How Has Facebook Changed its Marketing Trends in 2015?

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Facebook is a social media website that is always in the news whether it is about changing policies of buying Instagram! Facebook is no doubt the biggest platform for sharing and connecting with your personal circles, as well as your professional customers. Well, this global platform is among the highest grossing websites worldwide with more than billions of users who are active, and they use Facebook on a daily basis.

Facebook has changed many policies and settings in the last year. Almost all of the Facebook marketers will agree with the fact that Facebook has brought changes in the following ways;

  • User engagement has become lower than before
  • Advertising for your products or online services is not possible without paid Facebook advertising
  • The reach of your posts has significantly decreased

Well, this means that now Facebook is all about earning money and making potential customers. There will be hardly any online business or corporation out there that would not be using Facebook for communicating with online Customers and dealers. Now Facebook users are utilizing this social media channel to manage their businesses in better ways. Facebook is no doubt far higher in earning profits that Instagram and other networks of social media.

More than 890 million of online users are daily visitors of Facebook and among those, 745 million are just the mobile users. The photo sharing and video sharing have also arisen as a new trend in Facebook marketing as more than 2 billion photos are shared via Facebook every day that is higher than Instagram; a photo sharing website! These are enough proofs that Facebook is growing as a gorilla of social media networks and marketers need to understand the way Facebook works now if they want to maximize their online profits.

So understanding new marketing trends of this giant social media website is vital for making your online marketing strategy a success. Have a glance at following emerging trends of Facebook for the year 2015.

Go mobile go

More than 745 million users check their Facebook accounts daily using their smartphones and other digital gadgets. This is the highest number of mobile users for any website out there. If you are still thinking that mobile trend is arriving, and soon it will strengthen its roots, you lack some vital knowledge as this trend has arrived and has influenced too! Now there are more mobile phones on this planet than humans. Now people use free Wi-Fi in public places, and internet has become a necessity of life. Facebook is the first thing people check out when they leave their offices or other institutions.

The popularity of Facebook Messenger is also increasing tremendously. Now more than 500 million users actively use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis. The importance of Facebook mobile has grown in the past few years and now you can target your audience during your lunch, your office time, your play time and even during your nights. In the year 2015, if any of your posts, any image or link is not mobile ready, you are not going to succeed on Facebook!

Facebook advertising

Although advertising was always of great important like it is not, Facebook has given this a new twist. Now pay to play advertising is growing, and Facebook is among the top websites that are making it a source to earn profits. Now you cannot promote like before on Facebook because the authorities want you to invest in their ads campaigns. This paid advertising is extremely beneficial for online businesses as it can enable them to focus on what they need out of their advertising campaign, and they can target their audience in best ways.

Content remains the king

If you have an online brand and you use Facebook for advertising of your products as well as to connect with your customers, you need to make sure you have abilities to provide quality content on your page. Now you cannot make any Facebook successful by stuffing it with keywords that are trending and popular. Fresh content is needed to attract an audience and to get a better ranking in search results. Having quality posts, and quality blog is a crucial factor for success of any Facebook page now. Valuable content is gaining more importance than before now. It does not matter how many times you post on your Facebook page as the only thing that matters is the quality!

Videos, videos and more videos!

Video marketing is emerging as a popular and strongest way to advertize your products online. Well, Facebook is also not behind in this regard, and Facebook videos are there to make you successful on this social media website. Twitter no owns Vine; a small video sharing website that is known for its viral videos. So other social media channels are also giving importance to this rising trend just like Facebook.

Recently, Facebook videos have crossed the popularity level of YouTube videos. Now views do not matter, the thing that matters is the number and quality of videos. The auto play feature of Facebook videos is praised by some internet marketers because criticized by a few of them too! The reason is that Facebook is changing so rapidly that you cannot expect that on very next day of a new update, there will be no update as anything is possible in dictionary of Facebook. The rise of video marketing has forced social media websites to invest in video marketing for better visual experience for the users.

More networking with other social media websites

Facebook recently bought Instagram and now Instagram users can use Facebook with the help of their unique HashTags and photo sharing features. This is a hint that in year 2015, such networking will happen between more social media channels too. Now many apps are available that allow Facebook users to collaborate with their other social media channels easily. So, the year 2015 will be a year in which more networking will happen among social media websites including Facebook.

Well, you must now understand how Facebook has changed its features and policies. It has been growing with each year and hopefully, it will grow this year too!