Facebook Likes Vs. Facebook Follows

 There are numerous Pages on Facebook people have been created according to peoples’ interests or to promote their businesses.

When you click ‘Like’ on a Page, it is not just a like, you develop a certain kind of bond with the Page. This means you will receive everything the page admin is posting; you will be able to interact or write a comment on the post. you can also choose which posts you want to see and how many times you want to see.

There are so many people who are not familiar with Facebook terminologies, despite its frequent usage.

Facebook tends to use generic terms a lot instead of proper terminology. So instead of getting jumbled between them let’s go over them briefly.

A Page is Not a personal profile. It is either business page or page to represent an interest (music, photography etc.) Page could be made only through a profile and that profile will be an ‘Admin’. Page Admin will be able to access Ads and Insights.

A Profile is the basic form of an account on Facebook. It is made by individuals who wants a personal profile. Some celebrities are so famous that they don’t use a Profile, they use Page to interact with their fans.

The most generic type of engagement is Page Like, when you click Like on a page you will be able to view the posts and post comments on them. The second type of engagement is

Page Follow When you follow someone or a Page, you will  see all the  updates from that person or Page in your News Feed. If you click like on a Page, you’ll be following it automatically.

The option of Profile Follow appears on the users’ personal account who wants people to Follow their posts even if they’re not Friends with them. It used to be called ‘subscribe’. Facebook altered the name to give it that creepy effect. Now every creep can view your posts, made you feel better about yourself huh?

Go through these terms once more and it will help you understand them better. The titles might seem the same but they are not.

Some people cannot seem to understand the difference between a Page and a Profile. Followers and Likers are not the same either. It’s not wise to keep getting one mixed with the other.


Likes and Follows

When you run a business Page, people will Like and they will Follow you page. Both are not the same, some people might think they are but they are Not.

When someone clicks Like on your Page they will be Following it automatically. Check it if you want to by going to a page you have Liked and see there are two different boxes, two very different boxes. One box with a check mark will say ‘Following’.

Users can unfollow your page without clicking Unlike, it means that user will not see your posts frequently. It doesn’t sound good from a business perspective, you want people to see your posts and respond to them in order to promote your business. One benefit is that your page will be shown as their Liked pages.

Also you can target your ads towards them by including them ‘people who like this page’. This way they will receive your ads and there is a chance they will show interest as well.

There are 4 types of interaction a Facebook Profile can conduct with a Page. The most significant one is Liked and See First Following a user can click on your profile and can change their Follow to ‘See First’ setting by choosing this your page and posts will appear above all the other pages and profiles. If a user chooses to see posts on your page, it will dominate EdgeRank and you will be able to see the posts.

The vast majority of people who will Like your page will be in the category of Liked and Default Following, when a user Likes a page they will be automatically set to Follow that Page. Now EdgeRank will do its job and run the most recent posts instead of older ones and how often you have interacted with a post. It also displays the posts with highest engagement levels on your Newsfeed.

Now there are the users who are covered under the category of

Liked but Not Following, this group will show in your audience but they will not see your posts. they can be turned around to take your Page a bit more seriously.

Now there are users who haven’t Liked or Followed your page. They cannot view your posts or related to your page in any way. You can post advertisements towards them but they may choose not to click Like!

From a business point of view, Personal profiles can also contain some level of engagement but with a

This is, again, all from the perspective of a business. Personal Profiles can have the same levels of engagement. With a profile you can become Friends and click Follow, seems like the same with Pages, Right?


In Spirit you can say it’s the same!


But the one thing that makes them different is the ‘Friending’ option, when you want to Like and Follow a page there is no Friending required just Click Like and Follow and you will receive the updates. Your interest will be gauged by EdgeRank and displayed to you.

Profiles are easier to manage especially for those who want to use Facebook but do not want to run Facebook Page.

Personal Profiles Can Turn off the option for friend request. Pages don’t do this as you don’t want to restrict your audience to Like the Page.

A friend request is a Two-way street you follow them and they’ll follow you, just like on Twitter. But if you have just Followed a Profile you will see their posts but they will not be able to see yours.

This is perfect for those people running Profiles rather than Pages.

It’s much better for a personal Profile to get Follows rather than Friends.