Facebook Pictures: A Guide to Maximize your Likes


If you are looking to increase your likes on Facebook pictures than you can simply buy them, wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right? Unfortunately you can buy Likes for your pictures but there is not guarantee that those pictures will be organic, you can buy Likes on websites like Fiverr or some other site (who cares?) however, you will only get likes from fake accounts who don’t really give a fig about your business, your posts and your photos, yes they will like them but they will not like it at the same time but one thing is for sure, they will get your premium dollars.

Instead of wasting your money on useless websites, why not get all the control in your hands? With control over your audience you can get actual likes that can have a carry over on your brand, natural likes are more powerful and will earn you more benefit in the long run.


Write Engaging Content and Post your Pictures Frequently

Sharing photos frequently is the basic of a successful Facebook page, what you can do is to share those photos and wait for a few days, after a little waiting, share that photo again with your personal account or some other account. This will put the element of “engagement” in your posts and will induce exposure of your posts. You will get more shares and more likes. The quality of your content plays an important role – a very important role that will earn you consistent viewer ship.


Start Sharing Albums like a 15 Year Old

But it works! That’s the hardcore reality here, use the Facebook feature where you can gather a bunch of cool pictures and post it into one album. Your viewers will be able to see them in their news feed as a collection of some images with a description. There is one thing that is a bit confusing or annoying, some users will comment on the album while some may like and comment on individual pictures and those comments and likes are separate. Here is a good phrase to recite while you agonize on this feature, “the horror, the horror.”

Fine this is one feature that may be annoying but you can still make it work by posting new pictures in the same album. You can create several albums and have different themes for each of them. It’s easier and convenient to share individual albums than to create one big album and keep posting on it.


Content is Not King, Quality is King

There are thousands of business pages and millions of Facebook accounts, so how do you make yourself stand out? The answer to all your problems is GOOD CONTENT; people are crazy about content and love reading and watching things which interest them. If you have determined your target market and are on the right track with your segmentation than you should have no problems in writing content that is engaging and compelling. It’s very simple but It can also be difficult if you don’t get the time to write, well you can hire a freelancer to write content for you, you don’t have to spend a boatload of money, just get the right person for the right job.


Tagging Photos

Tag, tag and tag again, whenever you upload a picture, make sure that you tag the relevant people, in fact, tag em all (kind of like Pokemon) of course some people will not like you tagging them all the time but Facebook has a feature where people can simply un-tag themselves from a photo.


Use your Employees for Sharing

Its an excellent idea to have your employees share your photos, that is like instant reach but there is one problem – the friends of your employees may not be fans of your business and they probably don’t care about your posts but it is a long shot and can work your way, in any case you will more likes – from actual people and not from smurf accounts. Also, check if one of your employees is a good content curator, you never know until you ask and test.


Use other Sites

You can share your albums on other sites, though Facebook does not have an external plugin but you can link your pictures on other sites or you can simply upload them. This activity will bring you a lot of traffic; you can do this on Pinterest and Instagram. This integration will work well for you.


Your Reach – Expand it

Though this is a very common subject of discussion and is over-discussed at times but your reach will earn you more followers and more followers mean more likes. With more reach, your posts will be viewed by more people but this will only be beneficial if your pictures and content is GOOD.


Try Running a Photo Contest

When you run a contest, have a set of rules written in a cool image, people will like the contest posts whether they take part in it or not. There are some neat benefits of posting information in image form; you will get more likes because people like it this way.


Post Something Controversial

There is a fine line here, “light” is the word that you should concentrate on. Controversies are good but you will have to be careful because while they can influence likes, they can also cause tragedy. If you take a stance on an issue which your audience don’t support than your in trouble so don’t post something that will force you to say “exit, stage left”. Pick something like celebrity rivalries or maybe whether Tomato is a vegetable or not.


Making Persuasive Content

Your Facebook page can be turned into a hub of interesting content, many people will visit to read good content, people do not care who created the content they are more concerned with the its quality to be interesting, start lumping up some good content and improve your views and likes. It’s not that difficult if you are on the right direction.