Facebook Marketing: What 12 Mistakes Never to Make


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed  


Nowadays, you can find a number of people who are masters in their relevant fields. These include the marketing experts, technical experts, business experts and many others. Similarly, you can find the marketing experts. These marketing experts are particularly related to a business field.

If we further look into the marketing field, we can find different people who have great knowledge of their field. These persons are called specialists. We can consider some of the names who are great in the marketing field. We can take the example of the marketing specialists like Jon Loomer and Heidi Cohen. These are specialists who have great knowledge of marketing and its different aspects.

These specialists give their users some piece of advice which can benefit them in different purpose. On the other hand, many people get those advices and then misinterpret them. They make use of the information wrongly and then give their negative opinions as a feedback. This has a bad effect on the experience as well as the advises which are given by the experts.

There are a number of expert advices which you can follow. These advises might help you to start up proper marketing. You can take them up as some of the basic ideas or tips that are essential for effective marketing process. Some of the basic marketing tips and procedures are discussed below which you can follow in order to get the best results.


  1. Giving up too Early  


One of the major aspect behind the ineffective marketing strategy is that many marketers are inconsistent in their work. This is considered as one of the major drawback. For example, when users start the marketing of a business, they give their best in the first one or two weeks of work. As the time passes by, when they see that they are unable to attract a large number of followers then in this case their efforts become weak and as a result they do not give their full effort to the marketing of their business. These marketers get disheartened due to less outcome of the followers. In this way they lack in the proper marketing efforts.

If we take a look at Facebook, it requires a lot of effort and persistence to do the marketing of a particular business. This is because on Facebook you never know when you will get a large number of response from your audience. It is very important that you must work hard to properly build up your Facebook page. You should include the different information that is related to your business or products. In addition to this, you can include different images and videos that would be a great benefit as a marketing point of view. In this way you can market and promote your Facebook page easily.

Many people consider Facebook as a long-term investment. It is important that you work patiently so that you are able to get your required response from the audience. It is commonly seen that many people including the marketers quit early. This is because they do not get the required response. This would result in wasting your efforts and resources which will not benefit you. So, it is very important that as a Facebook marketer you should give proper time and resources to get a good result and also to attract a large number of audience.


  1. Not Using Imagery

Images are a great way to express. It has become a trend on Facebook nowadays that people use many different kinds of images for the marketing purpose. These images are also helpful in attracting the audience. It is because many people consider Facebook as a platform for visual images. Apart from the other social media channels like the Pinterest or Instagram, it does not highly contain many different kind of images. You can find a large number of posts that contain the pictures or images in it. There are numerous posts that contain different images.

On the other hand, many people also post some information without an image. These post can have some interesting information or some serious context where the use of an image might not work.

Nowadays, many people who post on Facebook to market their stuff think that the use of images in a post is very important. When you generate a view on Facebook for a link, you can attach an image. You are able to control this image when you link to your site. You can do this by specifying the image with the Facebook meta data. If you do not do it then Facebook will select any other images from your page so that you have an option. You might not always find them useful. There are many times that Facebook choose different logos and images that are unrelated to a specific post. So, in order to get away from this, you can select your own image.


  1. Using Hashtags

If you are using Facebook as a platform for marketing then you must keep in mind that you must not use hashtags in your posts. It is because hashtags are a part of Twitter. People who use Twitter mostly use hashtags in their conversations. So it is not recommended that you use hashtags on Facebook conversations or posts.

If you want to use the hashtags when having conversation with your friends or some informal conversation. Whereas, it is not recommended that you use the hashtags in your formal business conversations or posts.

According to many researchers, it is indicated that if you use the hashtags in your posts. They will lower your posts reach and engagement. Many people do not prefer to use the hashtags in their posts. Some of them just do not consider to add them. The use of hashtags does not have any effect of the businesses. In other words, the misuse of hashtags can result as negative for a business.

  1. Being Non-Personal on the Posts


Facebook is a great way of social interaction. It is important that you get engaged with the users and audience who are on you friends and followers list. You can interact by uploading different posts, including some information, some entertainment posts, beautiful images etc. In this way you will have a better opportunity to market your business. This will also lead many different people to know about you and your business and products that you offer.

This will lead your audience and followers to a good platform for interaction. They can show their gratitude, by commenting, clicking likes, and then by sharing your posts. This would lead more users to follow you and your business. If you correspond with your audience, they get encouraged. This leads to more effective interaction with them.

You must respond your audience in a good manner. Whether they leave a good comment or a negative one, you should try to come up with a good response. You should examine the facts which your audience didn’t like and should come up with something better in future.

  1. Not Using Interesting Info graphics

You can post many different items on your Facebook page as you like. These may include some beautiful images including some informative and thoughtful questions. You can include the details related to any event that is scheduled in coming future time. You can include the blog posts that you think that people might get interested in, informative and interesting infographics that are related to the current situation and similarly many other things.


  1. Not Post on a Schedule

Facebook works on an algorithm community that is called EdgeRank. In this way Facebook monitors your page activity and of every other person who follows your page or your post. Facebook selects the posts that you have made public and then presents in front of the people who are your followers. In this way a large number of audience is able to see your post.

These people are randomly selected by Facebook determining on the interaction that you have made with them previously. In this way those who interact with you can see more of your posts and your page activities. Whereas, the ones having less interaction cannot see your posts more often.

So, it is important that you keep your Facebook page updated with different posts. In this way you will have interaction with a large number of audience.


7. Excessive Self Promotion

Facebook condemns the use of excessively promotional material. You must keep in mind not to use the organic posts to market your products or brand. These organic posts are considered for the interaction, information, the engagement purpose and for other viral purpose. Facebook has provided the option of Facebook ads if you still want to do the marketing of your products or brands for promotion.

In view of many businesses it is not a great step that is taken by the Facebook authority. Facebook has enforced this option on the businesses which want to do their promotional marketing. Many of them think that using the Facebook ads for promotion is not an effective way. Facebook has its guidelines which includes not to post the same context organically which once you used in your ads and do not try to sell products through organic posts.


  1. Not Following Contest Guidelines

You can set up a number of contests in order to keep the audience engaged on Facebook. Contests are considered as an effective way of marketing and promotion of your business on Facebook.

There are many different ways through which you can set up and run the contests. These can be run by using an app or you can promote them on your timeline by including a context with it. You can choose to set up different options for the contests. For example, the rules and regulations, the criteria, the rewards etc. This will make the user interested in your posted contest and they will get engaged by participating in the contest.

9. Not Using Minimum Text

When you post any context on your Facebook page, make sure that you do not write a lengthy context. The average length of a post is usually short than a tweet. You should not use more than 90-100 words in your post description. Otherwise the lengthy posts will make the readers to get bored. It is also possible that they might ignore or skip your post and just go ahead by viewing the posted images.

  1. Posting Like an Admin

To make your Facebook marketing more effective, it is very important that you should post on your page like a fan. It will bring up good results. You can post interesting information that user like to get them engaged with your page. Once you start marketing on your Facebook page like a fan, you will see a difference. This would result in making your Facebook page more attractive and interesting for the audience. Here only you are empowered to get the best out of your page.

  1. Too Much Worrying about Reach

Many people who are Facebook users consider reach as one of the important factor on Facebook. Reach is basically includes the total number of people who have your post in front of their feeds. You can monitor your Facebook page by the help of Reach. It helps you to get to know the number of actions that people take on a given post. This can include the like of a page, the responses of people etc.

  1. Not Monitoring your Audience

It is important that you should know about your audience. You must know what they actually want from you. You must be aware of their likes and dislikes. You can monitor your audience effectively when you post some information on Facebook. Your audience can give their feedbacks and reviews from which you will get to know that either they liked your post or disliked it. This will also benefit you in future that what you should post and what not to engage the audience.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.