are a famous social media marketer. That is right that nobody is perfect and on the internet, you are not obliged to make everyone happy but your customers need to be satisfied, and you are answerable to them. If you find your brand under attack for any of the reasons, you must be prepared to handle the attack with right tactics. You can take help of the following suggestions for surviving a brand attack on your Facebook brand page.

There is nothing worse than delaying your response to attack

It is said that half-truth is considered a lie! Similar is the case with a delayed response to a brand attack on Facebook. If you take too long to respond to the attack on your Facebook fan page, it will be equal to no response. So even if you respond after few days and weeks, that would be a worse thing to do. Don’t expect things to cool down while taking time to respond. These strategies do not work anymore on social media websites.

You must consult your social media consultants and employers before responding but don’t delay it too much. You must consider responding quickly so that the attack could not convert into a social media scandal.

Don’t take it personally

The worst thing you can do after facing a social media brand attack is to take it as a personal assault. Well, in any of the case, a brand attack is not a personal thing unless you are a celebrity. Don’t take it as an insult and don’t react according to the attack. If you abuse the users and your followers for commenting anything that is offensive for your brand, you will end up losing your hard built reputation that has taken many efforts.

Take the burden on your shoulders

When you are running a Facebook brand page, everything you post or share about is your responsibility. If any of your followers felt offended and insulted due to any of you words, you must take the responsibility. If you have made a mistake, stand up for it and take the burden. You should explain the reasons behind the incident and try to fix them with your audience. If you will keep blaming others and would not take the responsibility, your followers will lose their trust in you and your brand.

Keep updating your Facebook audience about the ongoing details

Before somebody else tells others that what’s going on and what were the reasons behind the brand attack, you must make sure to provide your audience exact details and updates about the issue. If you try to hide it, you cannot do this in this world of social media where you cannot hide anything. So before anyone else leaks the information, be brave and update your audience.

If you have posted it, you cannot remove it

For your Facebook fan page, your every post is like a forever memory in the minds of your followers. If you have written something offensive or abusive about the attackers or anyone else, they will remember it. Don’t forget that people remember your bad things but forget your good things. That is true in social media marketing too! So don’t think that if you have posted anything, you could remove it and feel secure that nobody has seen it! That is practically impossible as millions of people are out there, and you cannot hide from them.

Don’t call your fans to help you

If you ever face a brand attack on your Facebook fan page, don’t ever call your fans for help. This will represent you and your brand as a weak identity that cannot even stand a brand attack! Show your strength in dealing with the attack and after attacks of criticism about your brand. This will improve your followers trust in you, and you can stand the attack better.

Well, these were just suggestions, and you can add or remove any one of these if you do not find them suitable for your brand. Always make sure that you have an eye on everything that is being posted on your Facebook or any other social media channel. Whether your employee or your admin is posting the images or posts, or you are doing that yourself, consider and reconsider everything before posting. Dealing with your customers using the social media websites is not an easy thing. You must hire any professional with an excellent reputation who knows how to handle attacks and negative comments online. In the end, the best thing is to accept your mistake and assure your customers that you fix it as soon as you can. The trust of the customers is the strength of any brand. So don’t lose it ever!