Why Your Facebook Page’s Engagement Level is Not Constant?

Facebook is all about engaging with other people. Engagement is good for you as well as your posts. It is also good for building up the relations directly with your audiences. Apart from this there are some negative engagements too. These might occur when someone reports a post, reports your profile as a whole, or blocks you. In this article I have tried to cover some certain aspects which might lead in dropping down your rate of engagement on Facebook.

  1. You Aren’t Posting As Regularly

Are you posting regularly?

If not then I recommend you to post more often. Well this is one of the major reasons which lead to the decrease in engagement among you and your audiences. You must post your contents as frequently as possible. It is a general concept that if you post your contents more often you can get more engagement opportunities. Whereas if you post your contents only a few times like one or two times in six months Then off course you will have quite a low engagement rate. Well there is no doubt about that. It is a common practice that many people measure the engagement rate just by the individual posts rather than measuring it on a weekly or monthly basis. In this way I think that you are not able to measure the accurate engagement rate on your Facebook page.

Measuring the engagement rate on per post basis is something different. In this way you can face quite a lot of highs as well as lows in the rate of engagement. This is totally related to what type of contents you are posting on your Facebook page. Let’s say for example if you post some interesting content people will like it more and also give more responses on that particular post.

They will probably respond by liking your post, by commenting on it and if they find your post more interesting then they will share that too. So at the end of the day you can get an increased engagement rate on your post. On the other hand, if you post content on your Facebook page and people do not find it quite attractive and interesting. Then in this case there are many chances that you will get a low response on that post. As a result of this you will have a low engagement rate on your post.

No Recent Posts

As I have already discussed that posting random stuff on Facebook is the only way to build engagement among you and your audiences. Less posting means fewer engagements. And when your audiences do not get engage more often it leads to a decrease in their EdgeRank.

An average post does not remain alive for a long time. Generally it has a very short lifespan. If you take a look at some of the average posts or those posts which have low engagement rate. You will notice that these posts only remain active for just about 2 to 3 hours maximum. This is an average life span of these types of posts. It is just because of Engagement that any post remains alive. Any particular posts which lacks in gaining the attraction of users and lack in building up the engagement rate fade away quite quickly. No one bothers to like them. That is why you must always try to post some great stuff so that you are able to build up the engagement rate. Due to this your post can go a long way.

  1. You are Not Posting Good Quality Content

Never let the quality of your business to drop down. I have many times that some businesses enjoy quite a good reputation on Facebook as well as the Facebook marketing. This is something that takes quite a lot of hard work. It is not easy for any business or individual to build their reputation on one of the leading social media channel that is Facebook. Most of the times some businesses decide to expand their businesses on other social networking channels too. According to their business plans they start of marketing their businesses or products on other available social channels as well.

These can probably include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. Besides this fact these businesses start to invest in other social media channels rather than investing more money into Facebook. Now this is the point from where the major problem starts. Their quality of marketing and posting interesting contents on Facebook starts to decrease with the passage of time. And they focus more on spreading their business on other available channels as compared to Facebook. As a result of this the quality of the posts starts to drop down continuously and people do not find any charm in them. So they tend to engage less. This is a major reason of a decreased engagement rate.

  1. You’re Posting Mundane Content

Are you posting some interesting stuff on your Facebook page? If yes then how well are your posts doing?

Facebook is all about posting different contents and attracting different users towards your Facebook page. You know better that how well your posts are doing. Are you posting some interesting stuff or just some regular updates?

You really need to post some unique and interesting stuff and some engaging contents very regularly on your Facebook page. This is quite essential if you want to build up your engagement rate. Engagement rates are something different. They are not like your page followers. You need to build them up to a certain level and then maintain it. It is not something that is stable and stays there once you build it. You are required to make an effort to keep it to a stable level or increase it. This can be easily done by posting some great contents on your Facebook page as well as attracting more and more audiences towards it.

  1. You are Not Sticking To Your Schedule

Always follow a specific schedule. This plays a vital role when it comes to Facebook marketing. There are many people who follow a certain schedule. They like to see your posts on a set schedule as well. Now this is something that seems quite normal but it can really make a difference. Let’s say for example you post a content two times a day that is at 11am in the morning and then 7pm in evening. You are following this particular schedule from the past month.

Now as a result of this many of your followers will expect a post from your end on these specific timings. They will probably wait for it. This happens because people get used to seeing your posts on the set time and enjoy them. I believe that you can easily increase your engagement rate as well as your followers by posting on a timely schedule.

  1. You Applied Narrow Post Targeting

There are many instances that you applied narrow post targeting while posting on your Facebook page. Here I am not specifically taking about ads.

Whenever you post something on your Facebook page you have all the controls of your page in your hands. You can actually control the audience who view your posts to a certain extent but this is not something to be sure about. I think that this is because you are not paying to limit the number of audience on your Facebook page. Here you are only in a place giving Facebook guidelines to the ones whom you prefer to display your posts.

One of the major problems that arise in this scenario is just because you apply post targeting to organic posts. You keep applying that without thinking for a moment whether it is the best custom audience for the job or not. Now this will probably build up a scenario where you target some broadly relevant posts to a narrow audience. Due to this reason your engagement rate as well as your reach starts to drop down rather than going up. This is because you limit the visibility of your posts to just a small number of audiences and not more than that.

  1. You Are Spamming Your Own page by Posting Too Frequently

Be moderate while posting your stuff on Facebook. Posting different contents on your Facebook page on a regular basis is a great thing but never over exaggerate it. Your main purpose is to inform and entertain your user from your Facebook posts rather than annoying them. Posting your contents too often can probably result in two major issues. The first and the major issue of posting too often can result in a ban for you. The reason behind this is quite obvious. If you post random contents again and again your posts will appear on your users screen as well as on their news feeds too often.

This can probably become annoying for many users. They might consider your posts as spam. In this scenario some of them might report your page to the Facebook authority. So you need to avoid this thing. I know you don’t want to get ban at any instance do you? This can really result as damaging for your Facebook page and will decrease your reputation as well. Moreover repeated posts also result in getting a low reach as well as a low engagement rate.

Report Post

The second issue which arises is that you take up valuable opportunity with less valuable posts. You may be aware of the fact that almost 4/5ths of the posts that people would see are filtered. So you should not lose any opportunity to posts valuable contents by posting more frequently. So I suggest you to post your contents in a regular but modest way.

  1. Your Post Content is Monotonous

Avoid posting repetitive stuff on your Facebook page. Try to be creative. This point is just similar to the one which I have discussed above. Posting any particular content again and again is not a good thing to do. I am sure no one likes to see a single thing again and again. Even I don’t like that too. There are so many topics and ideas on which you can post. So use it skillfully.

If you are using your Facebook page for the purpose of marketing or for any other purpose I recommend you to think of something new and different. Otherwise it is very likely that people might lose their interest. This can result in a decrease in the rate of engagement of your Facebook posts.

8. You Have Fresh Competition

Having competitors is a great challenge which you have to face in every field. You can find tons of competitors in the social media world too. It requires a lot of effort to overcome these competitors. You really need to be actively involved in making your Facebook page to stand out among all the others. This means that you must post some good and interesting contents, post regularly and as much as you can, attract a lot of followers and most importantly you need to think of something new and unique to post on your Facebook page so that people like it and get attracted.

Apart from this you also need to check the social pages and activities of your competitors as well. You must keep notice of what they are actually up to. And then try to take one step ahead of them. I am saying this because you can find a number of Facebook users and marketers. Everyone has some new and interesting things to post. So it is very essential for you to strive for even better than that. This is the only way to attract a maximum number of audiences.

  1. You’re Not Asking for People to Like or Share

Start asking your audiences for engagement. This is a simple trick but it can really become useful in increasing the engagement rate of your audiences on your Facebook page. It just takes a moment to post a comment on your Facebook page and ask people to please “like my post” or “share the post”. This thing is not just limited to Facebook only. You can apply this trick on any social networking channel that you are using.

It may include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other site. It is a good gesture to request or ask your users for their responses. If you are using Twitter then you can ask your audience “please retweet”.  Similarly if you are using your YouTube channel you can ask your viewers “please share” your videos.  Believe me this trick actually works and you will be able to see some surprisingly good results in a very short time.