Facebook Likes Dropped? – 5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Likes

Facebook is one of those social media websites that know how to attract people and how to remain in the news. Whether it is about introducing new features for Facebook users or changing terms and conditions, Facebook is trending all the times. If you are a Facebook user, you will agree to the fact that Facebook thinks that change is a spice of life, so it keeps on changing. Well, this network is loved by billions of people out there which mean that they are quite right in their strategies and thinking. So, if you are among those internet users who like to use Facebook to connect with other people and you own an online business too, then you must have a Facebook fan page too! Having a Facebook page is a tough thing. It’s different from having a personal profile and account as when you create a page for promoting your online business; you need to take care of a lot of things that you didn’t have to bother even when you used to have a simple Facebook profile.

Now, having an active Facebook fan page is a vital thing for making your social media marketing strategy a success! You need to get more likes, more shares, more publicity and more online visibility if you want to use Facebook as an active ingredient for your marketing recipe. Well, as long as you will share quality content, scheduled posts, relevant updates and fresh news with your Facebook users, you will keep on getting more likes for your page as happy and excited fans will bring more people to like your page. However, if you will stop doing that, and post nothing new for your Facebook fans, they will start drifting away from your page. This means no more likes and no more activity on your Facebook fan page! That is frustrating so you must do something to fix this problem before people forget you and your brand. So if you are losing likes on your posts or your shares, there must be some reasons for that, right?

First of all think about all the wrong things that you have been doing on your Facebook page. Were you spamming your fans with irrelevant links and inappropriate posts? Were you posting low quality and less interesting content on your fan page? Were you not having enough stamina to deal with customer feedback? Alternatively, did you respond back to your customers in a bad tone? Well, all of these things can happen to any Facebook page owner as everyone is human here and making mistakes is a natural thing. The thing that you could do best is to avoid such errors in the future.

Reasons for losing likes on your Facebook page posts

If you are still losing likes for your Facebook posts, there might be following reasons that you are not considering important. Have a look at them and find out whether the following information can help you solve your problem or not!

  1. Not posting interesting content

Content that is bad in any terms is never acceptable by anyone who is using the internet. Social media networks offer a variety of platforms to people and businesses to connect and share content that is interesting and encouraging. If your content is not good, don’t expect your audience to wait for you to come up with a new idea of a new Facebook post. They will turn towards any other page where more exciting posts and contests are going on. Just posting to fill the page is a bad idea. If you do not post quality content, you will lose likes on Facebook.

  1. Posting irrelevant content

Sometimes, it is great to go beyond the limits and break the rules. Posting irrelevant content is a good idea when it’s about any new hype or new update about interesting things like upcoming movies or new award ceremony but if you make it a strategy to post irrelevant posts on your page, people will lose interest in you. There are a lot more ways to know about what’s happening all around the world, and your page must not become a bulletin board for news. Share something that is relevant to your business and which is interesting for your fans. Share discount news about your products, coupons for your new launches and something that is exclusively for your page. Offer your fans a reason to like your posts.

  1. Buying likes and followers

Another reason for losing likes might include the idea of buying fans for your page. If you have bought fans, you might face a loss in likes for your page. This is because a large number of fake likes will decrease the user engagement percentage, and this will decrease the EdgeRank of your Facebook page. This will eventually result in decreased likes on your posts.

  1. Not delivering a clear message

When you post anything to your Facebook page, you must read it carefully and think about it from a fan’s perspective. If it sounds interesting to you, well and good; otherwise you must edit it and make it more encouraging and readable for your users. Posting on your Facebook wall is like an advertisement. It casts an impression on your fans and if there is no clear message delivered or if the post is not interesting, people will avoid it and show lesser interest in your next posts as they will expect same boring post from you like before.

  1. Posting same thing repeatedly

If you are posting same thing every time, you are boring your Facebook fans. Why would they like something again that was liked few days ago?

Although it is a frustrating thing to come up with new ideas every time you need to post on your Facebook page, unfortunately that is the only way to keep your fans engaged and happy. If you feel like you do not have any new idea, why don’t you just share it with your fans and ask them to pop up with new ideas of posts and contests. This way, you can improve their engagement as ever fan will try to come with a new idea, and you can use all of these along with praising the fan who gave you any specific idea. You can encourage your fans this way and get more likes for your posts too!

If you think that any of these points apply to you and you are making that mistake, stop it right now and fix this problem. If you lose your reputation, it will take even more time to build it again. Your fans will have a hard time trusting you again for quality content. So just make a strategy that you can follow for long term and keep on updating it with latest trends. Engage your audience in discussions and conversations regarding any such issue so that they can be with you in these times.

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