Are your Facebook Posts Becoming Boring?

Have you ever noticed that despite posting every day you get around 2 to 3 likes per post, you get three likes from your 20 k followers on a post you thought might be interesting.

On each post you get comments like ‘It’s really dull and boring’and ‘don’t you have anything else to post?

Post after post you come across the same situation. You keep on waiting for likes and comments and all you hear is flute music that’s been playing on your video player.


How to Know Your Followers Are Bored?

There are so many ways of knowing whether your followers are bored or not. Fake followers are a huge problem in this case, I mean if a follower isn’t real how is he going to comment or like?

Bot Likes are mainly the reason you don’t get any responses on your posts. The only way to find out is to post really interesting stuff so you can roughly know how many of your followers are real and how many are fake?


  1. You get no responses: when I post an update I expect engagement, this is mainly the purpose of posting, isn’t it?When you’re posting and you get zero likes, zero comments, and zero shares it’s time to re-think. The best way is to post at the time where the traffic is highest, if you post at 11pm on a weekday there’s almost no chance for your post to get the engagement you’re looking for. Check your content according to the target audience, there’s a chance you’re not posting the content your audience is looking for.
  2. You get Zero Shares: It is even worse than getting no comments, if on one post I don’t get any comments but 12 shares it’s a good sign. A share is like a personal recommendation; you only share the post you want your friends to see. If you don’t get any shares on your posts, it is mainly the reason that they don’t find your posts interesting enough. There are many benefits of shares, more people view your posts and their all contacts as well.
  3. Your Page isn’t growing: when you post interesting content, it’s spread by your viewers via liking, sharing and commenting. The post is shown in their Newsfeed and their friends can also see the posts. Other people might also start following your page. On the contrary if you put uninteresting posts on your pages, the people who’re already following you might click ‘unfollow’ to stop seeing your bland posts.
  4. You don’t get Maximum reach: This is how Facebook works, if I don’t respond to posts of a certain page, Facebook will take notice and it will start showing less and less posts from that page. If this happens a lot, because of your ordinary posts, you might lose your reach. As a result, people will start unfollowing and unliking your page on a bigger scale.

How to Become More Interesting?

How to become more interesting is to become less boring, can’t be more obvious than that. You have to consider your own opinion regarding what you might think is interesting. I would never Like a page if the title is ‘Nature’. It’s boring and lacks detail. Yes, if there’s a page named ‘The Amazing Plains of Tundra’ or ‘Exquisite Mongolian Throat Singers’, Yes I would click Like. Think about your viewers, what they want to see and when they want to see. Think about what you like seeing on Facebook, which content goes viral and what stays on backbench waiting to be recognized.

Now We’ll discuss how to make your posts more interesting and less pedantic.

  • Know the difference between sophisticated and pretentious

Let me give an example, I went through a Food blog’s posts on Facebook, clicked on the first review of a restaurant and it seemed like the writer used all the pretentious words in the dictionary to explain their experience. I immediately scorned and closed that page, definitely not a good thing when you want people to read your posts. I’d suggest not using Chat lingo as well, if you want your posts to be taken seriously.

  • No typos

Be careful about making typing mistakes in your posts, nothing puts a bad taste in your viewer’s mouth than mix ups between your and you’re or their or there. You have to re-check the link you posted as well, it doesn’t leave a good impression if the link you posted isn’t working or the website is down for maintenance.

  • Keep Posts under 100 Words

I never read the posts which has ‘Read More’ Neither would you. So it’s better to keep your posts concise and to- the point. Seems like every one is suffering from ADHD syndrome and doesn’t like reading lengthy posts with boring words.

  • Use Images

The wisest way to promote your posts is by images, scroll and you’ll find an article I wrote about the use of images. If you go through internet, you’ll find a trend very popular called memes. They are shots above the shoulders with funny lines. You can use images to your benefit if you’re selling physical products like clothes and accessories. If you’re selling an app it’s better to post screenshots of your apps to get more responses.

  • Give a sneak peek to the real process

Post a few pictures backstage while the models are getting ready for your fashion show, post a few pictures of an employee’s birthday celebrations to show a more human side of your brand.

  • Questions are a good way to steer engagement your way

Ask your audience what would they want to see in your next collection, which colors they prefer and which material suits them in a better manner. You can ask them to name a product of yours and find out really interesting answers. You can also start a poll, this will engage your audience in a better way and give them a reason to comment. Just don’t ask controversial questions that’ll segregate your audience.